Fun meet the team ideas for 5k

The Funniest 5K Team Names Ever | List of Punny Names for Your Next Fun Run

fun meet the team ideas for 5k

I recently did the Color Fun Fest Neon 5K with a big group of friends. While most of them prepared for the run by actually running, I spent the. The following is a list of some funny 5k team name options for you to peruse before setting off on your Meet Up At Your Pace? is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list. So make your initiatives fun, try new ideas and see what your team . Find a 5K in your community and offer to cover entry fee for anyone who You sit all day, so why not make your meetings a walking meeting instead?.

Host Mindful Mondays or any other day of the week Stress drains employees of health and wellness, making energy levels drop and bad moods skyrocket. Unfortunately, most workers experience damaging levels of stress that affect their work and home lives.

A mindfulness practice involves focused awareness and acceptance of the present. It helps people pull away from thoughts of the past and the future, which is where we find most of the fear and doubt that produces stress. Try bringing everyone together once a week for a mindfulness session. Start a stress circle The American Psychological Association recommends social support for people looking to effectively manage stress.

Talking about your stress also helps process the underlying feelings causing your anxiety. Organize a recurring weekly stress circle employees can attend if they want to talk about anything. Set safe-zone rules so everyone can feel comfortable talking about anything without facing judgment or appearing incompetent. Everyone should feel comfortable admitting their struggles without facing special treatment from teammates.

During the stress circle, each employee gets a turn to talk while everyone else listens and offers thoughtful constructive comments. If possible, try and separate managers and their direct reports. You want your team to be able to speak freely without fear of reprisal. Group Activities and Fitness Hacks Join a local sports league Google softball, kickball, basketball, or indoor soccer league in your city to see which organizations offer co-ed sports leagues.

On-site yoga classes to relieve stress Invite a yoga instructor into your office every couple of weeks to guide the team through a yoga class.

Participate in a 5K run Find a 5K in your community and offer to cover entry fee for anyone who chooses to participate.

fun meet the team ideas for 5k

Turn meetings into walking meetings You sit all day, so why not make your meetings a walking meeting instead? Research has suggested that walking makes people more creative.

Fun Team Ideas for Neon Color Run 5K

Put some scooters in the office Scooters encourage people to move around the office. Keep some footballs, hula hoops, and volleyballs around the office Make the office fun and encourage people to take a break and rejuvenate.

Offer discounts to a local gym Many gyms will offer a discount if you sign-up enough employees. Reach out to some local gyms in the area and ask for discounted group rates. The passes can be valid for one day a week or one day a month, depending on the demands of your office.

For many employees, this little kick of flexibility could be just what they need to get more exercise, and in turn, feel better every day. Fun Fitness Challenges, Competitions, and Contests Hold a fitness challenge Corporate wellness company Fitbug institute a daily wall sit challenge where employees increase the duration of their wall sits by 10 seconds each day, going until the last person remains standing.

This serves as a fun fitness challenge idea that gets the whole office involved, and is a great way to get the competitive juices flowing! The winner at the end of the month gets a prize. The 7 Hours of Sleep Challenge For 30 days, employees track how many nights they slept at least 7 hours. The 8 Glasses of Water Challenge For 30 days, employees track how many days they drank at least 8 glasses 8 ounces of water.

Team scavenger hunt Companies like Watson Adventures can help you do the heavy lifting of coordinating a scavenger hunt. Monthly and weekly fitness challenges Throw down a challenge of the month — most push-ups, most miles run, most miles biked.

Healthy cooking contests Have your staff make their favorite healthy recipes and bring them into work for a cooking contest voted on by the rest of the office. Check it out here.

Who brought the healthiest lunch or who can do the most pushups? Here are some other ideas for fun, healthy contests: Research on the physical and mental health benefits of gratitude has piled up in recent years. Practicing gratitude boosts overall wellness; it can make people happy and even inspire them to exercise more.

Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. Encourage nap time The benefits of napping include improved creativity, productivity, and memory. Schedule recess Pick a 15 time-slot in the afternoon for everyone to get away from his or her desk.

Go outside, socialize with each other, and enjoy some fresh air!

Fun Team Ideas for Neon Color Run 5K - Paging Supermom

Offer unlimited vacation Before you laugh in my virtual face, hear me out. Offering your employees unlimited vacation shows you trust your staff to be responsible and take time off when they need it. The best way to implement this program is to tie it to performance, meaning projects need to be on-track and goals being met.

Pay your employees to volunteer Give your employees an allotted amount of time each month to leave their desks during the day to volunteer. Employees are free to listen to guided meditations, play board games, or do yoga. Give employees a vacation day on their birthday You can also offer 1 floating holiday for the year if they choose to work on their birthday. Encourage employees to schedule break time hourly Studies have shown that taking breaks is a good thing for our productivity, so encourage people to schedule a small minute break every 90 minutes to rejuvenate and come back strong.

Studies have shown that taking even small breaks provides major benefits; researchers at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that small breaks improve focus.

The study authors believe you can regain engagement in a task after a short break because of how our brains are wired to judge constant, repetitive stimulation unimportant. A small break from a task can make a tedious job seem new to a fatigued attention span.

18 Holiday Party Ideas That Are Big Fun for Small Companies

Reward your most loyal employees Offer a month-long sabbatical for all employees who hit the 5-year mark of service. For more ideas, check out our list of ways to reward employees.

They find that fresh air and some sunshine often make people more productive once they get back. Offer flexible paid time off Give employees the option to choose how they want to use their bank of paid time off sick days, personal days, and vacation.

Cool Perks and Just For Fun Attire themed days of the week Pick a day of the week for people to dress up in a certain theme. Theme days are a great way to boost employee morale and engagement.

Put on some tunes Play some music through speakers around the office. Studies show that music improves mood, which can help boost productivity and creativity. Opt for music without lyrics and keep it at an ambient noise level.

30 Best Meet the Team Pages Examples and Trends

Each day counts as 1 point and Team One also throws in double points for certain days of the week. Company sponsored Happy Hours Working hard deserves some playing hard. Take your team out for Happy Hour after a long workweek to help everyone unwind before the weekend. Let your employees enjoy more of their summer by offering half day or shortened day Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Change attire to business casual or just casual By allowing people to ditch the heels or suit and tie, employees will be much more inclined to take a walk outside or bike to work. In inclement weather the company covers the cost of a taxi, Lyft, or Uber ride for the walkers and bikers. Go out to lunch to celebrate new hires Welcome new hires onto your team by taking them out for lunch with your department.

Plus pet owners take multiple walks throughout the day. Setup a chair race Organize an impromptu chair race. Frame your accolades, honorable mentions, and community awards around the office.

Clothing drive Ask people to bring in old clothes to be donated to a homeless shelter or Goodwill.

fun meet the team ideas for 5k

Celebrate work anniversaries Make yearly work anniversaries a celebration. Also have the CEO or someone else on the executive team craft a hand written note to that person thanking them for their service this goes a LONG way.

fun meet the team ideas for 5k

We recommend choosing a Friday so everyone can leave right after work. Ask hosts to volunteer. If you have too many volunteers, then encourage a few of them to co-host. Match up drivers with non-driving guests. Not everyone has to be matched as some employees will prefer to drive themselves if they have to leave early. Give employees a chance to relive one of their favorite long-lost holiday traditions.

fun meet the team ideas for 5k

Instead of writing letters outlining the presents they want, have them write letters outlining what they want for the company. Collect letters from Thanksgiving until the date of your dinner. Rent out a space at your favorite local restaurant and have everyone gather for good food, good company, and a reading of all the company wish letters Santa received. This holiday party is designed to warm hearts, but it might just produce some actionable ideas for your business as well.

DIY Tree-Lighting Ceremony Copy a favorite holiday tradition of cities everywhere and host your own tree-lighting ceremony. Aside from coordinating speakers, this event can be fairly simple. Serve some hot cider and some healthy desserts, have everyone place an ornament on your designated company tree, dim the overhead lights, turn on the string lights, and enjoy the glorious sight of an illuminated holiday tree. Holiday Tradition Show and Tell Gather in a conference room during or after work to have an hour-long holiday tradition show-and-tell instead of a regular holiday party.

Employees can stand up and share their favorite holiday traditions or memories. Give them time to prepare so they can bring in pictures and props. Encourage employees to bring in any part of their favorite traditions that they can share, whether their favorite things involve food, decorations, or holiday games.

When everyone streams in yawning for your weekly Monday status meeting, announce that the meeting is cancelled and that your holiday party is happening now.

Crank up the carols, pull out your stash of healthy snacks, and let the good times roll. Gift Wrapping Party Host a gift wrapping party to turn an event that often produces holiday stress into one that produces holiday fun. Simply clear out a conference room and invite employees to bring some gifts in for a night or afternoon of wrapping.

Ask everyone to bring in some of their favorite wrapping paper, ribbons, and gift tags to swap. You could also supply all the materials if you have the budget. Be sure to bring plenty of scissors and tape, and of course, some healthy snacks and beverages to make the gift wrapping as festive as possible. If you have many materials left when the event ends, consider keeping the wrapping station running until the holidays are over.

Run a Holiday 5K If your office includes an athletic bunch, then consider using the time you might spend on a holiday party on a holiday 5K race. Photo courtesy of Volunteer Local Daytime Pajama Party and Board Games Pick the last working day before the holiday break to host an afternoon pajama party complete with board games.