How did kirk meet spock and uhura

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how did kirk meet spock and uhura

Nyota Uhura is a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise. The character was portrayed by . This Uhura is initially cold towards Kirk (and is verbally more than a match for him) after he attempts to flirt with her while Nichols also discussed meeting with Saldana to discuss Uhura, and praised Saldana's portrayal. was a Kirk and his family story, with a Spock side plot. feeling at the end as Kirk gets to meet his nephew Peter from the first time, and. In this timeline, then, Spock is single and ready to mingle almost as soon as he .. The episode where Kirk kisses Uhura was originally intended to be . They met years earlier than in the original timeline because he was her.

She is depicted as a capable bridge officer and readily manned the helm, navigation and science stations on the bridge when the need arose.

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Uhura was also a talented singer, and enjoyed serenading her shipmates when off-duty; Spock occasionally accompanied her on the Vulcan lyre. The Animated SeriesUhura takes control of the ship when the male officers fall victim to a species of sirens and leads an all-female rescue party.

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After the sirens are defeated, the Enterprise helps the sirens, and Uhura bonds with the sirens, who are happy at the thought that they might meet men and have children. The Wrath of Khan. The Search for Spock sees Uhura take an assignment in the transporter room as part of a plot to steal the Enterprise.

As planned, Uhura later meets up with her crewmates on Vulcan and witnesses Spock's successful renewal. Uhura has a smaller role in the first, second and third films. Uhura's Songa novel published indeveloped her character further, placing her at the center of the action and introducing Uhura's interest in alien languages. Elements from this novel influenced her depiction in later films and novels.

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Traveling to the 20th century, they attempt to save a pair of humpback whales in order to repopulate the species. During a trip to San FranciscoUhura and Pavel Chekov infiltrate the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise and use emissions from the carrier's nuclear reactor to recharge the Klingon vessel's power supply. Kirk and Spock then procure the whales so the crew can return to the 23rd century and save Earth.

We get to see Uhura do a lot more than be the girlfriend. Uhura was always a supporting character not a lead, and C.

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She played her part in saving the day. If there is anyone who needs to interact with different characters maybe it's McCoy, but it doesn't seem to be a concern of the actor or the fans, right? McCoy was criminally underused in the first two movies. Finally, Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto did really good work together, so I think that proves that putting them on the set and letting them have it was a a good call.

It really seemed to dominate those characters esp. That could be subjective on my part, but there it is. Yeah, I don't really care for it.

However, as far as movie love stories go, I'm not sure it's even that well constructed. It's not in keeping with either character as the franchise has established them and we know next to nothing about why they're together.

It's also ironic to make it seems that old tos dynamics like the original trio are anything refreshingly 'new' to trek. If anything, the romance is the very example of that 'characters interacting more with others' thing mentioned above precisely because it's a pretext for this trek to have other interpersonal relationships OUTSIDE of the old trio dynamic box.

As I've mentioned before, I'm talking about new to this series, not new to Trek overall. We should stop to have relationships, of any kind, in movies? If you recognize the merits of having interpersonal relationships in movies in form of the male friendships, for the reason that it's a way the writers make the characters more real, it shouldn't be that hard to understand that romantic relationships are developed for the same reason.

No, I didn't say that. In the show itself, Uhura was among the senior officers on the bridge and managed internal and external communications for the entire ship.

how did kirk meet spock and uhura

Her role as a main character and vital bridge officer were still unprecedented in television at the time. The day after she told Roddenberry her decision, Nichols appeared at a NAACP fund-raiser and was told that a big fan wanted to meet her. That fan turned out to be Dr.

how did kirk meet spock and uhura

Martin Luther King Jr. He told Nichols that he was a huge fan of the show, and that he and his wife would let their children would stay up late to watch it. When Nichols mentioned her plans to leave, Dr. Nichols was convinced and continued playing the role in TV and films for 25 years. Years later, Uhura declines to tell him her first name again when she catches him fooling around with her roommate.