Disney on ice halloween meet greet

disney on ice halloween meet greet

Win Tickets to Disney on Ice and Join our Exclusive Meet and Greet Jack Skellington's frightfully festive Halloween party with the Disney. AP Mickeys Halloween Party Button (c) Cleverly Catheryn. Be sure to get your AP goodies. Check the app for character meet and greets and hit. Disney On Ice is a must for kids, no matter where you and your family rank on the Disney Fan-O-Meter.

What Disney On Ice shows are on tour worldwide? Disney On Ice has several shows touring across the world. For more info about Disney On Ice in your country, you can visit here. Do I need to purchase a ticket for my infant child who will sit on my lap for the entire show? Do you offer any special ticket pricing for children?

No Do you offer any special ticket pricing for large groups?

disney on ice halloween meet greet

Can be agreed on a case by case basis. How can I purchase tickets?

disney on ice halloween meet greet

Please check the top of this page for more information on tickets. You may also contact your local ticket agency or their outlets, or visit the arena box office.

Disney On Ice Meet and Greet

To purchase tickets the day of the event, please go directly to the arena box office. Are cameras allowed in the arena? Still cameras are permitted, provided that they are non-professional cameras and the photos are intended for personal use only.

No video cameras of any kind are allowed in the arena. Digital camera policies are different from arena to arena, so if you have concerns, please contact the specific arena in your area to verify policy details. Who do I contact regarding a question or comment about Disney On Ice? Who do I contact regarding a question or comment about Disney On Ice merchandise? Can I purchase Disney On Ice souvenirs other than at the performances? No, unfortunately you can only purchase our merchandise at the shows.

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From time to time, we offer public meet and greets through competitions, which will be advertised as such. Can my children spend time on the ice with the characters? Disney On Ice does not sell tickets to get on the ice with the characters.

The Ultimate Guide to Disney on Ice: 8 Must-Know Tips For Parents

Some Disney On Ice shows do have interactive audience moments, however these children are chosen at random. How can I become a performer in a Disney On Ice production? Please see the following site for more information: A post shared by shelby shelbs on Sep 18, at 7: The show is captivating, but very small kids may not be able to sit still for all of it. Take breaks as needed, and make good use of that intermission in the middle of the show.

I agonized over it, because I wanted to make sure my kids could see every jump, leap, and twist. The best seats do come at a higher cost, but if the front row is important to you, then it may be worth the price.

We ended up in a middle section, and the view was wonderful. Search for tickets in your town here! A post shared by Gabriel Dart dart. There are toys for sale at Disney On Ice, and your kids will want them. Since the arena is dark for the show, light up toys are particularly popular. You can also bring in your own light up toys, to join in the festivities while also saving a buck or two!

disney on ice halloween meet greet

A post shared by RaeChele Palmer raechelepalmer on Sep 19, at 1: That answer, ultimately, lies with each parent going to the show. Anyone older than two must purchase a ticket. My kids were 2 and 4, and both had a blast.