How did prince albert and charlene wittstock meet

Monaco's Prince Albert weds South African Charlene Wittstock - BBC News

how did prince albert and charlene wittstock meet

Princess Charlene is the daughter of Michael and Lynette Wittstock. She was Charlene met Prince Albert in at a swimming event in Monaco. They were. Prince Albert II of Monaco married Charlene Wittstock in a civil ceremony on Prince Albert has an older sister Princess Caroline (born ) and a Charlene Wittstock at the at the Monaco International Swim Meet in Charlene, Princess of Monaco is a Zimbabwean-South African former Olympic swimmer and wife of Prince Albert II. Charlene met Prince Albert at the Mare Nostrum swimming competition in Monte Carlo, Monaco, in Gottlieb's son, Heinrich Carl Wittstock married Olive Florence Caldwell, of English origin.

The tiny country is less than one square mile in area, but what it lacks in size it makes up for with its wealth. Monaco is famous as a playground of the super-rich.

As residents they pay zero income tax, and they're not shy about showing off their money.


It's a big change for the former athlete whose father was a photocopier salesman. So how is life being a princess? Princess Charlene said, "Yeah, it's great. It's I don't know how to answer that, honestly. What's it like being a princess?

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It's clear that his wife is still finding her way in a very different world from the one she grew up in. She brought Hollywood glamour to Monaco in the s when she married Prince Rainier. The press called it the wedding of the century.

how did prince albert and charlene wittstock meet

The prince and the movie star Asked about the similarities between Princess Grace and Princess Charlene - and if he noticed similarities with his wife when they first met - Prince Albert said, "Now I think you know every human being is unique. And that's the beauty of the human race.

I knew that whoever I choose to marry, that she would be compared to my mother. And I was ready for that. But I think Charlene has her own very wonderful personal qualities to be able to shine. Prince Albert's 50th birthday When asked what qualities drew him to Princess Charlene, a palace official decided that question was too personal, perhaps understandably given that the couple's private life is the source of constant tabloid speculation.

One can only imagine what the famously jealous Prince Charles, whose tours command only a handful of journalists, feels about being so upstaged. The comments of the crowds turning out to greet her are revealing.

Wedding of Albert II, Prince of Monaco, and Charlene Wittstock - Wikipedia

They enthuse about how "sweet" and "gracious" she is, how her skin glows. Just as in the fairytales, the requirements on a real-life princess are pretty minimal: In contrast to his father, William exudes enjoyment of his wife's popularity. Charles's failure to understand the public interest in the role of princess and future queen was just one of the many things he didn't grasp about his wife. But it had serious consequences.

Hereditary royal power and privilege is problematic in an egalitarian democratic society, and royalty only survives through its symbolic potency.

Kate Middleton and Charlene Wittstock: A tale of two princesses

Increasingly, that symbolism has been located in the female royals. A female royal can represent power that is politically unthreatening, embodying ideals such as family stability and continuity — as the Queen has done. If the woman is also a commoner, she makes the hereditary monarchy, with all its ancient privileges, look democratic and accessible.

For a modern young woman, suddenly becoming the centre of attention — idolised in public, but coerced in private — can be traumatic, as Diana discovered.

HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco - Monaco Monte-Carlo

This dark side of the fairytale was conjured up by images of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene's nuptials. Like Diana, Charlene clearly had her doubts. But while Diana's were expressed in private to her sister, who dismissed them as "too late" since her "face was already on the tea towels", Charlene's were on full display.

Rumours had swirled in the European press that after reports of yet another paternity case against Albert — and this time a child allegedly conceived during Charlene's relationship with him — she had tried to run away three times back to South Africa, where she grew up.

how did prince albert and charlene wittstock meet

Her weeping at the vows looked more like distress than sentiment. If this was a fairytale romance, then it was the Brothers Grimm version. The aim of a royal wedding is to become "iconic" Hello! Hanging over their wedding was the ultimate modern-day iconic royal wedding: It was only her tears that suggested her own unconscious recognised that far from a fairytale, this, in fact, may be the beginning of a long struggle.

A Detailed Look at the Many Romances of Prince Albert of Monaco

Marina Warner, writing about the persistent appeal of the princess fantasy, cast light on what is at stake. The princess fairytale has "vindication" as a theme.

how did prince albert and charlene wittstock meet

Fairytale heroines — Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty — are all females who are lost, or mistreated; their beauty remaining unacknowledged until the special prince recognises them. The happy outcome reveals her true worth.

The story promises vindication — one day you, too, will be discovered and understood and seen to be special. But what is being recognised?