How to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship

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how to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship

Aug 15, Erectile dysfunction can have a serious effect on a relationship. Here's how to approach the challenge of a partner struggling with ED. How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction in a Relationship. Erectile dysfunction (ED) can impact a couple in ways that are uncomfortable, embarrassing, and difficult. While dealing with erectile dysfunction in a relationship may seem difficult, these simple approaches can help prevent it from wreaking havoc on your love life.

how to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship

If a couple handles this disorder in a certain way, however, it can be overcome, and it does not inflict lasting damage on the relationship. Blame, Guilt, and Anger Erectile dysfunction does more than simply remove a sexual activity from a partnership. It can have significant psychological effects on women.

That is, a man will sometimes blame his erectile difficulties on his significant other — sometimes in indirect ways. For instance, a man might say something like the following: A woman might even begin to wonder if her partner now finds others more attractive than her. As a result, women under these circumstances frequently have feelings of guilt and low self-esteem. Bitterness and resentment — even outright anger — might persist as well. Both partners could start acting coldly and curtly to one another on a routine basis.

Eventually, the woman might initiate an affair with another man, or one person might decide to end the romance. Treatment In some cases of ED, romantic partners opt to continue the relationship and to resign themselves to the situation, thus depriving themselves of sexual intimacy over the long haul.

Occasionally, couples will avoid mentioning the problem altogether; they might try to deny to themselves that the difficulty even exists. Fortunately, however, there are a number of effective ways of dealing with erectile dysfunction. If your partner belongs to the last two groups, then you have more serious problems in your relationship than erectile dysfunction.

3 Simple Approaches To Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction In A Relationship

One way to ask for support is to make a plan to see a doctor together and find out what treatment options are available for you. The more involved your partner is in the process, the more empowered she will feel about being part of the solution. If your doctor prescribes lifestyle changes, work out a way for you and your partner to participate in the changes together.

how to deal with erectile dysfunction in a relationship

There are even simple dietary changes you can make to significantly improve erectile dysfunction. Doing these changes with someone you love and trust makes it that much easier for you to follow through with them.

3 Ways to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction in a Relationship

Gather literature on erectile dysfunction and read these with your partner. The more you both understand the condition, the easier it is to accept the problem as something that is purely physiological and completely removed from emotion. The key at this stage is to cultivate a support system with your partner that is based on gentleness, understanding, and honesty while being strengthened by information.

Discuss Your Sex Life You might think discussing your sex life is pointless because there is obviously a problem in the intimacy department.

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Experts encourage couples dealing with erectile dysfunction to actually expand their understanding of sex by seeing it as more than just intercourse. That is, you can still be intimate with your partner and even reach orgasm without an erection. Held, suggests couples focus on the intimate moment and connect with each other emotionally instead of fixating on the penis. By removing focus from the penis, couples remove the pressure of intercourse and instead concentrate on giving and receiving pleasure.

Instead of focusing so much on getting an erection, they instead devoted their time to foreplay. They petted, kissed, and touched each other for hours.