How to meet self actualization needs

How to Achieve Self Actualization: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

how to meet self actualization needs

Self-actualisation sits at the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, but how This is an important link, as we consistently see in Peakon data, that. People who have obtained self-actualization typically have some common qualities, including the ability to see life more clearly and to put others' needs before. But did you know that Maslow never put these needs in a pyramid? I believe I've read All of the needs below self-actualization are basic needs. Maslow also.

These individuals included Mahatma Gandhi, Viktor Frankl, and Albert Einstein, who "personify a reality of self-actualisation". Characteristics Common in Self-Actualized Individuals Self-actualization is the final stage in the linear growth of an individual. Maslow believed that in order to achieve this state of personal fulfilment, the person must first satisfy the preceding needs i. He contested that self-actualized individuals possess a number of characteristics that enable them to, first, satisfy the four initial categories of needs and, second, to contend with the dissonant relationship between free will i.

Below is a list of the characteristics possessed by self-actualized individuals as outlined by Maslow When we have an inaccurate view of ourselves or the outside world, there is a dissonant, unsettling and deleterious disparity between our internal self and the external world.

how to meet self actualization needs

Self-actualization is achieved by those who have the most accurate view of themselves and the world around them. Self-actualized individuals are not purely focused on internal gain; they appreciate the benefits of solving problems that affect others so as to improve the external world.

The desire to assist others is borne out of an internal sense of right and wrong, which is grounded in empathy. The self-actualized individual thinks and acts spontaneously, as a result of having an accurate self- and world-view. In spite of this spontaneity, these individuals tend to act and think within the accepted social norms and according to the expectations of others.

These individuals are also usually open in their interactions with others, yet unconventional in their interaction stylesspeech, and other aspects of behavior. While the self-actualized among us conform to societal norms and are often people-centered in their problem-solving, they often display the need for personal freedom and privacy.

These private times are spent testing their potential, both mentally i.

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Continued Freshness of Appreciation: This capacity allows these individuals to develop new problem-solving strategies, and it fosters creativity as a result.

These are experiences that display three core characteristics: These intense psychophysiological experiences include joy, wonder, awe, and ecstasy, and in self-actualized people they are thought to be more common. These peak experiences are thought to produce invigorating feelings such as inspiration, physical and mental vitality, and a renewed sense of perspective.

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Self-Actualization and Design This layer of human motivation represents the toughest nut to crack for designers. It would be fair to say no one product can provide us with an experience or series of experiences which allow us to achieve self-actualization. However, they can facilitate the realization of our true potential. Having stated this, here are four important steps to consider on your path to self-actualization: Stop measuring yourself against others.

Most of us have the tendency to measure our self-worth by comparing our accomplishments and abilities to those of the people around us.

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If you want to see how you're doing, the easiest way is to see how you measure up with your counterparts. It's the surest way to demonstrate how far along are you on the path to achieving success. If you're farther than others, you deem yourselves achievers. If you're not, you tend to stress and work on ways to improve. The problem is that self-actualization doesn't have anything to do with the people around you.

Notice the "self" part of the term. The only thing that matters is your progress, not the progress of others. If you hope to self-actualize -- or at least get on the path to self-actualization -- you must stop gauging yourselves against other people's accomplishments. Whether it's education or material things or even beauty standards, you cannot consider this as your standard.

You must not work from a standpoint of how you compare; rather, you must work from a standpoint of where you are personally and independently of everyone else. To achieve this step, you must be able to look in the mirror and say, "This is my portrait. This is who I am. This is my canvas. Only you can paint the picture of who you want to be. No one else is in control of your destiny.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Learn to accept yourself holistically. It's so easy to become dissatisfied with who you are and what you have accomplished. Oftentimes, when you look in the mirror, it actually serves to increase the negativity with which you think about yourself. You cannot fall into that trap. In order to self-actualize, you must accept your whole self -- your strengths and weaknesses -- and you must embrace them all. You cannot downplay your weaknesses or exaggerate your strengths if you hope to get anywhere in life.


If progress is to be made, you must operate first from truth. Understand that you are in control. No matter how much influence an external factor might have on the people around you, the self-actualized remain unaffected. This is because they know exactly who they are, and can therefore always adapt and adapt quickly.

Because they do not lie to themselves about their own identities, strengths, and weaknesses, they have an immediate and clear picture of the adjustments they need to make to render the external factor irrelevant.

Understand that the power you possess in terms of your outlook is absolutely astonishing. If you are realistic, honest, and above all, authentic, there is nothing you can't achieve.

how to meet self actualization needs

Those who self-actualize understand that the journey is never over.