The sims social relationship stages for teens

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the sims social relationship stages for teens

There are basic progressive stages for Relationships in the game that can easily be In order to get the Stork to deliver children your Sims need to be married. Teens are the fourth life stage, between Preteen and Adult, unlocked upon completion of the Teenagers (Quest). Teenage Teenage Sims are very similar to adult Sims, but also have different social interactions and relationships. Teens can. LIFE STAGES / Teens / THE SIMS FREEPLAY Social- talking to another sim, phone. Fun- lots Read the Relationships post for more details.

Sims freeplay Part 8 - Aging the preteens to teens + teen love

Teens can get that, when their hygiene is under If teen's close relatives had got acne, the chance grows. Teen can get rid of them using acne cream at mirror. It takes some time, but soon they are gone.

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Teen can ask paerent premission to go out at evening. They can sneak out, but older sim can catch them or teen can be bringed back with police. If teen have bad relationship with sims in household, they can run away. If they do, report on phone!

the sims social relationship stages for teens

Of wait until teen is going to grow up. Teens have got 15 days to become adult. When one day is left, player can click on teen sim and choose "Grow Up". Or throw a party and blow out candles on birthday cake. If player have got University expansion pack, player can send teen to college anytime Make sure, that they haven't got an F.

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Teen, who is sent to college becomes Young Adult. The Sims 3 Teens in The Sims 3 are still bigger than child and smaller than adults. Teens now have 4 traits. How trait will come? If child was D- to B- student Random trait. If child was F to D student Negative trait. Teens don't need adults anymore. They can take care smaller ones, cook food and live alone when all adults and elders die.

The Sims 4 Relationships Guide - Making Friends

They can't be taken by social worker. Teens can work in part-time job. It's at supermarket, book store, daily spa and graveyard mausoleum.

the sims social relationship stages for teens

If player have Late Night expansion pack, they can work at movie studio. Still, they can't have full-time job. Teenagers go to high school from monday to friday.

School starts at 9: They still have to do homework. The grade is important for next trait.

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Teens can die by any deaths. Don't put teen repair TV on puddle! Teens again can have romance with other teens. All same as The Sims 2. Marriage Once you have reached the Partner Level the next step in the process of relationship building is the obvious one of taking it "to the next level" by moving in together!

the sims social relationship stages for teens

Ideally you should probably max-out the Partner level first just to make things quicker -- or not It is really six of one, half-a-dozen of another, right? You have the option of moving in together as Partners, or you can go the more traditional route and propose marriage prior to moving in together, though your intended will want you to pop the question at your house so that they can see what it looks like before they say yes: Once you select the Propose Marriage action you are presented with a choice of Engagement Rings that you can present to your beloved, which include: Popping the Question with Feeling Following your marriage you have the option of placing a baby cradle and then ordering your first born from the Stork -- a process that costs a large chunk of Life Points!

The cost of the first baby you obtain in the game is actually paid for as a sort of gift for you, with the game providing the Life Points that you need as well as a few extra since the process of getting married and having a baby are also Goals that are presented in a timely Fashion so that you get to experience the joy of becoming a parent without it breaking you Of course any future babies will cost you Life Points you have to supply yourself!

Relationship status is just the start - creating a comfortable home with enough activity objects is also important. Relationship Building Menu Selections In the case of an Adult Sim the options that you can choose from for positive relations take the form of chat and actions: So it seems that the game maintains a full connection between relations, even when your Sim is visiting a Neighbor's town and romancing!