How life changes in a relationship

Imagine How Life-Changing This Relationship Could Be

how life changes in a relationship

How Sex Changes Over the Course of Your Relationship communicating openly about how you'd like your sex life to change is the first step. Maintaining a Healthy Relationship. Generally speaking, it is healthy and necessary for people to adapt to changing circumstances and life. While some declared that nothing beyond the practicalities changed, others weighed in on the good and bad that come with married life.

In fact, most of us watch more TV than we spend on tending to our love relationship. There are some small but very significant adjustments and mind shifts a motivated couple can make in their relationship resulting in a stronger, happier connection — which spills over into all areas of their lives. Here are 3 adjustments you can make.

how life changes in a relationship

Place the relationship as the top life priority The couple makes a commitment to themselves and one another that the integrity of their relationship is the top priority in their lives.

It is the centerpiece of everything and must come before work, hobbies, money, family, and self-interest. This commitment should be reinforced daily, as it is so easy to slip into mindless routines at the expense of the relationship.

When One Person Changes in a Relationship

The commitment requires the couple to spend enough time actively working on the relationship to keep it at a peak level. Quality and quantity time together keeps the relationship at the forefront of daily life.

how life changes in a relationship

They must actively stay connected, communicative, intimate, and playful. And they must commit to healing wounds and working through conflict in a healthy and open way.

how life changes in a relationship

More on that below. Practice kindness and mutual respect I have seen couples treat one another in the most unkind, humiliating, degrading, and belittling ways. Somehow kindness and respect get lost as the relationship matures. We let our guard down and take for granted the feelings and worthiness of our lover. When we lose touch with their feelings, we sink into unkindness and disrespect. Spiritual and personal growth counselor Vitae Bergman says this about kindness in marriage: All too often, in my practice as a spiritual counselor, I find couples have derailed their mutual respect in many subtle and not-so-subtle ways through their style of intimacy.

They mistakenly believe being married gives them license to get into each others head. This is what many of my clients think intimacy is about. With this style of intimacy, we project on to our spouse all the demoralizing, self-inflicting wounds we give to ourselves.

Whatever baggage we carry, we thrust upon our partner. Imagine if we spoke to our boss, friend, or teacher the way we speak to our spouse or partner.

5 Ways Your Life Completely Changes Once You're In A Relationship

We must put our beloved on a pedestal of kindness and respect. We should treat them and speak to them in the most loving way possible, as they are the most important person in our life.

Simple courtesy, civility, and deference open the door for deeper intimacy and emotional safety. Learn mature conflict resolution This is where you find the greatest opportunity for personal growth. Relationship conflict often has more to do with the issues and insecurities of the individuals rather than the apparent source of the conflict.

Initially we are attracted to people who reflect qualities we wish we possessed. But over time, those differences appear threatening to us and reveal our own self-doubts.

So we attempt to change the other person in order to make ourselves okay. Shining clarity on these deeper reasons allows you to resolve the core issue and can actually strengthen the bond between the couple. This requires vulnerability and open communication between both people. Of course, many other conflicts are situational or stress-related, but regardless of the cause of the conflict, learning and practicing the skills to resolve conflict in mature and healthy ways are part of the commitment you must make to the integrity of your relationship.

Here's a great article on mature and healthy conflict resolution. Of course one caveat is that both partners must be on board and motivated to take these steps.

This path may feel scary at times, but when such a person has committed to the change process, their partner or significant other may not fully be aware of how their loved one has changed and how it may impact their relationship. Individual counseling can also help to identify the issues you are having in your relationship, but if you are both proactive about opening up and being honest then couples therapy will yield the most benefit.

Relationship: First Month Vs. Year Later

This occurs most particularly when their role as protector, defender or enabler becomes undermined through the change in their partner.

As one partner changes through the therapeutic process, the balance of power can shift one of two ways; Equality, equilibrium, mutual recognition, understanding and respect come to define this modified relationship; or one partner accommodates to this new arrangement while the other partner finds it difficult or is unwilling to make a corresponding, complimentary change that recognizes the needs of the other. Maintaining a Healthy Relationship Generally speaking, it is healthy and necessary for people to adapt to changing circumstances and life events.

how life changes in a relationship

So, too, it is expected that relationships will change over time. Partners may find themselves on different paths or life journeys. While this is not a necessary end-all-be-all to a relationship, it can surely strain the chemistry between a couple. The first thing you might want to consider is acknowledging these changes.

how life changes in a relationship

Failure to be open and honest with your partner may only lead to a breakdown of the relationship. Perhaps you truly want out of the relationship and are fearful of confronting this fact. If this is the case, your complacency and lack of openness will passively move you towards what you truly want — dissolution of your relationship.

To do otherwise, is sabotage of your relationship.