How to fake being happy in a relationship

How to Look and Act Happy when You Don't Feel It: 10 Steps

how to fake being happy in a relationship

If you've just broken your leg, you don't need to pretend to be happy. You are in . You might be depending on relationships to make you happy. You need to be . Aug 6, When was the last time you scrutinized your relationship? Are you actually happy with how it's going or are you just keeping up with it for the. While no one really aspires to be fake, Macy Matarazzo found a way to flip this word on its head. Here are three powerful ways you can use any of these big happy love Experience your ideal relationship in way that you feel full of love.

They just need to listen.

10 signs you're not as happy in your relationship as you pretend to be

Find something to laugh at Whether it's your favorite comedy show, funny YouTube videos or hanging out with a friend who always has you in stitches, laughing is the best therapy for some. When you're feeling sad, upset or overwhelmed, it can be so hard to clear your mind of those negative thoughts so try and find something to completely take your mind off it.

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Think of a funny story or event that has happened in the past and make that your go-to happy place. Create a Happy Playlist You know there are some songs that just uplift you, make you smile or make you want to dance on the spot?

Well why not pull them all together into a 'happy playlist' so you have an instant happy soundtrack to play whenever you need to feel better! If music isn't your thing, consider meditation. I meditate often and the process of focusing on my breathing really calms my mind. Whilst we're on the subject of music, crank up that happy playlist and sing along at the top of your lungs! For me, this is in the shower, doing household chores or on a rare trip to a karaoke booth!

how to fake being happy in a relationship

Singing is such therapy and you don't need to be any good at it to feel the benefits. So pick up your hairbrush and sing, sing, sing! Make someone else happy Although it's sometimes hard to stop focusing on whatever is making you feel down, try and think of a way to cheer up a friend who might also be going through a tough time.

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Give them a call to see how they're doing or pop round with their favorite treats. Or create a Happy Playlist just for them! Doing lovely things for others is often a great way to start feeling better about ourselves and in turn, feel much happier.

All of the above have helped me feel happy when I've been at my absolute lowest.

how to fake being happy in a relationship

I was so aware in the beginning that I was forcing myself at times to put a smile on when I wanted to cry. Then one day, I realized I just wasn't pretending any more and I was genuinely happy.

how to fake being happy in a relationship

The best self is actually the self we should be presenting to our spouses most of the time. The question, of course, is how to do this. How do we routinely step up for our loved ones — the people who most deserve it? I was on a strict writing schedule to complete the first draft of a long-overdue novel.

how to fake being happy in a relationship

And because I am a freelancer, I had taken on a few other writing jobs to help pay the mortgage and child care costs, even though I was also breastfeeding around the clock.

Exhausted and stretched to my very limit, I realized my baby — whom I loved so terribly that it felt like prodding a fresh bruise — had absolutely zero interest in how busy and stressed out I was. All he knew was that he needed me, and it was up to me to decide how to respond. In the absence of feeling like a confident mother, I simply pretended to be one. I smiled and cooed and cuddled and bathed and fed my son when what I wanted to do most was collapse face first into bed and cry myself into 20 hours of unbroken oblivion.

5 Ways To Fake Being Happy

I faked it hard and I faked it well. And the more I did, the more honest I felt. By caring for him, and by effectively sublimating my own wants and needs, I was becoming a better version of myself. I was changing into the person I wanted to be, simply by pretending to be her.

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As this was going on, I was writing a novel with a parallel story. A Better Man follows the early mid-life crisis of Nick Wakefield, an unhappily married workaholic who wants out of his decade-long marriage. On the advice of his lawyer and in order to ensure a better divorce settlement, Nick pretends to be the perfect husband for six months.

how to fake being happy in a relationship