How to have a good relationship with your doctor

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how to have a good relationship with your doctor

Learn more about building a relationship with your doctor today! In fact, “ adherence rates have been found to be nearly three times higher in . than one possible diagnosis, ask your doctor what the best course of action is. When trying to find the right doctor, use these tips to create a good relationship and make sure they are a right fit for what you need. She may have had a good relationship with her doctor for a period of time, but something happened to make her doctor subsequently balk at.

It seems like doctors have less time than ever before, and it can be hard to get them to pay close attention. And if your physician can't get to every question on your list in person, ask to schedule a follow-up phone call.

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Truth is, the majority of doctors really do enjoy getting to know their patients and helping them to get the best possible health outcomes. And engaged patients who ask the right questions and share the most pertinent information about their own medical data are a doctor's best partner. So take the time to forge a strong relationship with a PCP who you trust to help you achieve your wellness goals.

It may become one of the most important partnerships—with lifelong benefits—that you take part in. Trying to Find a Primary Care Doctor? In 15 minutes, you'll have the tools you need. Use your first visit as a test. For example, a doctor may strongly encourage the use of a particular medication that has side effects a patient considers unacceptable. Or, because of religious beliefs, a patient may refuse a blood transfusion that could improve or prolong their life.

The Importance of Healthy Doctor-Patient Relationships

As a patient, your doctor is ethically obligated to consider your wishes about your healthcare. One or two lawsuits may not be cause for panic, but, if the physician or hospital has a history of lawsuits, this is a problem sign. Board certification through the American Board of Physician Specialties ABPS means the physician has earned a four-year medical degree from a qualified medical school, is licensed to practice medicine by a state medical board, has completed an accredited residency program of at least years, has passed exams administered by the ABPS, and participates in continuing education.

In particular, ask about drug reps and medical device manufacturers—who often influence doctors and physician practices to use particular drugs, often by wooing them with catered lunches and other perks.

If your doctor sends you home with a bag of drug samples, this is a telling sign. Most clinics, hospitals, and medical practices have transitioned or are in the process of transitioning to electronic health records EHR systems, which help your doctor track your medical history and exchange information with specialists, among other functions.

Many of these systems also feature secure patient portals, through which patients can book and track doctor appointments, view medical records and lab results, send messages to their doctors, and request prescription refills.

Why I Love My Doctor

While there are drawbacks to EHR systems a common complaint is reduced face-time with doctorsthese systems also have their advantages.

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Please select a newsletter We respect your privacy. Ask your doctor how electronic health records could help you monitor your health. If you become sick in the middle of the night, you might wake up your spouse, or even let work know you won't be coming in the next day.

how to have a good relationship with your doctor

But some people — at least, those with particularly good relationships with their doctors — might send a quick email over to their physician to let them know what's going on.

This sort of interaction may be part of the reason why patients who have good relationships with their doctors tend to have better health outcomes, as a new study found.

Logically this makes sense, as people who get along with their doctors are more likely to go and see them, be honest with them, and listen to their advice.

The research, conducted by doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital and published in PLOS One, analyzed 13 randomized control trials, in which doctors underwent training to improve how they interacted with patients.

If the doctor-patient relationship improved, the patient's health also improvedfor example, by increased weight loss or lower blood pressure.

how to have a good relationship with your doctor

In fact, the researchers said the overall improvement seen across the 13 studies was equivalent to to the added boost that taking aspirin daily has on your risk of having a heart attack.