Barroso will meet with

Commission defence of Barroso meeting leaves 'discrepancies'

barroso will meet with

Seven years later Juncker has succeeded Barroso, and Katainen is EU I always meet friends whoever they are," Katainen told EUobserver in. On 25 January, Mark Rutte will meet with José Manuel Barroso, Topics of discussion with Prime Minister David Cameron will include. EU Commission President JoseManuel Barroso will meet Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras onWednesday in Athens, Greek and.

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Katainen came under intense scrutiny earlier Tuesday after the publication of a letter in which he confirmed the meeting with Barroso had taken place.

barroso will meet with

The letter raised many questions, because Barroso and his current position at the US investment bank Goldman Sachs was the subject of a major controversy indays after the Brexit vote.

Although the official cooling off period of 18 months had passed since Barroso left as head of the European Commission, the move was widely criticised because of Goldman Sachs' role in the Greek debt crisis.

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The commission then set up an ad hoc ethical committee to investigate if Barroso had broken other EU rules - and found it had not. Part of the evidence based on which that committee came to its conclusion, was that Barroso had told Juncker "he has not been engaged to lobby on behalf of Goldman Sachs and that he does not intend to do so".

barroso will meet with

In his first interview on the subject, Katainen told EUobserver that the meeting was in fact private and that to perceive the meeting as Barroso lobbying him was a "misperception".

Beer with Barroso "I was a prime minister when he was commission president. We became kind of close," said Katainen, who was Finland's prime minister from to Katainen also served as EU commissioner for economic and monetary affairs and the euro for four months in under Barroso's leadership. Katainen then moved on to the jobs and growth portfolio under Juncker.

barroso will meet with

Juncker added that Barroso was "not a gangster" and was still his "friend". An ad hoc committee set up by the commission said that Barroso's move was not in violation of the commission's code of conduct for former commissioners.

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The committee however considered that Barroso had "not shown the considerate judgment one may expect from someone having held the high office he occupied for so many years" by joining a bank with a "negative image of financial greed". But it noted that the former commission chief, in a letter to Juncker, had promised that he would not lobby for Goldman Sachs. The committee said that it "consider[ed] "this commitment as responding to the duty of integrity and discretion imposed by the treaty.

barroso will meet with

Barroso being on a list of lobbyist, as mentioned by Juncker, would contradict this commitment and put into question the ad hoc committee's his being cleared of his Goldman Sachs move. EUobserver understands however that the former commission chief is not among the six people who are mentioned as the "persons involved in the activities" covered by the EU transparency register.

Bush on Saturday to discuss a reappraisal of the global financial system, but Washington says to expect no policy changes.

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Bush will meet his French counterpart, Nicolas Sarkozy, whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, Saturday for talks on how to avert future financial meltdowns and whether to overhaul global economic rules, as the worldwide fiscal crisis grows.

Nicolas Sarkozy heads to the president's Camp David retreat along with European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso and armed with a mandate from his EU colleagues to push for a top-to-bottom revamp of the world's financial system. But the White House has preemptively declared that the talks will yield no new policy proposals, nor a date or location for a world leaders summit that the French leader hopes will generate sweeping reforms.

Sarkozy and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper have called for an international summit by the end of to coordinate an urgent response to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. We need to reflect on the stakes, how we arrived here, who is responsible, and what happened," Sarkozy told a summit of French-speaking nations in Canada late Friday.

The world must change," he said. Fallout from the crisis grew Friday as fresh job losses were blamed on the turmoil and bank chiefs faced a backlash, while stocks closed a tumultuous week with more wild swings.