How did zoella and sprinkle of glitter meet christmas

How YouTube's golden girl Zoella lost her shine

Meet Zoella, aka Zoe Sugg, and the UK YouTubers who make their living Glitter's second channel – yup, Zoella has one too – Sprinkle of. Jun 29, Find out what happening when Sprinkle of Glitter told fans she Twitter has gone into overdrive this evening after YouTube star and Even Louise's bestie Zoella was showing her support as well as Meet the UK's Vlogging superstars to try these eco-friendly gift-wrapping alternatives this Christmas. ~Zoe wearing Alfie's christmas jumper~ Zoella Christmas, Merry Christmas, Joe And ChristmasBlueberriesHappy Merry ChristmasWish You Merry Christmas.

After a 2 year battle with cancer, she slipped quietly away around 6. Long enough to move on you might think. To an extent, you'd be right.

I don't get cut up when I hear people on the phone to their Mum, I don't want to cry when I see Mothers holding their children's hands and I don't break down when I listen to my friends whinge about how hard the Mother-Daughter relationship can be. It's normal, I'm used to it. What does eat me up is that it's Christmas and I'm a Mummy now. She'll never get to hold my baby in her arms and enjoy watching her grow.

She won't get to spoil her like my Gran did with pocket money for sweets from the corner shop. She won't ever sing to her, tell her jokes, kiss her knee when she topples over or listen to me babble on over the phone about the new things she's done that day. On top of the loss I feel for Darcy, I feel another layer of my own personal loss.

It was hard not having her or anyone see me come last haha I'm so lame at PE in sports day. It was rough not being able to run up to her with my A-Level results in hand, saying, "I'm going to uni!

I'm going to uni! I'm a Disney mega geek so I'm always going to love it but watching Darcy enjoy it and Liam experience it for the first time was incredible. I love that Darcy still enjoys the Princesses. We've booked to go back again Oct '18 so keep your eyes peeled on instagram for a flurry of magical photos. Once home it was back to London to take a starring the tiniest cameo role in Red Nose Actually with these eggs.

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I don't want anyone to be too jealous but I was in the same room as Hugh Grant and breathed the same air as him. Back to life with a bump once the jetlag and 'stardom' had worn off with more writing, this time glamorously in the soft play cafe whilst Darcy burnt off energy and a spot of MumLife in Waitrose.

Living life on the wild side. March began with a breakfast meeting in Pall Mall, London, hosted by Sarah Brown to talk about her RewriteTheCode initiative which aims to lift and support women in changing the way we view ourselves and each other, in all facets of life.

To build ourselves up in business, to step out of our stereotypes and to help other women reach their full potential. I left incredible inspired and hope to work more with Sarah and her team in From business in the city to high jumps with Darcy, I dashed home to collect her from school and try not to wee myself on the trampolines.

I only get 3 good bounces before I remember what a big baby Darcy was to deliver naturally. Spring sprung and so I spent half my wages on over priced flowers from Waitrose. I have so enjoyed getting to know so many women from the 'mum community' this year, it's been a real game changer for me both professionally but more importantly, personally. Long may it continue!

how did zoella and sprinkle of glitter meet christmas

Now of course, the children's Easter Bonnet Parade at school is not a competitive sport and the aim is for each child to enjoy creating something lovely to show off in assembly and feel proud of their creation. Bring it on, bishes. Please don't actually bring anything on, it's highly stressful.

Big news, March was the month I exchanged on my new house. This was a Big Deal to me. I've ummed and arred about buying a new house since my marriage ending in The house I lived in was a joint home with joint memories and also, it was always meant to be a 'starter home'. The problem I has was that I loved it.

I didn't care about the bad memories, I cherished all the wonderful ones, felt safe there and liked the area. I did want something bigger though, I needed a little more space and really, deep down I did need that fresh start. Moving felt really scary. It has taken me months to bond with and 'bed into' this house but now, months later, it feels like a home. The previous owners left it in a beautiful condition and it's been a joy to get used to.

We talked about what we liked, what we didn't like and how we would like to see YouTube evolve. I thought it was really decent of her to take time to meet us and talk about the platform so openly. Big loves to you Susan. In our house, April is Birthday Month. First Darcy's, then Liam's, then mine! Darcy celebrated with all her friends by having a princess themed bash at the local soft play centre.

She had the exact same package for her 5th but asked for it again this year and I said yes. She asked for it again for her 7th but I'm going to see if I can tempt her with something else! You only young enough for these things for so long so I sort of think, 'screw it, you have 3 princess parties in a row if you like!

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As you can see, my babe turned 6. Next up was Liam's 40th and so we flew out to Malaga, Spain, with some of his friends and met his parents out there too. I really like Malaga. I've been once in as well and feel comfortable there. It's not too busy, not clubby, the streets are clean, the food is nice and the people are friendly. I took a LOT of photos I always do when we're away. If instagramming your travels is your bag, give Malaga a go.

If you're going with children, Hotel Barcelo is lovely- good breakfasts and a slide in the lobby! What more could you want? Once home it was back to business panels and talks and all things industry for Cosmo magazine.

On the 26th, I had a photoshoot for a magazine more on this later and then 2 days later it was my birthday. You might be wondering where all these snaps are but that night, I went home feeling a bit funny and knowing I was late in my cycletook a pregnancy test and voila, I found out I was pregnant! My 'Big Night Out' plans where scrapped and we lived in a daze for about a week, which took us into May!

May was a mixed month. I spent a lot of time on the sofa feeling sick and tired oh hai first trimester of pregnancy and working. This shot was candid and taken by Darcy- I really like it. I'd never have taken it myself, everywhere's a mess, there's nothing nice on the window sill and I'm in PJ's but it's a rather accurate depiction of day to day life so I cherish it.

Also, it has dear little Zula the cat in it who is no longer with us. A great honour for me was to be asked to share a stage with Nicky Gumble at the Royal Albert Hall, to talk about how The Alpha Course profoundly changed my life in I've spoken about this at length in a couple of videos so I won't discuss it here but do feel free to google. A great day, a big privilege. Now, I booked this trip pre-falling pregnant and oh my god did I feel miserable out there.

Every smell seemed more intense and mostly I wanted to throw up, cry and sleep- Lucky Liam!! One day I'll go back and really embrace everything the big apple has to offer but this time, I'm not sure I was a good travel buddy! Just as I like it to, Mum Life resumed and I spent time with my tiny babe and less tiny sister. Though we look nothing alike same Dad, different Mumin personality we're very similar so it's always fun to hang out, even if we don't always nail the insta!

Later on in the month, we had the most fun Girls Weekend with some of the wonderful friends I've made through the mum community on YouTube. I watch it quite often just because it makes me smile so much.

I really, really hope brings more weekends like this. Perhaps I should make it annual? An Annual May Mum Summit! More sofa and laptop time, this time with my fur baby, Rocket.

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I think the highlight of May was love. I uploaded this picture of my Dad and his Brother Uncle Christ the best man and a lot of the commenters thought they were the happy couple which made us all chuckle a bit. I had the great pleasure of filming the wedding for them both and it was only last week that I finished the edit and we all sat down to watch it together - it was over 90 minutes but so, so lovely! Perhaps at some point I'll cut it down into a tiny insta minute jobby and share it there.

We also told Darcy this weekend that I was pregnant and took great joy in letting her spill the beans to everyone at the wedding Dad and Tina already knew and weren't worried about 'thunder stealing' or anything like that and watching their surprise.

It was lovely to give her that job and let her feel so proud.

how did zoella and sprinkle of glitter meet christmas

I couldn't not include this photo of my Auntie Judith at the wedding. If I look half as good as this in my 60's, I'll be laughing!! June began in the most magical of places - Disney! To celebrate the fact that baby-in-mummy's-tummy was going to have the most amazing big sister, she although we didn't know gender back then very kindly booked me, Liam and Darcy and 3 day trip to DisneyLand Paris.

How clever of her! Darcy took this very seriously and we celebrated the fact she had wished for a baby and now we were getting one. That's how you get pregnant of course, you make a wish. I have to admit, I didn't really have the best time on this trip. Although I enjoyed seeing Darcy love it she still talks about itI felt really poorly. First trimester sickness was rife and throwing up a nutella crepe in fantasy land was a real low.

I'd like to go back in or though and experience it in full health and knowing more about what it was like. I think comparing it to our usual destination, Orlando, was a mistake because it really is not on the same level. It did have it's charms though so I will re-visit and give it a second chance! June was also book month!

Liam and I drove out to the print factory where Wilde Like Me was actually made into a physical book, met some of my publishing team for lunch before hand, had a print works tour, tried not to cry over ink and paper and sucked in my pregnant tummy for this photo.

I realise it doesn't scream glamour but this was a VERY special day. I don't know how many copies I signed but it was a lot and honestly, it was such a pleasure.

I could happily sit and sign books all day. It's such an unusual treat as in you have to have written your own book to sign it I can't wait to do it again for the next one! A rare shot of Liam. He's a good one. From book launches and magazine covers to the idyllic life of an 'outdoorsy' holiday, we took Darcy for a weekend away in Centre Parcs. We were kindly gifted the experience by the venue and I was pleasantly surprised.