How did mark cavendish meet peta todd

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how did mark cavendish meet peta todd

Today, Peta – who is married to cycling great Mark Cavendish – has a special announcement to make. I DIDN'T come from a big family and neither did my husband. I'm so excited to meet the freshest member of our crew. Mark Cavendish and Peta Todd announce arrival of son Casper. She first met cyclist Mark in and the pair married on October 5, in. Cycling star Mark Cavendish has married his sweetheart Peta Todd. Peta and Mark have been dating since they met in Los Angeles in

I love all mechanical objects.

how did mark cavendish meet peta todd

Even when I was a little kid I always had a watch. For me it was a way to express individuality. But more than that, watches also symbolise a special moment or achievement in my life. It is very rare in cycling for the team to get recognition for its achievements. Sure, there is one guy who crosses the finish line but I think the whole team should go on the podium.

He is a great guy, no?

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I first realised Mark was a fan of my watches because he sent me some glasses — a pair of Oakleys that he had worn during a stage victory of the Tour de France. And we started corresponding like this.

You see, for me it is not important to work with every single championship athlete in the world. After I met Richard, Yann called me to tell me that my agent at the time had, unbeknownst to me, contacted him trying to strike up a business deal. I never wanted autographs of other athletes or film stars, but Richard sent me his book with this incredible handwritten note and that book never leaves my living-room coffee table.

It was so touching. So, I remember I was in the line at the airport about to fly to the Olympics when Yann called to tell me about this potentially embarrassing situation. I gave him a hug as he came off the podium and he generously gave me the jersey. With no sense of boasting he told me there and then that one day he would win the green jersey.

I never doubted it for a minute.

how did mark cavendish meet peta todd

Sprinting is the easy bit for Cav, but he has worked like a dog on his endurance. By his own admission he was overweight when he first joined T-Mobile and although that could never disguise his talent, the coaches gave him a bloody hard time, especially as early-season training is mainly about endurance.

how did mark cavendish meet peta todd

One time we did a full day, probably km, training for Paris-Roubaix including most of the cobble sections and he was in agony with no skin left on his hands by the end. Cav must have done km that day.

how did mark cavendish meet peta todd

One time T-Mobile were always gunning for him and I spent most of my pre-season interview defending him and telling T-Mobile to keep the faith. Cav lodged with me and my wife in Belgium and he was by far the most respectful and neatest rider we have ever put up.

Mark Cavendish, the making the people who made him a star and keep him up to speed

We kept an eye on him. He got a bad virus once and was getting very stressed but I told him to get off his bike, go to bed and rest until he felt well again. Three weeks later he won his first race back. You can do that with his talent. My task is basically keeping him on the road and sorting any problems, getting him in the right place at the right time, cleaning his bikes for his constant photo shoots, checking travel arrangements and nagging him constantly to keep his whereabouts updated for drug testing.

how did mark cavendish meet peta todd

Cav has to be the most tested rider in the world — tests a year. They never leave him alone. I was visiting him and Peta Todd, his girlfriend, recently and they had nipped out for a rare meal together one evening when the testers turned up unannounced for a random sample.

There was no obligation for him to be there but I phoned Cav just to say what was happening and he told them to wait. Ten minutes later he was back insisting on being tested. Cav is basically an emotional bundle of energy but as he hurtles towards a sprint finish he becomes the coolest, most rational individual in the world.

The madness and danger of a bunch sprint is actually his comfort zone. I have talked to him often about it and he says everything happens in slow motion.