Relationship advice for dating couples in the wwe

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relationship advice for dating couples in the wwe

Many stars in WWE turn out to be dating some surprising names, The couple aren't the type to flaunt their relationship for all to see but we. Because of the lifestyle, they are involved in; these couples share an unlikely They are now engaged to be married, though no information about the However, Bliss says she actually thinks their relationship has been made .. Visit daily to get all the latest travel info, insider tips and vacation inspiration. There are relationships between wrestlers that did not make it into any scripted events. Let's explore the power of love with these 8 WWE Couples Who Are Totally Fake While Brie may have been a party girl, dating celebrities such as .. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment.

relationship advice for dating couples in the wwe

The duo didn't have a lot of on-screen chemistry, so it came as a shock when they announced that they were dating in real life. The couple managed to continue dating despite the hectic travelling schedule and not seeing each other as often and decided to tie the knot in Naomi had a key role in the first four seasons before she was then taken off the show in favour of newcomer Mandy.

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It was during her time on the show that her relationship with former WWE Tag Team Champion Jimmy Uso became much more apparent and the couple's wedding was even featured on the show after they got married in Maui in January Today, the couple remains together as members of the SmackDown Live roster, where they have both recently reinvented their characters. The couple began dating back in after they were scripted to be together on an episode of Raw. The couple now has three daughters born in, and Incredibly, both Stephanie and Triple H managed to split their time between appearing on WWE TV, helping to run the company, and supporting their growing family.

There is no denying their commitment levels. John Laurinaitis currently holds the job as a Senior Producer with WWE while it is thought that Kathy Colace has an agreement with the company to appear in shows centring around her daughters.

Network on October 3rd. The duo has been dating for the past few years after meeting because of their wrestling connections but have only recently decided to tie the knot and have their wedding day filmed for the TV cameras.

The story of their growing relationship is one that fairy tales are made of and somehow they have managed to grow from being friends to wanting to begin a family.

Natalya is another member of Total Divas and her relationship with Tyson Kidd is one of the key reasons for this.


Corbin and Rochelle reportedly got married earlier in after a few years of dating. Despite convincing fans that he cares about no one and nothing, Corbin still has a heart after all.

A fan spotted them together once and they have posted pictures in the same location to make fans question it. However, there has never been enough proof to realize they were a couple until December. A fan snapped a photo of him sitting in the crowd during the game. Kelley was there next to him as the two showed up together. All of the stories placing them together seemed to be confirmed as they are still going to events together in NYC.

Crews looked great in NXT and had a strong career on the independent circuit. It is obvious that Crews has a great deal of potential that can easily make him a star in the right setting.

WWE never booked to his strengths and he is currently on the sideline getting inconsistent television time. Crews however is still happy living his dream job by traveling all over the world working on live events.

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The fact that he has a family at home makes the job aspect more important than the creative freedom. Crews is currently in a relationship with a woman named Linda. The happy couple recently welcomed their first child Sade into the world earlier this year. The use of Breeze has seen him change from a successful singles heel with huge potential to a comedic tag team act as one half of Breezango with partner Fandango. Despite the entertainment he provides, Breeze gets frequent comments from fans upset with his role.

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Breeze however recently replied saying he is more than happy with what he is doing today. One of the factors in him preferring main roster life over NXT is the money improving.

Breeze claimed he owns multiple homes thanks to the money coming in. The real importance of financial success is partly due to being married. A podcast appearance on Talk is Jericho showed Dallas is a massive conspiracy theorist strongly believing in various hoaxes and cover ups by the government.

relationship advice for dating couples in the wwe