How can meet the dalai lama

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how can meet the dalai lama

The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (OHHDL), known in Tibetan as Gaden The best opportunities to meet His Holiness are during the periodic public. If you are planning a trip to Dharamshala and wondering how to meet the Dalai Lama, here is a step-by-step guide. Visits by the Dalai Lama to foreign countries infuriate China, and fewer and fewer national leaders are willing to meet him, fearing the.

the Dalai Lama looked me in the eye and said, women rule! (in so many words)

Now 82 years of age, Dalai Lama still makes it a point to meet his followers, and impart Buddhist philosophies and teachings. There are different ways you can meet the Dalai Lama: To have a private audience, you have to send an application consisting detailed information of yourself and the specific reasons as to why you wish to meet His Holiness.

how can meet the dalai lama

Applications are called for well in advance, and each application are minutely screened. Last minute applications may not be entertained. Meet the Dalai Lama at a public event Throughout the year, the Dalai Lama speaks at different public events in India and abroad, where you can meet him. The official website www. Most events in India come free of cost, but it is usually chargeable abroad.

Private Audiences

His Holiness never charges for his lectures or discourses. However, when the event is organised by third parties, they charge a minimum entrance fee so that the travel costs are covered.

how can meet the dalai lama

People can directly get in touch with the organizers for the tickets. So, do check out the event dates and plan your trip accordingly.

how can meet the dalai lama

I have to credit my parents for my initial exposure, probably in early high school or it might even have been middle school! My dad would buy them, I would borrow them and start filling my brain with this amazing information. My mom played a big part with one purchase in particular.

how can meet the dalai lama

And thus the road to a lifelong thirst for information that could improve my life was paved. One of my roommates after college joked that I should just have my headphones surgically implanted, since they were constantly in my ears! This is my life. So the other day, when faced with an amazing opportunity to join my friend Scarlett Lewis to visit with the Dalai Lama, the choice seemed an obvious one.

What an opportunity- what an honor! I would be accompanying Scarlett along with Dr.

Foreign Officials Can't Cite 'Personal Reasons' To Meet Dalai Lama: China

I wanted to keep moving forward, at breakneck speed, meeting people, connecting with them. I politely declined the invitation and stayed home. A lovely evening with my family, on a beautiful Connecticut night, drinking some great wine and hearing stories from my uncle from decades past. Connection with those I love and a memory that will last a lifetime. But seriously, I think his advice would be to do what I did, to slow down, to connect with my family, to drink some great wine, enjoy a beautiful May evening in Connecticut and just BE.

So what did I learn from this, a few simple lessons: There are no missed opportunities.