How do meet robert pattinson

20 Secrets About Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson’s Relationship

how do meet robert pattinson

In fact, Pattinson said the only reason he even auditioned for Twilight was because he wanted to meet Kristen after watching her in that movie. How to Appreciate Robert Pattinson. Robert Pattinson, born in , is a worldwide phenomenal heart-throb of teens and tweens. Best known for his role in the. In the footsteps of Robert Pattinson. 76K likes. An ONLY Robert Pattinson fansite with a focus on Rob and his career, we are NOT into drama and his past.

As a makeup artist you get the responsibility of touching the cast's faces and making them look good. What girl wouldn't want to be that close to Robert????? You can also move to Vancouver where they will be filming. Although its too late to sign up to be an extra on the set of Eclipse, I believe its not too late to become an extra for Breaking Dawn.

how do meet robert pattinson

Being an extra will enable you to catch a glimpse of Robert and his cast. However, if you want to be an extra, you have to actually live in the place where they are filming.

You can also become an online news reporter.

How to Appreciate Robert Pattinson: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

If you are legitimate, you can contact Twilight officials to allow you on the set to interview the cast and maybe Rob D He may be starting on a mall tour across America to promote New Moon.

Keep a look out in the news to see if he may be coming to your town.

how do meet robert pattinson

You wouldn't want to miss THAT opportunity!!!! If you see a clunky, broken down black convertible BMW driving around then it is probably Robert's car. Write a letter to him through his talent agency addressed: A stand-in person then stood in the place where Rob would stand to set up the shot for the photographer.

We were told that Rob would come into the room and pose with us for photos but he would have to leave soon afterwards to get to the premiere. It was a very tense wait and everyone was quiet and incredibly nervous.

The Truth Behind Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart's Breakup

The security surrounding Rob was quite overwhelming, it was definitely a VIP moment. Rob came into the room with a shy swagger, his hands in his pockets with a big smile and said a quiet "hi" to everyone.

how do meet robert pattinson

We all nervously said hi back and he went to stand in his pre-designated spot amongst the group. He stood in his place but he stood more in front of me so I was a bit hidden behind him.

I leant forward and jokingly said "don't hide me Rob". The photographer started taking some shots.

I also put my arm round his back. By the way, he smelt very nice too, freshly showered. After the photographs, the room was really quiet, but as I was standing closest to Rob he asked me if I was going to the premiere.

I said I had seen the movie already I saw a preview showing the week before and thought it was brilliant and that he was amazing in it.

how do meet robert pattinson