How to make a kids meet the author page

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how to make a kids meet the author page

This is a good time to have students do a class on research skills and information Check our Author study resources page for many other sources of information. journals like The Reading Teacher, Language Arts or the Journal of Children's Literature. . Our PBS Shows · In the Classroom · Meet the Experts · Webcasts. How To Write An About The Author Page For Kids - Vision specialist .. Meet the Author- use when we do "Treasures" /author study unit! 1st Grade WritingFirst. Page McBrier is the author of 46 picture and chapter books for young readers. Behind the Book: How did you initially get involved with Behind the Book Kids tend to develop an ear for language when they read that much.

The second version of the site lasted for quite a few years and was built around a core of WordPress for the news section with a patchwork of other scripts running other areas of the site, we had the photo gallery running on one application and the forums running on Simple Machines.

Conversations about a redesign has been going on for quite sometime and in late I went to London and met with Anthony to discuss how we would overhaul the site entirely. For me there was only one solution in terms of a content management system and that was Expression Engine. All of the disparate parts of the old site all of the separate functions could now be managed with one application. All content is controlled by the CMS including the forum so we no longer have multiple logins and there are powerful membership capabilities.

The image galleries are managed via Flickr. All book cover images are pulled directly from the Amazon api so are automatically updated even when the publisher changes the cover and we can easily accommodate both UK and US versions of the cover art. Anthony uses Twitter regularly so having an embedded Twitter feed throughout the site was a given. From a content point of view the main challenge was in accommodating the volume of work that Anthony has produced over the years.

The books section was then subcategorised so that readers could find all books by series. As the site is very popular we ensured that the hosting infrastructure can cope with high levels of traffic. Less is more — this is especially true wherever color is concerned.

Click To Tweet 9. Make your website a "place to be" The best way to keep people coming back to your site is to offer them something of value.

how to make a kids meet the author page

If you can offer a little something extra other than details about you and your book, you are more likely to build an online presence and to become a resource people come back to.

Offer a little something extra. Giving your readers a reason to visit your site beyond the promotion of your book is likely to create loyal customers. New for Mo Jackson plays football--winner of the Dr. Mo Jackson plays soccer. Text entered here will wrap around the left or right-aligned image. New for Don't Throw It to Mo!.

how to make a kids meet the author page

AuthorRicks, Sam Illustrator May The youngest kid on his football team, little Mo watches most of their games from the bench.

While beginning readers may not be playing organized football, they can still dream about it.

how to make a kids meet the author page

Laid out in simple words, large type, and wide-spaced lines, the text is illustrated with colorful, jaunty line-and-wash illustrations that portray the diverse characters with energy and style.

The simply told story features an appealing underdog with enough skill to catch the ball and enough humility to give his coach some credit. Fortunately for young sports fans, this one is a winner. He participates in a neighborhood football team in which most of the kids are older, but Mo practices every day and keeps coach Steve company on the bench cheering for his team.

One day, things change for Mo; coach Steve puts him in the game. Then one special play saves the game, and Mo wins it for his team. This beginning reader is well designed with bold colors and cartoon illustrations to provide new readers with context clues that support the story. Simple sentences and in-depth plot support key details providing material for strong comprehension to support fluency. Wheels, Levers, and Pulleys. AuthorRaff, Anna Illustrator May What do a slide, a flagpole, and a tricycle have in common?

They illustrate principles of physics relating to simple machines: The emphasis in each description is that simple machines make work easier. An inclined plane can be a simple ramp, a winding road leading to the mountain top, or a screw. The wheel and axle of a tricycle is shown next to the more complex Ferris wheel. Children will be drawn to the depictions of the machines in familiar situations such as turning on a water faucet or playing on a seesaw. The charming illustrations, featuring children, adults, and even a cat, enhance the impact of the message by depicting a small community going about their lives and using simple machines to make work easier.

May 1, Prices!

Meet the Author: Page McBrier

Why They Go Up and Down. AuthorMiller, Edward Illustrator May Adler and Miller, known for their math-related picture books for kids, now present the laws of supply and demand. His initial outlay for equipment represents his fixed costs. His supplies and ingredients are his variable costs.

Each day, he adjusts his price according to the supply of lemonade a rival stand increases supply and the demand for it a hot day increases demand.

David A. Adler

Adler lays out the four laws of supply and demand in a logical, methodical way, while Miller brightens the pages with vibrant, stylized digital illustrations. One or two helpful diagrams appear on almost every double-page spread, showing how changes in the narrative can be expressed in terms of either revenue, variable costs, and variable profits, or supply, demand, and prices.

Kids cruising through the story may not absorb all the concepts, but those who are motivated to think through the basic economic principles will find the book useful and interesting. Young readers will easily see themselves in Danny and his compatriots.

BoxHewlett, NY Please include a stamped, self-addressed business-sized envelope 45c with all fan mail. Adler answers children's questions: How do you choose the subject for a biography?

I like to write about people I think are interesting. When I decide on a subject, I discuss it with my editor and she decides if she thinks it will be interesting to children as well.

If I find the person interesting, I love the research part and, by extension, the writing as well. How do you research a subject's life or the time they lived? I go to different sources depending on the person. One of my favorite sources are old encyclopedias. If I am writing about a person who lived years ago I get an encyclopedia from years ago. I have a encyclopedi and a encyclopedia.

I try to go to newspapers of the time. Do you use the Internet for any of your research? I try not to. I don't trust it. Have you ever found out something about one of your subjects that surprised you? I find as I do more research, there are some subjects I like more and more and some I like less. Should a biography always begin with when the subject was born? My earlier biographies did. The ones I am writing now often don't. Well, what I try to do is teach as much about the subject through incidents rather than through a listing of facts.

If I must list facts, the next paragraph will be an incident that is interesting, but is an example of one of the facts I just listed. Why did you choose to become an author? I love to write. How closely do you work with the illustrators of your biographies?

I don't work closely with them at all. Susana Natti has worked on most of the Cam Jansen books and I've never met her! I work on the manuscripts and send them to my editors. They send the manuscripts to the illustrators. While the illustrator is working on that book I'm working on the next one.

How did you get started with the Cam Jansen series? I just wrote the first one and sent it to a publisher and they said they wanted to do a whole series. Does it make sense? Was anything left out? Did you repeat any words too often? Did you make interesting word choices?

how to make a kids meet the author page

Do you have any interesting or unique hobbies? Growing up, my parents took in a lot of kids foster, adopted and older kids. All of us were close to the same age, so we often hung out together. We built a tree fort in the backyard. For a while we had a donkey as a pet, and we roamed around a nearby park quite a bit. My parents were unconventional. It was a little wild.

I have a worm-composting bin—I use it for author talks for The Chicken and the Worm. It looks like dirt. This is a hard question.

Scribe Guide to Writing Your Author Bio (And Why It Matters)

I always put heart and effort into all of my books. What authors inspire you and why? Many authors inspire me.

Jeff Kinney's Advice - How to Become an Author!

This past winter I read some of the Newbery Winners: I grew up reading E.