How to be strong and independent in a relationship

8 Ways to Be Emotionally Strong in Your Relationships

how to be strong and independent in a relationship

But even if the both of you hang out all the time, it's important to be independent in a romantic relationship, too. Being in a relationship doesn't. I think one of the reasons I'm such a commitment-phobe is I'm afraid I'd lose myself in a relationship. We all know at least one couple that. 8 Ways to Be Emotionally Strong in Your Relationships We are not emotionally independent, and so we do “needy” things that hurt our.

Your unusual quirks and the weird things that made you tick sparked something in his or her heart. Completely changing ourselves and who we are to be more like our partners can end up ruining our relationships, because the parts of us that they liked are no longer there. First, you have to be ready and willing to do so. Sumber offers a very simple way to determine this. Do I still enjoy spending time by myself? Find a time when you and your partner are relaxed and able to listen, and explain to him or her as clearly as possible that you feel you might be losing yourself because of the relationship.

Make sure to frame your words in a way that expresses your concern while keeping your S. Communication is at the heart of every healthy relationship.

If they are not willing to support you, or to even have this conversation, then it may be time to reconsider whether this relationship is the right thing for you.

Are there any times during the day when you and your partner are not in contact? If so, do something you enjoy for yourself. Do something to take your mind off your partner.

how to be strong and independent in a relationship

Look inside — meditate. Notice your thoughts as they come up. Get to know your mind. See how fascinating it is, as you jump from one thought to the next. This in itself is an infinite source of entertainment and learning. Create something — come up with ideas for building something from the ground up and then do it — a poem, a painting, a song, an action plan, a business, etc.

Curiosity is a boundless source of happiness for most people. Deepen your knowledgebase on topics you enjoy.

how to be strong and independent in a relationship

Talk yourself through your own problems. If you are lonely or hurt, comfort yourself. If you find yourself blaming others, tell yourself that the other person is never the problem. Of course, you can choose to believe the other person is the problem, but then you are dependent on them for a solution. If you find yourself complaining, instead find a way to be grateful. If you find yourself being needy, instead find a way to give. If you find yourself wanting someone to help you, help yourself.

You create your own source of built-in happiness and validation, and then you walk around as a whole, happy human being, needing nothing more. Come from this place of wholeness, of emotional strength and independence, and then love others. Your turn… Which point in this post resonated the most with you? They cling onto their significant others and expect to do everything or almost everything together. While this may seem adorable, it leads to a host of relationship struggles.

How to Stay Independent While in a Relationship

Often one person will start to feel smothered and then distance themselves. How to build a balanced, independent relationship Set your expectations for independence from the start. The sooner you understand and express your own needs, the better.

Too many people make the mistake of trying to avoid any potential conflict early in a relationship. Then months or years down the line, they want to start investing in themselves.

They are now fighting against the conventions set in the relationship. You have to want that same freedom for your significant other. More than that, you should be supportive and encouraging of it. Tell your partner to have a night out with their friends.

Buy them tickets to take a friend to the theater or a concert. Give them the foundation to be self-reliant when necessary.

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Listen, sometimes you just take one for the team and join your partner in an activity you may not love. You are two different people with individual tastes. You can connect with friends, family members, and new people with similar interests. A lot of men do this with women so they seem like the perfect guy. Women want leaders who carve their own path in life. They want strong men who know what they want and are unashamed of it. Push each other to discover new ventures and grow together.

Human nature is to seek fresh experiences and grow from them. We like variety, different challenges, and new knowledge.

How to keep a LONG & STRONG relationship

There are unlimited events, activities, hobbies and classes to enjoy. Understand when to compromise and when not to. We all know that compromise can play a crucial role in any relationship. If everyone just did whatever they wanted, it would be like Mad Max out here. For example, say your friend invites you to a football game. For one night, you want to enjoy the game with friends and let loose — maybe with a few beers.