Relationship scrapbook for couples

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relationship scrapbook for couples

Products 1 - of Find Scrapbooking ideas and get creative with your life story and memories. Hobbycraft have a huge selection of Scrapbooks, Stamps. It was about celebrating all the things that bring us together as a couple. Strength. Similarities. Differences. Our life together. I'm so glad that we. Romantic Scrapbook Idea ( Reasons Why I Love You): If you partner is into sickeningly sweet/cute romantic By creativesocialworker in HomeRelationships .

I focused on the photo and the journaling; therefore, there is minimal embellishing.

Creative and Romantic Scrapbooking Ideas

We walked hand in hand in the darkness, the moon providing just a little light on the horizon, the waves crashing on the shore. Then again, it went by so fast. We are a little older. We have more wrinkles. We have more patience.

relationship scrapbook for couples

The small things are meaningful in our lives. He still tells me he loves me and how beautiful I am. Our bond grows stronger each day, each year.

relationship scrapbook for couples

I wanted to go on a cruise and he wanted to go camping. I wrote the story so that it appears funny to the reader. He was a boy. She was a girl. And on one fine day of July, they united their lives. Following that day, there was a big trip to come, but first, they had to make a decision. He wanted to go camping. She wanted to go cruising. They made a compromise and they met in the middle. She had to buy a tuque. They spent many more nights in hotel rooms than he had plan to.

relationship scrapbook for couples

And then came the 7 days, cruising around the Caribbean Sea. It was an awesome cruise. The first of many more. I then infused pops of pink throughout the page to create a girly feel—a detail taken straight from my story.

relationship scrapbook for couples

Finally I used the brushwork along the sides to create a bracketed feel and to sort of frame and isolate my story on the page. And because you love me—so are you. You sat through the likes of the Notebook, and Last Song, through A Walk to Remember and Message in a Bottle without a single snide remark, but at Dear John is apparently where you drew the line!

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And to tell you the truth I was somewhat impressed that you would even pick up on something like that. Make them look as attractive as you can as suggested in this romantic scrapbook idea 4. Flood in The Love Letters Taking out all the love letters you have hidden and stored is the most romantic scrapbook idea. Let them breathe by displaying them in this scrapbook. This scrapbooking ideas for couples is an amazing one to let your lover feel special and wanted. Film Strip Display Choose to display the pictures as film strips.

It is an amazing scrapbooking ideas for couples to show their love and concern for their partner and his or her family. You can create a layout with three or more pictures or feature in this scrapbook a sentimental family video to take your lover back to that memory. You can even crop these pictures to give them an ethereal feel and give wings to this romantic scrapbook idea.

Old Tint to Pictures This couple scrapbook idea suggests you to add a dab of black or white color to those pictures. You can make it look more attractive by drawing a bouquet of roses or a diamond. This definitely will make it look more stunning. Mini Book One of the best scrapbooking ideas for couples is to create a minuscule version of book from the old memories of their engagement. The photos in this page can be the ones where you are posing with each other.

Featuring Families Childhood and the growing stages are the ones we easily forget and everybody loves to refresh them back. You can feature the family of the couple during their early growth stages.

Do not forget to include the birth pictures on the cover page. This couple scrapbook idea is the easiest to choose from. Love Notes I am sure as lovers both of you must have exchanged some swears and love notes and even greeting cards and this is what this scrapbooking ideas for couples makes use of. If you have them still, you can choose to feature them in this scrapbook. Get those notes or cards say it all and make this romantic scrapbook idea a success.

Then after getting them framed, hand them in this scrapbook with a small note about each which could be one of your favorite lines from that note. It will make this page really interesting if you can include the date when it was given, the location, time and place. This couple scrapbook idea will act as an icing on the cake and will surely be a gesture he or she will love and will never forget. Love List Do not forget to include the love list.

relationship scrapbook for couples

Let this scrapbooking ideas for couples let you get handy with a list to feature all what you like about him as a person. It may include his best and generous acts he has done for you or for anyone till date. You can also try including some quirky and fun things about them to make them go mad with happiness.

Mention Special Dates This scrapbooking ideas for couples states that you should not forget to mention the super special dates you had together to create a lasting memory in their minds.