Flirt lines for boyfriend

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flirt lines for boyfriend

Here are a few pickup lines for girls to use on guys that are witty, flirty and fun! After all, why should boys have all the fun, right?!. Use our collection of the best cute pick up lines and share them with someone that you love. These cheesy pick up line will surely make someone smile. 50 Hilarious Cheesy Pick-Up Lines That Will Definitely Make Your Crush Smile. Avatar 'Cause you look a lot like my next girlfriend/boyfriend. 4. Do you know.

Do you know why the sky is so gray today? Because all blue color is in your eyes. I wish I was a gardener to take care of the garden of your heart. Last night I dreamt of you and it was a fairytale, you were my charming prince and I was your fairy princess. Shortly after meeting you, I started to like you. Now that I know you, I cannot forget you. Your beauty is illegal, unconstitutional. What a marshmallow for my diabetes!

How was Heaven when you abandoned it? Pick up lines for boys who like games and computers Do you want to be my player number two?

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I would rescue you a thousand times from King Koopa castle just to make you smile. For your happiness, I will let you win me in my favorite fighting game. For you, I would play GTA at night and by bicycle. For you, I would pause my game. My love for you is bigger than all the worlds in Minecraft. My greatest unlocked achievement is you! All the megabytes of my feelings overflow your mailbox. You are the missing virus of the computer of my heart. You are the icon of beauty, I would double-click on you.

Life is like a video game, you never know how it will end… but when I am with you I never want to end. I was looking at your hardware and I wonder how your storage can handle such amount of beautiful megabytes. More pick-up lines to use on guys If your body was qualified by musical notes, it would end up being a symphony!

flirt lines for boyfriend

I desire you more than an ice-cream in summer. I love you just as you are, not the way you say you are. You know that you have just met your charming prince when your smile is not only in your mouth but also in your heart.

With the sparkle of your eyes, you set me on fire! Say hello to your parents, because I like people who can make things right. Do you have batteries? My heart just stopped beating when I saw you. Whenever I walk beside you, Your privates gonna stand in attention. Are you a carpenter? Because I am looking for a deep shag. Earlier you have bones. Now, You will have one more.

His, Just come over to myspace and twitter with my Yahoo. Till I google all over your facebook. You always remind me of the pinky toe because I am going to bang you on every furniture. Are you my Appendix? Because I am having a funny feeling in my stomach that makes me take you out. This time is the best time for anything. Try this pickup line on him to take him out.

This sun hides dues to jealousy because even he is cooler than you. Beautiful pickup line to through on any boy you like. I am not a weather predictor.

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On the scale to 10, You are 9 and I am 1 you only need. I might be wasted tonight, But the balloon in you purse does not get wasted. If you were a chicken, You would be impeccable. Feel his shirt and ask him, is this cotton? No ring on the finger?

Try to feel my shirt. You will get to know I am a perfect boyfriend material. I always wanted to say you something which I am always scared off. So, Just say those 3 magic words for me. I want to test its zipper DO you sleep on your stomach?

You can call me a Garbage woman Because I want to handle a big junk like you in my entire life. DO you know, Beautiful is my favorite color? It is the color of your eyes. Do you know the biggest difference between lovemaking and conversation?

NO Let go upstair and let me teach you. For a few moment, I thought I am in heaven. But I was wrong, I am still alliance and be someones has brought the heaven for me.

flirt lines for boyfriend

Are you a burger? Because you can be the meat between my buns. How can I ever concentrate on anything? Obviously, this line will not work for a first date. It will help to show a bit of attention to your current love and can spice up any long-term relationship.

In any relationship, it is important to continue to show that you are interested in your partner and tell them that they are attractive. Hey handsome, do you want to play firefighters? This line works wonders.

If he actually is a fireman, take it as a sign from the heavens that it was meant to be. Do you have a bandage? I scraped my knee as I fell for you. Use a brief pause after you ask the question for him to enjoy the full effect. Do you have some room in your mouth for another tongue?

A little grotesque if you think too much about it, but it will work. If you have sex with me, I will promise to never speak to you again. Only use this line if you are interested in a one-night stand. If you make the promise to stay away, keep it. You have been such a naughty boy. Go to my bedroom. This is almost too corny to work. Unless you are confident and attractive, stick to a more believable line.

We should play hockey. I can be the net, so you can score. You can get to the point and cut through the small talk with this line.

Do you have a watch? Because I need to know how many seconds it took for me to fall for you. Again, make sure to pause after asking the question so he has time to realize that you are trying to pick him up. Can I have some raisins? No, sorry Well, then, can I have a date? A typical bait-and-switch, this line is sure to get a laugh or chuckle. A little opaque, but it could work. The only problem with you is your address. It should be the same as mine. Skip the typical chatter and bring him home—this line is sure to help.

My hands are so chilly. May I put them in your pants to warm up? I never knew my life had a purpose until I glanced into your eyes. Tell him this line and start talking about exactly what purpose you have for him. Do you think these are real?

Pick any body part and you are sure to draw his eyes. If you are especially forward, you can even let him check. Your lips are made to be kissed. After you have a first kiss, the rest will unfold naturally. Oh dear—my bed is broken.

Could I sleep in yours? This line lets him know clearly that you want to spend the night with him. If he is interested, he will take up the offer right away. Be with me and brighten my world. A little overused and corny, this line is best for people who want to break the ice without offering sex on the first date. Babe, when you sat down, I was jealous of your chair.

Kissing is supposed to be the language of love. Would you like to start a conversation? Use a seductive voice and flirtatious glance for this one, and he will be swept away in an instant. Without the right attitude, it could come off as corny. I wanted to find out the truth about an urban myth and I thought you could help. Well, you do have big feet… Slyly grin and lean in.

With the right body language, he will know that you mean the pickup line. Before long, he will be yours for the night. It must be so dark outside, since all of the sunshine in the world is right here. Sometimes, the best pickup lines are cute and not seductive.

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You never have to worry about me. I never become emotionally involved, everything is just physical. Another great line if all you are interested in is a one-night stand. You can always eat breakfast for dinner, but tonight you should have me for breakfast. Straight to the point, this line is a play on words. I lost my virginity, can I have yours? If he says that he lost his as well, you can always tell him to prove it to you. Either way, you will be bringing someone home tonight.

If you were a car, I would love to ride you everywhere. Use this double entendre to catch him off guard before your stunning introduction. With a flirtatious smile, he will be uncertain if it is just a line or if you really want to bring him home. Spend a little while getting to know him better and find out the answer on your own. Your place or mine? Guys are not normally that picky.

If the girl is attractive, there is an excellent chance that they will go home with her. They are easy for you to remember and help him to know that you are interested within seconds. What do you like to eat for breakfast? Like the last pickup line, this one is a classic. My best feature is covered up. This line could go several ways. When he asks what your best feature is, you could be honest and tell him.

You could also tell him that he will have to find out on his own.

flirt lines for boyfriend

The added air of mystery and expectations of a great night will peak his interest. Only latex will stand in the way of our love. Cute and accurate, this is an uncommonly good line. In a few years, it will most likely join the list of classics.

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I have this special recipe for love. It takes a cup of you and me, kneading until hard and you have to serve it hot. Although this line is more in depth than many on the list, it scores points for originality. If you want to catch his eye, you have to set yourself apart from the crowd of girls around you. This pickup line is certain to work. A word of warning—if you make the offer, be prepared to followup at some point.

I like your pants. Do you mind if I test out the zipper? Graphic and appealing, this line will make him pay attention within seconds. Hey beautiful, we should play a game. Pretend that my pants are France and feel free to invade. For the macho guy, this mixes childhood fantasies of military conquests with up-close romantic conquests as well.

flirt lines for boyfriend

Use it and enjoy the results. We should have breakfast tomorrow. Do you want me to call you or just give you a nudge? This implies that he will be with you in bed by morning. If he is not smart enough to catch your drift right away, you should move on to a different guy at the bar.