How did poseidon and amphitrite meet images

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how did poseidon and amphitrite meet images

Amphitrite: Amphitrite, in Greek mythology, the goddess of the sea, wife of the god Poseidon, and one of the 50 (or ) daughters (the Nereids) of Nereus and . Greek Mythology- Legends about Poseidon. On his way, he stumbled upon the mermaid Amphitrite, a sea nymph with golden hair Poseidon photo gallery. Not discouraged by Amphitrite's refusal, Poseidon (Neptune) sent one of his Neptune and Amphitrite married and as a reward for his help, Neptune placed the image of They also had a daughter, Rhodes after whom is named the island of.

She is a direct descendant, and granddaughter, of the primal titan Oceanus.

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Originally, Amphitrite was an important goddess. She witnessed the birth of the god Apollo along with other high ranking deities.

how did poseidon and amphitrite meet images

Her legendary husband was the powerful Poseidon, the god of the sea, and brother of the chief of gods, Zeus. In later years, she had a lesser role in the myths and eventually her name simply represented the sea itself.

Origin The name Amphitrite means the third element, or the third that encompasses.

how did poseidon and amphitrite meet images

In the creation myths, the heavens and the land came first before the sea. She is often depicted wearing a crab claw crown and sitting on a throne near her husband Poseidon or in a chariot drawn by hippocamps, seahorses. The story of her courtship with Poseidon started on the island called Naxos in the Aegean Sea. She was dancing with her sisters and when the god of the sea saw her, he decided he wanted her as his wife.

Being the persistent type, Poseidon summoned Delphinus, the dolphin king, to find the goddess and persuade her to marry him. The smart and gentle natured dolphin set off on the mission. After weeks of searching, he finally found her. He was such a lovely creature that Amphitrite was drawn to him and listened to his persuasion.

how did poseidon and amphitrite meet images

Delphinus explained that her steadiness would balance the volatile nature of Poseidon, and that if she married him there would be harmony in the sea and joy for all.

As a reward, Poseidon placed an image of Delphinus in the sky. Dispute with Athena I Yet another disagreement concerning the patronage of lands and cities arised between Poseidon and Athena in relation to Troezen.

Triton (mythology)

But Zeus commanded them to hold this city in common, and so they did. Dispute with Athena II Poseidon, they say, was the first who came to Attica; and with a blow of his trident on the Acropolis, he produced a sea or, as some say, just a well of sea-water that could be seen in the Erechtheum on the Acropolis not far from the outline of the trident on the rock.

These were the evidences in support of Poseidon's claim to the land. Athena called the city Athens after herself, but Poseidon, angry at the verdict flooded Attica. However, some say that it was Zeus who ajudged Athens to Athenaand that Poseidon never flooded the country because Hermes forbade him to do so.

In any case, in the shrine of Erechtheus there remained preserved a long time an olive tree and a pool of salt water which had been set there by Athena and Poseidon as tokens when they contended for the city. Zeus then, bade his grandson Peleus to marry her, and from their union Achilles was born, who was mightier than his father. Marriage It is said that when Poseidon decided to marry the Oceanid Amphitrite, she, wishing to remain a virgin, escaped and fled to Atlas.

how did poseidon and amphitrite meet images

Poseidon then send many to look for her, and among them a certain Delphin, who after long wanderings, found her and persuaded her to marry Poseidon, organizing himself the whole wedding. The first born was Atlaswho was appointed to be king over the rest, and the island was called after him.