How to get someone back in a long distance relationship

how to get someone back in a long distance relationship

When you're in a long distance relationship, you don't really have a lot of control over If you're going to be successful at getting her back, your focus needs to be on how you're .. She's looking at you as someone who she wants in her life. Looking back, I should have known the signs my long-distance relationship wouldn't last were the same ones that meant we would never make it long term. Someone had to do something, so I decided to move back to. Getting an ex back who you had a long distance relationship is even harder. Today, I am If I am dating someone I want to be able to see them IN PERSON.

If this sounds like your situation then this page can pretty much help you out a lot! In this type of relationship the two of you have never met on person, you have only ever met online. I mean, come on, you have never even met your so called significant other in person.

how to get someone back in a long distance relationship

Well, I suppose I should never say never but I am generally not a fan of them for one specific reason. In fact, some people can thrive on them. One of my best friends dated his girlfriend long distance for two years and they are still together today. So, it is possible to have a happy ending. Anyways, back to the point. If you are here it is most likely because you and your ex had a long distance relationship but you are now broken up.

Whatever the reasons may be for the breakup the two of you are not together anymore. Look, no one is blaming you. Nevertheless, you are here because you want your ex back and you are willing to do whatever it takes. I thought it might be a good idea to figure out what makes a successful long distance relationship so you know what you need to do the second time around assuming you are able to get your boyfriend back.

For more in-depth information on getting a long distance ex boyfriend back please visit this page.

The Complete Guide To Getting An Ex Boyfriend Back In A Long Distance Relationship

I remember staying up so late at night and literally talking until a girl would fall asleep on the phone with me. Every successful long distance relationship has this type of element to it. A tireless ability to talk on the phone for hours. Of course, couples in long distance relationships take things a step further by actually doing things together on the phone.

Watching a favorite television show together.

how to get someone back in a long distance relationship

Playing a board game together. Another quality that successful LDR couples have is that they talk every single day. Now, there is a difference between stalking and communicating. There has to be some trust involved or else your whole relationship will fall apart. Technological Face Time We live in a world of electronics and smart phones.

I mean, for god sakes there is an entire section of this website dedicated solely to texting. For a couple separated by distance it is imperative that you take advantage of such electronic inventions. We have already established that successful couples are always communicating with each other via a phone.

Ah, but there is a problem with a phone. While you can hear the person talking on it, it is impossible to see their face. You can communicate with someone face to face over the phone. Actually, the first time I heard about Skype was from a buddy of mine who was dating a girl that had left for college across the country. I remember him telling me that they skyped every single day and it had helped a lot to maintain the closeness that both of them were so vigorously craving.

How To Get Your Long Distance Relationship Ex Girlfriend Back- The Ultimate Guide

No relationship can survive if the two people never see each other. So, that leaves you in a really bad spot when you first embark on a long distance relationship. I mean, what are you supposed to do? My friend who I have mentioned a couple of times already on this page already is one of the few people I know who has made a long distance relationship work.

Let me give you his statistics. He has been dating his girlfriend for about five years two of which were long distance. When I asked him how he did it, how he could bear being away from his girlfriend that long he muttered two simple words. I have no statistics to back up the claim I am about to make but I think women can go without sex longer than men can.

I am not going to lie to you, most long distance relationships I have dealt with fall apart because they require an extreme amount of patience and dedication. I wanted to put this section on this page for one simple reason, I want YOU to know if you are cut out for a long distance relationship.

At least you have learned something about yourself. You have experience emailing, texting and calling on the phone multiple times a day.

You are a phone sex goddess. You are not a constant emailer or texter. You are very impulsive. You are not a fan of traveling. When you talk you use a lot of body language to get your points across. What I am about to say is really important so I want to make sure that you are listening because I am about to give you the key to knowing if a LDR with your ex boyfriend could possibly work if you get back together.

How To Get A Long Distance Relationship Ex Boyfriend Back

Take a look at the two lists I created above. Essentially I gave you the qualities that you need to have in order to be willing to have a LDR.

Now, I know you read those lists and immediately thought to yourself: In case I missed something I think that a relationship involves two people. The Headwind You Have To Face In A LDR While you are figuring out that little nugget of knowledge I gave you in the section above lets talk about some of the things you have working against you in a long distance relationship.

You see, in order to get your ex boyfriend back if there is a considerable amount of distance separating you right now it is important to discuss all of the things that you have to overcome. Just a word of warning, this section may be a little depressing. For now though, lets talk negatives. Billy and Sally love each other. They live about 30 minutes from one another but spend time every single day together. They text, call and do all the things that are supposed to happen in a normal relationship A long distance relationship probably goes like this: George and Jeanie love each other.

They are separated by two states. They do their best to call each other every day but their schedules are so busy that they sometimes forget to.

Make no mistake about it, being able to see someone you care about in person is a distinct advantage that regular relationships have over long distance ones. No doubt about it this is some serious headwind that you are going to have to figure out a way to overcome.

I like the nervous feeling I get before I take a girl out for the first time. I like it all and I am not alone in this. While some guys will say they hate dating I think most of us enjoy them a lot more than we let on. When you are in a long distance relationship there are no more dates. Sure, maybe once a month one of you comes to see the other person. However, I am talking about the every week dates that happen when you are dating someone.

Billy and Sally are in a long distance relationship. For three straight months they have been an unbearable distance away from each other. Oh, but I am not only talking about birthdays here. These are all very important bonding moments in a relationships life and you could be missing out on them. Headwind 6- The Commute Lets fast forward for a minute and pretend that you and your ex boyfriend got back together. You implemented the steps on this page and are reunited.

Well, in order to keep your relationship alive you have agreed that you will commute to see each other more in person. There is just one problem, you are having trouble agreeing on who should commute to who. If handled incorrectly this negotiation for the commuted could cause a strain in your relationship.

Headwind 7- Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind I saved this one for last for a reason, because it is the number one killer of long distance relationships. Women tend to cheat for emotional reasons. Men on the other hand cheat because they get horny. I know it is a sad thing to hear but it is true. These dry spells will make that man horny and he will be more likely to cheat because of that.

You clearly want him back but are completely unsure on how to approach things because there is a great distance separating you. Not to mention all of the headwind I talked about above. So, what are you supposed to do? In my experience there are really only two ways things can go now.

You can beg to be taken back essentially turning into a text or phone gnat annoying your ex. You can implement a no contact rule and work on evolving while the dust settles from the breakup fallout. Admittedly, it will be more effective if you and your ex were used to talking to each other every single day. Now, before I get into the nitty gritty lets talk a little about what the NC rule is. The No Contact Rule — A set period of time where you will not text, call, email, facebook, google plus, snap chat, skype or talk to your ex in any way shape or form.

In your case I am going to recommend that you do a NC rule for 30 days. That means that you have to stay in NC for an entire month without any slip ups. If you do slip up and talk to your ex then you are going to have to start over from day 1 again.

One of my visitors was reading through the site and found solace in a paragraph on one of the pages. The paragraph was all about the guys perspective during the NC rule. Essentially describing why the NC rule can be so effective. Since that person emailed me wanting to know more about the guys perspective during the NC rule I figured everyone would so I wanted to put this section in. IF the no contact rule is implemented correctly and works here is what will happen in a guys mind: She was supposed to talk to me by now.

Your ex boyfriend will send out a text message checking up on you. He will call you, which you will of course ignore. He will send out another text which you will ignore again. You send out your first text to him and he literally runs around like a little girl filled with excitement. They think if they try out a 30 day no contact rule that all of their problems are over. After the thirty days their ex will just come running back into their arms.

While a part of the NC rule is for your ex a big part of it is for you. What you do during the 30 days is essential to getting your ex back. Now, people in long distance relationships have a pretty good advantage over normal relationships when it comes to this section. Usually, with a normal relationship I recommend that women evolve during the 30 days into basically the hottest version of themselves that ever existed.

That means, women in normal relationships have 30 days before they potentially could see their ex in person. While a lot can happen over the month I am not entirely sold on a life changing transformation happening in that amount of time. Where you have the advantage is the fact that it could be months before you even get to see your ex. While you may look at that fact and frown I tend to take the opposite approach.

The fact that it could be months before you see your ex in person just means that you have more time to prepare, more time to knock his socks off when he sees you.

Women who understand this tend to do really well when it comes to getting an ex back. If you are an avid reader of this site then you will find the next phrase I am about to say all too familiar.

Men want the unattainable. Here is your main problem. I will never forget the time when I was a little boy and went with my dad to watch him negotiate for a car at a car dealership. The thing about my dad is that he is always prepared when it comes to these types of things. He did a lot of research and had what he thought was a fair price in mind. So, when the time came to haggle over the price the car salesman and my dad went back and forth. So, my dad did what you are supposed to do in these circumstances.

That little tactic just won my dad the negotiation as he got his price. In this section I am going to give a pretty in-depth game plan that you should follow when talking to an ex who you were in a long distance relationship with.

You are about to find out that the rules are just a little bit different when it comes to contacting an ex in a long distance relationship. This means that your LDR ended in the first way, with a breakup. What we have here when we compare your LDR to mine are two long distance relationships that both ended but ended in very different ways. So, what is it that I did differently? Did I give more love than you? No… though I am pretty good at that.

Did I make my woman more interested in me than yours was in you? Probably… but you could have done that too if you did what I did. What probably separated my experience from yours was the fact that I went into my LDR with a plan.

In fact, we despised them so much that we formulated a plan to get rid of the distance as soon as possible. It took five months to see that plan through but we did and as a result we had a successful LDR. Ok, lets take a look at this list. Hey, no judging from me. I have been there so I know exactly how you feel.

I want you to imagine a scenario for a second.

How to Get A Long Distance Ex back?

Lets say that you are still dating your ex girlfriend and are still in a long distance relationship with her. Now, a little jealousy here and there is ok but really what matters is how you handle the jealousy. There are really two ways to approach this situation. FYI most guys are guilty of this.

Of course, then there is the second way. Your girlfriend is really struggling without you and having just a friendly lunch with an old friend makes her feel a little bit better about everything. Its a small distraction from missing you, a distraction she deserves. Being mature about unfair situations often is… You Have To Have Patience Above I said that if you want your long distance relationship to work you need to formulate a plan in which the two of you will end up together permanently.

Assuming you have done that then that means you are going to have to be patient until the time comes for that plan to come to fruition. Being patient during that time is extremely hard… Trust me… I told you that I was in an LDR for five months we are rounding up remember?

Well, when I think back to that time the thing I remember most about it was the loneliness and the impatience I felt. My then girlfriend and I had worked out a deal where we would see each other once every single month until we moved in together.

Well, I can remember very clearly that all I would have to look forward to were those little meet ups once a month. They kept me going and really helped with my impatience. Speaking of meet ups. Do you have any idea of what those two things are? Time Money I want you to imagine two scenarios for a second. Scenario 1- You and your girlfriend are both 18 years old, in high school and she has just moved two states away. Lack of Time Do you see where I am going with this? Lets tackle scenario one first.

Scenario One I have some bad news for the younger high school readers here who are in a long distance relationship. On average you should probably be seeing your significant other at least once a month. If your significant other has moved a couple of states away then that means in order to see her your designated one time a month you have two options, Drive to see her Fly to see her Lets work out the logistics of each of these things.

Driving to see her might prove to be a costly endeavor when you include gas. But that is not whats really going to kill you financially in the end. Really for a LDR to work out you have to find a more permanent solution and that usually requires someone to move to the other person. Lets say that you and your girlfriend talk it over and the both of you decide that you should be the one to move to her.

My point with this scenario was simple. If you truly want your long distance relationship to succeed then you have to have money. Lets look at scenario two. Scenario Two In case you have forgotten scenario two consists of both you and your girlfriend being around 30 years old, in a long distance relationship and you both have established jobs but not a lot of time. Throughout my years I have found one correlation to be unfortunately true.

If you have a well paying job then you probably have to work a lot of hours I am from the U. Above I established that if you are in a long distance relationship then you should at least be seeing your significant other once a month. Well, if you work a lot then you are going to have to dip into your vacation days in order to make this possible but then you get into the fact that you only have a certain amount of vacation days to dip into.