Being human how did aidan and josh meet

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being human how did aidan and josh meet

Aidan and Josh get their groove things on (that's what the kids are calling it these days, right?) Being Human — because we need to get our “monsters having really good sex” fix in However, I did like Zoey the nurse. Or when does Josh get to meet her and I get to stand there and judge her silently?. It's a good thing the US version of 'Being Human' has been picked up Discovering what his former ally did to Celine was just added incentive for Aidan. My absolute favorite part of the whole episode were the Josh/Aidan flashbacks. I mentioned wanting to see how the two friends met, and we got it!. Being Human (U.S.): "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Me Killing You" That's about it, aside from a handful of flashbacks to the first meeting of Aidan and Josh, none of which added anything to Chills I did not get.

Aidan eventually stabilizes, but Nora tells Josh they cannot continue their relationship if he cannot bring himself to reveal his secrets. She decides however, to keep the baby. Sally, who returned home at Aidan's request, finds that her door has disappeared and that she can now interact with physical objects.

Celine returns and comforts Aidan, revealing to him what Bishop did to her years ago and asking him to take her life to restore his. Reluctantly Aidan drains Celine's blood which allows him to heal rapidly.

Scenes of the past are interspersed throughout, showing how Aidan met Josh two years ago when Josh was working in a restaurant and was attacked by Marcus and another vampire. Aidan gets Josh his job as an orderly at the hospital. At the hospital, Josh is accosted by Bishop, who says he wants to fight Aidan at a factory. Sally and Josh decide to protect Aidan by telling Bishop that Aidan wants to fight at the hospital basement.

They plan to lock Bishop in the basement with Josh, who by then will have turned into a werewolf and will be able to kill Bishop. Josh leaves Nora a good-bye note and heads for the basement to transform.

Connor and Brynn reveal that they are purebred werewolves, born rather than changed. When Josh mentions he is seeking a cure, Connor offers to fund the research necessary.

When Josh mentions he is looking for the trigger that activates the change, Connor and Brynn reveal they want to be wolves all the time, which initially turns Josh off from their offer, but he reconsiders. Josh introduces Nora to the twins in the same week that Nora's abusive ex-boyfriend Will comes to town.

As the full moon is near, Josh is convinced by Connor to retaliate against Will for hurting Nora, attacking him during the day until Nora interferes.

Josh backs off, realizing he would be no better than Will if he seriously hurt him, unaware that Nora has been giving into her animal desires and stalking Will. The next day, police ask about his whereabouts, but he cannot tell them the truth. They reveal they are actually looking for Nora, who has been absent since the full moon.

After trying to get in contact with Nora through the twins, who piss him off, Josh tries to get help from Aidan, as they have a new vampire cop liaison, but Aidan is distracted by visions of Bishop. Josh takes things into his own hands, contacting Cecilia himself, and offering up the twins to her as the werewolves who killed Heggeman.

When the detectives find him at the storage unit, Cecilia shows up and uses her abilities to convince the detectives that Josh is not responsible. That night, Josh follows through on his end of the deal, leading Cecilia to the twins. Nora arrives at work a week later, on the night of another full moon, and is surprised when Josh says he tried to contact her through the twins, but they would not send along the message.

After Nora meets the twins, she reveals to Josh that the twins believe Aidan sent Cecilia after them after she covered up the murder. That night, Josh arrives to a cabin the twins and Nora use to change in, when Aidan also arrives, as he is looking for Cecilia. The wolves reveal they have hidden Cecilia in the woods so they may hunt Aidan as the wolves, when Josh reveals he is the one who sent Cecilia after them.

All four transform and hunt down Aidan and Cecilia, and end up killing Cecilia when she gives up so Aidan may live. The next morning, Nora reveals that they only met because Josh wanted to be human, but her transformation has made her embrace her wolf self. This causes them to break up, leading to Emily to come to Boston to try to bring Josh back to his former self.

They plan to go drinking, but when he leaves work early, he finds that Emily has been out drinking with Julia. Josh and Julia trade jabs over drinks until Emily needs to be taken back to Julia's place.

Julia demands to know why Josh left, and he admits that after the attack he became a monster without elaborating on being a werewolf and that he did not want to hurt her. At work, Josh and Julia agree to become friends, just as Josh is met by the ghost of his friend Stu who died in the werewolf attack.

Stu tries to push Josh and Julia apart, as he knows it will put Julia in danger, but when Julia starts to fall in love with Josh, again, Stu takes over Josh's body and has sex with Julia. When Josh awakes to realize what has happened, he is angry at Stu for using him, as he can either put Julia in danger of the wolf or break her heart, again. When Julia wakes up to cuddle up with Josh, he ultimately decides to stay with her, as he is still in love with her.

When he returns home, he finds Aidan seeing Henry who Josh had seen without his skin and a moving company off, realizing that Henry could only have healed after drinking blood, which he sees in the moving boxes. They fight until they walk inside to see Sally shred Nick. After they approach Zoe to save Sally, the Reaper entity traps them all in the house. That night is the full moon, so they work fast to try to free Josh, who can only think of the blood still lingering in the house, and the fear he may kill Zoe.

Josh rushes to lock himself into the fridge if they cannot save Sally, but has to offer up his blood to Aidan to save Zoe when he tries to feed on her. Josh's blood seems to sate Aidan's thirst until he violently reacts to it. The events help save Sally from the Reaper, letting Josh leave the house to transform in the woods. Josh wants his relationship with Julia to advance, so he invites her over to the house for dinner, even though Aidan has broken her heart.

Aidan invites Suren over, and after an awkward dinner where Suren realizes Julia and Aidan were together, events turn out better. Just as their relationship grows, Nora returns to Boston, seeking her old job at the hospital, and hoping to rekindle things with Josh. However, Josh's love lies with Julia, again, even when she asks him to make sure he is making the right choice.

When he finds that Nora has helped Sally, he makes up his mind. After Aidan leaves, Nora approaches him one more time to reveal Brynn has told her of a way to lift the werewolf curse. Josh has to kill the werewolf who turned him: Josh mulls this over in his mind, going as far to track Ray down where he discovers Ray has reunited with his family and now has a better life. Josh changes his mind and instead decides to tell Julia the truth, pushed even more when their old friend Chelsea comes to town and she tells him to do the same.

Just as Josh begins to reveal the truth to Julia, the solar eclipse affecting the ghosts causes him to partially transform. He runs away from Julia, but when he reaches a dead end, he turns to face her just as he feels another intense pain. This causes Julia to back up into the street where she is hit by a car. Josh, still transforming, leaves the scene only to return later to find that Julia has died.

As she admits she always loved him, her Door appears, and she passes through it. Josh goes to her funeral, but Emily keeps him from entering the service. As she talks to him, he receives a call from the hospital, as Nora is in observation after she was affected by the solar eclipse as well.

Nora reveals she is glad that Josh did not follow through with killing his maker, as it would have cured her as well, and she knows he should not be a murderer. Josh makes his final decision to kill Ray, using Heggeman's rifle.

With Aidan's promise that he will meet up with him at the shack in the woods, Sally helps Josh lure Ray to the woods by possessing Ray's wife. With Ray fallen into the trap, Josh leads him to the shack where he plans on killing him, but Nora, who has learned the truth from Sally, distracts him, causing Ray to escape. As Josh chases him, Ray knocks him down, preparing to kill Josh as well.

Nora arrives with a gun of her own, and the three end up in a standoff: Ray with the rifle aimed at Josh, Nora with a handgun aimed at Ray, and Josh telling Nora to kill him instead. Both guns are heard going off after the scene changes. In the season 3 premiere, it is revealed that the shots fired were one into Ray, grazing him, and the other flying off into the night.

Ray then turns on Nora, and Josh uses the confusion to bludgeon Ray to death. During the next full moon, Josh is revealed to be cured of his lycanthropy, but the same cannot be said of Nora. They spend the next 15 months trying to find both Aidan and Sally, and Josh has advanced his medical degree and works at Suffolk County Hospital in a residency. They go to the witch Ms.

Gilchrist who asks of them to bring her the heart of someone they have killed to bring Sally back, so they retrieve Ray's heart for the incantation, and then Sally's body from her grave.

Bishop is the head of the local vampire clan and the main antagonist in season 1. Originally an Englishman who became a vampire during the 17th century, Bishop travels with his sire Carlo to the Thirteen Colonies and eventually turns Aidan, his wife Susanne, and Marcus during the American Revolution. During the s, Bishop had fallen in love with a Suffolk County Hospital nurse named Jane who was aware of his vampiric nature.

When the powerful Dutch vampires visit and kill off Carlo, Bishop is made the new head of the Boston clan with an ultimatum: His initial hesitation leads to the schism between himself and Aidan, but he ultimately decides to stay in the vampire clan, killing Jane while she is working at the hospital. In the present day, Bishop keeps up public "human" appearances by owning a mortuary and by acting as a lieutenant in the Boston Police Department.

These positions allow him to cover up the crimes that his fellow vampires commit.

being human how did aidan and josh meet

It is under these circumstances that Bishop finds Aidan back in his life when Aidan accidentally kills fellow nurse Rebecca, siring her to get back at Aidan while attempting to bring him back to the fold. But when Aidan repeatedly refuses, Bishop moves forward with his plans and begins offering to turn terminal patients into vampires. Though Aidan warns him that the hospital is off limits, offering to help him with Mike Garrity, Bishop reneges on their deal as he brought a vampire priest from outside the city to be the hospital's chaplain so he can recruit dying patients.

Aidan responds by defanging the priest to send Bishop a message that these acts will not be tolerated. When Marcus attacks Josh's sister, Aidan confronts Bishop, but Bishop does not reprimand Marcus, as it is the proper way to retaliate for Josh's attack on Marcus. However, when Marcus continues to seek revenge, Aidan goes back to Bishop who reveals that he has been increasing the vampire population in Boston in an attempt to reveal themselves to humanity and take over as the dominant race.

He also reveals that he sees Aidan as a weakness amongst vampires, while he sees Marcus as a mistake he made. In response, having assisted in the death of Bernie's bullies to trick Aidan into killing the boy, Marcus goes to the Amish Country to reveal Bishop's plans to the Dutch.

With the arrival of the Dutch in Boston, Bishop has Josh kidnapped to entertain them in a werewolf death match, releasing him after Aidan agrees to return to his side. Believing that they have come to kill him, Bishop resolves an ultimatum from the Dutch: However, during a feast the next day before he revealed that he knew Marcus told them of his plans, Bishop poisoned the Dutch with juniperlaced into the blood of feeding-den prostitutes.

Savoring his triumph, Bishop proceeds to kill the paralyzed Dutch one by one before Aidan saves Heggeman who goes off to notify the other vampire clans of Bishop's betrayal. Bishop retaliates by ambushing Aidan in his home, despite being uninvited, breaking the threshold and staying long enough to stake him before forced to leave.

Fortunately, the stake narrowly misses Aidan's heart. Bishop later goes through Josh to tell Aidan that they will settle this in a fight to the death, but Josh uses the opportunity to set up the fight on the night of a full moon so he will kill Bishop. Aidan sees through this, having Sally trap Josh in the basement room so he and Bishop can fight.

Having taken Celine's blood at her request, Aidan became equally matched to Bishop as he is decapitated when garroted by barbed wire.

However, whenever Aidan drinks too much live blood, a hallucination of Bishop reappears. He pushes Aidan to hunt down Henry to kill him, but when Aidan cannot follow through, the vision of Bishop predicted this, as the father cannot kill the son.

She is based on Nina Pickering from the British series. After being convinced by Ray to try having sex just before his monthly transformation, Josh awkwardly comes on to Nora and she rebuffs him by threatening sexual harassment charges against him if he ever speaks to her again. However, her opinion of Josh later changes when she sees him cheer up one of her patients on his day off, and she agrees to go on a date with him. After a series of tepid dates due to Josh being apprehensive of what will happen near the full moon, Nora confronts him just before his transformation.

Overcome by animalistic urges, Josh and Nora make love. Sometime later, Nora reveals to Josh that she is pregnant with his child. In the events of the first-season finale, Nora finds Josh just as he transforms one last time, but he saves her from being attacked by his wolf form. However, the transformation also affects her pregnancy and she miscarries. The next morning, Josh tells her the truth about everything that has happened, and she accepts his apology.

After he leaves, Nora checks a scratch she received from Josh after he transformed the previous night. One month later, while she worries that she has also been infected, she continually asks Josh what happens before he transforms, fearing that she has the symptoms. Her fears are temporarily assuaged when after she drops Josh off in the woods on the next full moon rises, and she does not immediately transform. However, as she prepares to drive off, she also transforms into a werewolf as Josh is being hunted down by Heggeman.

She is shown fully transformed and she kills Heggeman. When Josh learns that she has been infected by him, and that she miscarried, he decides to search for a "cure", rather than return to medical school.

Now able to see Sally, Nora consoles her after her encounter with Stevie and Dylan, revealing to the audience that she knows she killed Heggeman even though she told Josh she could remember nothing of the transformation. When Josh rents out storage units for them to transform in, Nora is initially reluctant to use it so Josh may observe them during the transformation, and is turned off even more when Josh reveals she murdered Heggeman, and she reveals its a fact she already knows.

That evening, Nora finds herself by the wolf compelled to stalk Julia, but she stops herself and decides to use the storage unit. Nora returns weeks later, asking for Josh's forgiveness, but Josh's love now lies with Julia. She tells him that Brynn changed after Connor's death, as he was the one holding her back and not the other way around. After she unsuccessfully asks for her job back, she comes across Sally who asks for her help to help Janet.

Sally manages to reveal the truth to Janet through Nora, but this action causes Josh to pick Julia over her. Later, she approaches Josh to tell him that Brynn told her a way to remove the werewolf curse: Josh has to kill the werewolf that changed him.

Sometime later, Josh is alerted to the fact that Nora is in the hospital, as she fell down a flight of stairs during the solar eclipse. She is happy that it happened though, because it shows her that Josh did not become a killer, as killing Ray would have lifted the curse off of both of them. However, when Sally reveals that she helped Josh lure Ray to kill him, she goes out to the woods to stop them. In the end, she has a handgun trained on Ray, who is threatening to kill Josh with the silver bullet rifle.

As the scene changes, both guns are heard being shot. In the season 3 premiere, it is revealed that Ray was killed at the hands of Josh, but a month later only he has been cured of his lycanthropy, leaving Nora a werewolf. They spend the next year trying to find both Aidan and Sally, succeeding with bringing Sally back to life with the help of the witch Ms. Suren[ edit ] Suren Dichen Lachman is the daughter of the powerful vampire known only as "Mother" she is also her biological daughter.

Suren is around years old, and her biological father was a Mongol warrior who taught her how to skin animals and humans alike. However, Henry could not keep himself satiated with Suren as a lover, leading to her finding him with another woman at a ball at the Halloway Hotel the night before she and Mother are to leave Boston.

being human how did aidan and josh meet

Killing the woman in front of a room of human onlookers, all of whom where slaughtered under Mother's order to ensure their kind's existence is not exposed, Suren is punished for jeopardizing all vampires by being placed underground for eighty years. After Bishop's death, Mother decides to release Suren early to take over the Boston vampire instead of Aidan and is stationed in the hotel where she ironically caused the bloody massacre.

With Aidan as her second in command, Suren first picks a new police liaison in Cecilia and personally sires her when Aidan refuses to. Regardless of her dissatisfaction with Aidan, she throws the Dutch out the trail when Heggeman ends up missing as a result of his death at newly transformed Nora's claws. When Suren decides to bring in a mobster into the vampire fold, Aidan protests, even though the mobster has caught one of Bishop's orphans who attacked children in broad daylight. When Aidan acquiesces later, he begins feasting on the mobster when he should be turning him.

Suren is pleased at this turn of events, knowing it is what Aidan needs to become the vampire she knew ages ago and become her lover. However, Mother is less than thrilled that they have been enjoying each other rather than working and orders Suren and Aidan to hunt down Bishop's orphans.

Months later, Suren has told Mother that they have culled all of the orphans, leading Aidan to use his renewed relationship with Henry to gather up the orphans. Suren, who has been watching, orders that the owner of a house who gets paid for vampires to pass the threshold to transfer ownership to her human liaison.

She then orders the orphans to be uninvited, killing everyone but Henry and Aidan. Aidan later presents Henry to her, and she decides that in order to be properly punished for his actions 80 years ago, she will skin Henry alive, a painful procedure that as a vampire he will survive from. Later, Aidan convinces Suren to experience the "mundane" aspects of his life, which begins by having dinner with Josh, Julia, and Sally. After impressing Josh with her love of Antiques Roadshowshe realizes that Aidan had been in a relationship with Julia, but puts off everyone's fears by making the situation better.

That night, she expresses her fears that she does not fit in with Aidan's world, but he assuages the fears. The next day, Mother returns to Boston to express her gratitude that Suren was able to shape the city back up. She rewards her by placing her in charge of New England, while excommunicating Aidan from the vampire clans. To escape the oppression, Aidan and Suren run away together to a hotel to start, but Suren soon grows hungry.

After Aidan is attacked by other vampires, she asks him to give up, and she will return to Boston. Aidan promises her that he will find a way, and he leaves Suren alone in the hotel, where she goes through withdrawal and thinks about the past.

She decides to return to Boston to take her place as its leader, eventually telling Aidan that she did it to save him from Mother's oppression. At Mother's going away party, Mother names Suren as her successor, but gives her one last task to show she is truly strong: Suren must kill Aidan.

Suren refuses, as she loves him, and falls to the carpet. As Mother cuddles her, she stakes Suren, and she crumbles to dust in front of Aidan. Publicity materials for season 2 indicated that the character was to be named Izumi, but this was apparently changed during production.

Season 1[ edit ] Rebecca Flynt Sarah Allen is a fellow nurse at the hospital before she and Aidan go on a date and Aidan accidentally kills her in a vampiric blood lust. When Aidan calls Bishop to "clean up" afterwards, Bishop turns Rebecca instead with the intent of using her as a pawn to control Aidan. She fully embraces the fact that she is a vampire, flaunting her abilities and bloodlust by feeding on and killing anyone she wants without being discovered.

At one point Rebecca tries to feed on Josh but as he is a werewolf, she decides against it. Once the novelty of killing starts wearing off, she approaches Aidan in an attempt to become more like him and less dependent on feeding off live humans like other vampires.

However, her conviction is not strong enough and she falls back in with Bishop's clan, further involving herself in the drama between Bishop and Aidan. She is killed when she begs Aidan to stake her. She is based on the character of Lauren in the original British series. Marcus Damnian Vincent Leclerc is one of the vampires in Bishop's clan.

He works at a local Boston funeral home, covering up murders perpetrated by other vampires. Marcus often and blatantly tries to one-up Aidan to prove his loyalty to Bishop, going so far as to track Josh to his family's home with the intent of murdering them all before being foiled. He is killed by Rebecca to prevent him from killing Aidan as well as revenge for having been behind the death of Bernie.

being human how did aidan and josh meet

His characterization is similar to the original British role of Seth. Emily Levison Alison Louder is Josh's younger sister, with whom he was very close before Josh gets bitten by a werewolf and intentionally disappears from his family. She accidentally runs into Josh while visiting her girlfriend Jackie Rhiannon Moller-Trotter who was a patient at the hospital in which he works, and afterward tries to re-involve herself in his life.

However, when Josh nearly kills her after she unknowingly traps herself with him just before he transforms into a wolf, he demands that she never see him again. Emily later returns to seek comfort with Josh after she breaks up with Jackie, but when she is attacked by Marcus in retaliation for Josh and Ray's attack on the vampires, Josh takes Emily back to their family home, where he leaves her there after Marcus returns once more.

Emily comforts Josh after Julia dies in a traffic accident. In season 3, Emily returns to take Josh on his bachelor party to a strip club, along with Aidan and Kenny. She discovers Josh and Aidan's secret as a werewolf and a vampire, respectively, after Aidan kills a vampire stripper to save Josh, and storms away. She later comes to accept the truth about the supernatural and returns to help get the wedding started for Josh and Nora. Despite knowing about Josh and Nora being werewolves and Aidan being a vampire, she still does not know of the existence of Sally.

Cara Katy Breier is an orderly hired by the hospital after Rebecca disappears. Cara is flirtatious to Aidan, but when Rebecca returns as a vampire, she feeds on Cara. Facing Rebecca's ironic action and despite her goading, Aidan refuses to turn Cara to save her, and she dies. She is based on the character Becca from the first episode of the British version.

Ray Andreas Apergis is an older wanderer who, as it turns out, has been covertly following Josh for some time, observing his lunar transformations. Ray reveals himself to Josh admitting that he is also a werewolf, and can teach Josh the basics of being one - including getting through the changes without killing anything.

While he initially refuses the help, Aidan convinces him otherwise, and allows Ray to live with them. When Ray outstays his welcome, Josh confronts him at the next full moon where he reveals he wants to form a whole pack of werewolves, and that he was the one who attacked Josh two years prior and turned him into a werewolf.

After removing Ray from his life, Josh tracks Ray down as he is under the impression that killing Ray will cure himself and Nora of the werewolf curse, but Ray has reunited with his family, giving Josh second thoughts.

being human how did aidan and josh meet

After Julia's death and discovering that he can cure Nora and himself, Josh lures Ray to the woods, with Sally's assistance, and holds him at gunpoint until Nora distracts him. After a scuffle, Ray gains the upper hand over Josh, and holds him at gunpoint with the silver bullet-loaded rifle, with Nora training a handgun on him. As the scene changes, both guns are heard going off. His fate is revealed in the season 3 premiere, where Josh has bludgeoned him to death with a rock, curing him of the werewolf curse.

Ray's heart is later retrieved by Josh and Nora to use in the spell Ms. Gilchrist performs to bring Sally back to life. Donna then tracks down Ray's body, proclaiming that she will need to find a use for it, revealed to be as a faithful undead assistant. Ray is dispatched to kill the medium Ilana Myers after Donna suspects that Ilana has taught Sally some magical spell to fight back against her. When Josh, Aidan, and Sally enter the pocket dimension that Donna calls home, Ray is there to confront them, as Donna suspected that Sally would attempt to bring Josh with her.

Ray allows Sally and Aidan to confront Donna, as his only qualms are with Josh. After a fight in which Ray appears to have the upper hand, Josh manages to taunt Ray, who has magically transformed into a werewolf without the full moon, to attack him, and manages to behead Ray during Ray's lunge, killing him once and for all. He is based on Tully from the British series.

He owned the house where Aidan and Josh live, and deeply cared for Sally while she was alive.


However, it is revealed that he has a temper and is directly responsible for Sally's death. Danny becomes aware that Sally is trying to haunt him, but he taunts her saying that is not intimidated by her attempts, eventually lying to Bridget as to the events of Sally's death to thwart her plans. After he hires the exorcist Ilanato remove Sally from her haunting, Sally possesses the Ilana, revealing the true events, and causing a rift between Danny and Bridget.

Danny ultimately tries to burn the house down, but Sally traps him inside, leaving Josh and Aidan to reveal that they know about what happened. He confesses his arson and murder of Sally to the police after she reveals herself to him and threatens him. When Sally believes that Danny is somehow responsible for the Reaper and the recent poltergeist events happening in the house, she and Aidan discover that he was killed by his cellmate in prison.

Danny then reveals himself to Sally, having become more adept as a ghost as he was killed in prison. Just as he is about to kill her, the Reaper appears and destroys Danny's essence. He reappears during the solar eclipse, happy to see Sally after being in Limboto which he returns once the eclipse ends. He seems to have accepted Limbo as proper punishment for the crimes he performed against Sally in life. He is based on the character of Owen from the original British series.

Bridget Angela Galuppo was one of Sally's friends in life. She is based on the character of Janey in the British series. Sally discovers that she has begun trying to date Danny since her death, and Sally works to break up the relationship before Aidan convinces her not to. Sally gives Bridget her approval, and Bridget begins to help Danny move on. However, when Sally discovers that Bridget is being abused by Danny because of her haunting, she attempts to contact Bridget to reveal what happened, but Danny manages to convince Bridget otherwise.

She breaks up with Danny after the exorcism goes wrong. After resolving the issue with Donna, Sally meets up with Bridget, who after the experiences with Sally in her death has joined a wicca coven, as she is upset that she may have failed Sally in death. She takes Sally to a meeting, where Sally sees that several ghosts come by to use the spiritually open women as vessels.

She stops a ghost from taking over Bridget, and ends the meeting early when she dissipates the other ghost. Later, Sally tells Bridget that she should move on from the spirituality, and gives Bridget the Spirit Lock to keep her safe. Nick Finn Pat Kiely was Sally's teaching assistant while she was in college.

Both Sally and Nick had unrequited feelings for each other, but they manage to find each other in death, Nick having drowned in a boating accident. Nick and Sally begin dating, but Nick relives the moments of his death each and every day prefaced by a coughing fit before he explodes into a large volume of water.

Nick and Sally part ways after a short time dating, but then meet up again when Zoe invites Sally to her ghost support group. Sally believes that the meeting is good and they will begin dating again, but Zoe reveals that she and Nick are intimate. After realizing that the Reaper personality is part of her, Sally shreds Nick in front of Josh and Aidan.

When ghosts begin reappearing during the solar eclipse, Sally realizes that there is one more chance for Zoe to see Nick. She returns to the brownstone first, where Nick reveals that he is in a form of purgatory he is calling Limbohome to ghosts who have been shredded or those who take the wrong Door, a place where he realizes he exists and can see, but there is nothing to experience. However, when Zoe finds him, he tells her that he is at peace now, to make Zoe feel closure.

Sally helps him escape Limbo by hitching a ride back into physical life with her, along with Stevie, and he and Zoe begin a proper intimate relationship. However, he begins to decompose, much like Sally, and takes to catching stray cats in the neighborhood and eating them, which staves off his hunger and halts the process of decomposition.

When Sally reveals she too has eaten a live creature, he is relieved and tries to explain that what they are doing is right.

However, that night when Zoe comes home to find him eating another cat, his eyes are glazed over as he proclaims that he is only eating, but that he is still hungry and lunges for Zoe. Zoe manages to avoid death by bludgeoning Nick with a baseball bat, and he is happy that he has finally free of the hunger. His Door appears and leads him to the other side, but the golden clam shell Sally sees on the Door is later exactly the same one she sees on Stevie's.

After entering Donna's pocket dimension, Sally demands that Nick and Stevie be set free, but Aidan realizes that Donna must have already eaten their souls, which she confirms. Bernie Jason Spevack is the son of Aidan's neighbor Cindy.

Aidan helps Bernie stand up to some neighborhood bullies and becomes fast friends with him, as Bernie reminds Aidan of his long-dead son. When Bernie finds and sneaks home unknown by Aidan the homemade snuff video Rebecca made for Aidan, Cindy catches Bernie watching it before Rebecca kills the other man and forbids Aidan from coming near her son ever, again.

Sometime later, Bernie is accidentally hit by a car and dies, but is turned by Rebecca into a vampire in an effort to cheer Aidan up by giving him a new family. When it appears that Bernie has killed the two bullies that used to pick on him, Bishop berates Aidan about the dead boys and the consequences of turning a child into a vampire, leaving Aidan no choice but to kill Bernie more mercifully with a wooden stake himself.

It is later revealed that Bishop had Marcus kill the boys and make it appear that Bernie was the perpetrator. She goes through the motions, slowly weakening Sally through the rite, until Sally possesses her in a fit of desperation, revealing the truth behind her death.

Years later, Ilana is hired by Josh and Nora in their attempts to bring Sally back from Limbo, but she cannot help and in fact fears the house. She instead directs them to find Ms. She later meets Sally, face to face, for the first time and helps her learn how to fight Donna.

Ilana is killed by Ray, who is sent by Donna to do her dirty work, for helping Sally. Heggeman Terry Kinney is a member of a group of powerful elder vampires called "the Dutch", due to their Dutch origins and habit of living and hibernating in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Well over a thousand years old, Heggeman is one of the oldest-living vampires and commands great fear and respect. Heggeman is a very strong proponent of vampire traditions and does not look favorably on actions he deems "abnormal" such as having a relationship with a human.

They return to Boston after Marcus reveals that Bishop is trying to increase vampire numbers to bring them into the public and overtake humans as the dominant species. Due to their old-fashioned ways, the Dutch are nearly all killed by Bishop, with Heggeman saved by Aidan at the last moment.

After Aidan kills Bishop, Heggeman gives him control of the Boston vampires and informs him that "she" wants to see him. Celine Nathalie BreuerLaurence Leboeuf in the past is a woman from Montreal that Aidan fell in love with in the s after he left Boston.

In the past, she pushed for Aidan to turn her into a vampire, but he was not willing to give that life to her. When Bishop finds them, Aidan plans for the two of them to leave town so Bishop cannot harm her, but they fight as Celine does not want to leave her family.

When she leaves the house later that night, Bishop intercepts her and has his way with her and feeds from her, forcing her to never tell anyone or else he will harm her family. Celine meets up with Aidan in the present day when she goes to Suffolk County Hospital to spend her final days since her lung cancer has become terminal. Aidan's feelings for her resurface and he tells her he will turn her into a vampire, but she declines as she does not want to watch her loved ones grow old and die while she cannot.

After Aidan is mortally wounded by Bishop, she offers herself to Aidan so she can die in peace and he can regain his strength. She is mentioned on several occasions and is also seen in flashbacks.

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She is based on Josie from the British series. Season 2[ edit ] Stevie Adkins Robert Naylor is a teenage boy from Sally's high school who committed suicide their junior year. He has since been haunting their high school, and when she goes to the class reunion, they meet up with each other to reminisce. As a suicide, Stevie does not get a door to the other side.

He introduces Sally to Dylan and "Boner", but is later forced to shred Dylan after he tries to rape Sally after they possess bodies.

Sally seeks his help when she needs to learn how to shred ghosts to save herself from the Reaper. But after the Reaper convinces her that she has to take over his role, he makes her first task to shred Stevie, as only they are allowed to shred ghosts.

After Stevie states that he might shred the ghost of Van, his old bully, should he die, Sally realizes that the Reaper is right, just as the Reaper shreds Stevie.

Stevie, after spending time in Limbo watching his family live on without him every day, is brought back to life along with Nick and Sally. After Josh gives him some money to get out of town, he and Sally find Stevie again when they try to warn his parents that he is alive and is craving flesh.

When they find the house, they find Stevie inside, who reveals he had gone as far as Memphis before returning, seeing his parents for the first time since his passing, and ultimately causing their death due to the spell.

Weeks later, he ate their corpses due to the hunger he felt from the reanimation, but then resorted to killing the mailman. As a last resort, he has been trying to kill himself by hanging, but chickens out at the last minute, and asks Josh and Sally to do it for him. After Josh manages to kill Stevie, his door appears, but when Sally notices that it is the same as Nick's from earlier in the day, she realizes something is wrong and warns him not to enter but is too late.

Mother Deena Aziz is the main antagonist in season 2 and the queen of all vampires or at the very least, of those in North Americathe "She" who wished to see Aidan in the season 1 finale. She built her vast empire from the ground up, and was fond of relating the story of her rise to power to her daughter, Suren. She comes to Boston to decide the fate of Aidan and Bishop's "orphaned" vampires. Though Aidan attempts to prevent their demise, she orders that Bishop's excess sires to be culled and Aidan not take his place as Heggeman and the Dutch wantedbut instead assist her daughter in bringing Boston back under control.

Mother promised Aidan freedom from the demands of the council and the vampire community should her daughter succeed. Mother later ordered Heggeman to assassinate Josh, who is a barrier to her plans for Aidan. Mother is the most powerful and thus, probably oldest vampire seen in the series thus far, both politically and physically.

When Aidan and Suren fulfill the goals Mother set out for them, Mother keeps Suren in her position in Boston, despite her requests, and gives Aidan his freedom by banishing him from the vampire society. After Suren leaves him, Aidan plans to kill Mother, but she sees through the trap and captures him, presenting him to Suren to kill so she can be her successor.

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When Suren refuses, Mother stakes her and then commits Aidan to the ground, as Aidan tells her she has just killed the only person who ever loved her, after having been revealed in flashbacks that Suren is her biological daughter from when both were human. In the season 3 premiere, Mother is revealed to have died from the mysterious virus killing all vampires.

Aidan is first tasked with changing her, but when he does not, Suren does instead. When Nora and the twins kill Will, Josh turns to Cecilia to eliminate the case from the police department's radar in exchange for the twins.

When she follows through with her side of the deal, Josh gives her Heggeman's rifle and the twins' address. However, they overpower her and use her as bait to lure in Aidan for a "McLean family vampire hunt" on the night of the full moon. Aidan finds her, but she is too weak and she tells Aidan to leave her behind.

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Aidan reluctantly respects her request, and she is torn apart by the four werewolves as he escapes. He becomes suspicious when Heggeman mysteriously disappears after being tasked by an unknown, to him, task by Mother. He returns to Boston to question Aidan on Heggeman's disappearance, and gets tied up in Josh's lie to Cecilia that the McLean twins are responsible for Heggeman's death.