How to keep passion alive in long distance relationship

10 Ways To Keep The Butterflies Alive In A Long Distance Relationship | Thought Catalog

how to keep passion alive in long distance relationship

9 Ways To Maintain A Long-Distance Relationship & Keep The Spark Alive When You're Apart. BySydnee Lyons. Apr 26 It might surprise you to learn that around 3 million Americans are currently in long distance relationships. Keeping a relationship going when. No matter what way you slice it, long-distance couples have it the worst. it's extremely difficult for two people to keep that burning passion going By September , things were "official," and despite the distance, their relationship is long-distance couples do to keep sparks like Jeff and Gina's alive?.

If you start worrying excessively, things might turn for the worse.

How To Maintain A Long Distance Relationship | American Dating Society

In a long distance relationship paranoia can soon set in if you are a person who tends to worry. However, paranoia is never good and will only bring out the worst in you. Acting paranoid too often and questioning your boyfriend unnecessarily will cause you to look needy and only push your boyfriend further away from you. If you do genuinely have concerns then voice them to your partner in a calm way without any emotion involved. Even little things can trigger anxiety.

Missing one phone call for example should not spell doom for your relationship, and therefore, you should not worry about it too much. When you are together, make every moment count and only let him see your good side. Give him as many reasons to love being with you and look forward to your next meeting as possible.

how to keep passion alive in long distance relationship

However, the time will come when you will inevitably be apart, so do your best to fill your life with fun things you love to do alone and with friends. Having lots of fun things to occupy yourself with will help to take your mind off of him while you guys are apart.

Furthermore, if you are constantly doing things you love, you will likely be a far happier person, which will reflect on your boyfriend when you speak to him. Studies have shown that happy and up-beat people are far more attractive to their partners. Be Understanding The good thing about being in a long distance relationship, is there are few chances of engaging in arguments and disagreements.

how to keep passion alive in long distance relationship

However, you should try as much as possible to avoid unnecessary arguments. One thing to keep in mind is that long-distance relationships take longer to mature. Wherever possible, schedule dates where the two of you can meet up and spend some quality time together. Really make this time count. Plan exciting days out together when you do meet and of course, spend plenty of time being intimate together and connecting in that special way.

Developing an emotional bond with your boyfriend in a long distance relationship is not as straightforward as it would be with up-close and personal relationships.

Keeping The Passion Alive In Long Distance Relationships

Be patient, you can make this work if you both really want to. The key is for both of you to firstly agree that the relationship is worth it and then moving forward together. If you see yourself spending the rest of your life with your boyfriend then you may want discover how to get him to propose to you here. Many would argue that without this physicality a romantic relationship is nothing more than a friendship.

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However, true intimacy is far more than just physically being able to touch each other. There are two key things you need to consider when sending flirty text messages; timing and content.

3 Ways to Keep the Passion in a Long Distance Relationship

You message will provide a much needed energy and passion boost at this moment. In terms of content keep it light, funny, and full of sexual innuendos. Jealousy And Paranoia Texting is also your knight in shining armor to help you combat jealously.

Suddenly your partner is out living a life that you are not involved in. They probably have new friends, new interests and maybe picked up new hobbies. All of these things increase feelings of jealousy and paranoia. Feeling jealous when your partner is out and about having fun without you is a natural emotion. If you feel jealous, they probably feel jealous too!

While the emotion you feel is uncontrollable, your interpretation of this emotion and how you choose to act is under your control. So, before you lash out via text…Stop.

All serious issues should always be addressed face-to-face.

10 Ways To Keep The Butterflies Alive In A Long Distance Relationship

Pop Some Confidence In Your Relationship Instead of fighting by text, use texting to add a little dose of confidence and positive vibes to your relationship. Make some effort to include them in the occasion, e. Found a bar that serves the best cocktails ever.