How to meet the cast of walking dead 2015

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how to meet the cast of walking dead 2015

Here all of the new characters you'll meet on 'The Walking Dead' spin-off In anticipation of the series premiere on August 23, , let's get. The Walking Dead Season 8 Cast. Macsen Lintz is an actor, known for Project Almanac (), What to .. Actress | Meet the Spartans. "The Walking Dead" Conquer (TV Episode ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

how to meet the cast of walking dead 2015

The site's critical consensus reads: In summary, he said: Glenn's fake death in the third episode, " Thank You ", was a major source of controversy. The Hollywood Reporter heavily criticized the decision of the writers to create the story line.

Daniel Fienberg felt apathetic about the decision and said, "I'm not sure I care about [ If he's dead, the loss will be felt most by Maggie, but Maggie just had her sister die a few episodes ago, so there's no variation anymore to making Lauren Cohan wail, no matter how entirely convincingly she does it.

To me, The Walking Dead has lost whatever core of human relationships it ever had, and whether Glenn lives or dies, it just feels mechanical now. Gimple is dumb enough to fake this death somehow, not with how implausible it would be for Glenn to survive it. He said, "We've had instances of people in a very emotional state — Tyreese jumping into the middle of a large herd and fighting his way out; a man cut off his own hand and fights his way through a department store full of walkers.

These things are part of the world.

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Glenn had the bad luck of being knocked off that dumpster by Nicholas, ending his own life but [Glenn] had the good luck of Nicholas landing on him. There's a lot of very specific facts about it that I think a lot of people have sort of gotten wrong. But breaking it down shot for shot … I think we're past that point. I don't think this is any sort of new instance that broke the rules of our show at all.

I think it's very much in line with everything we've done before. I don't think there's a credibility issue. He declared season 6 "a mixed bag" and was frustrated with the decision to hold off Glenn's fate for 3 episodes. We got one good backstory, and then two episodes where almost nothing happened to anyone we cared about. We learned that Maggie was pregnant and that's about all. Despite his resentment of Dawn's leadership, Bob is distrusting of strangers.

Christopher Matthew Cook as Licari, a police officer and subordinate of Dawn's, who like Shepherd is aware of what she really is and knows how to work around her. Keisha Castle-Hughes as Joan, a survivor Beth encounters who'd been raped by the other cops at Grady and attempted to escape, only to have her arm bitten and forcibly amputated, despite her preference to die.

Cullen Moss as Gorman, an abusive and manipulative police officer, who "rescued" Beth in the previous season; he rapes the women at Grady and quickly comes to antagonize Beth. Alexandria Safe-Zone[ edit ] Ross Marquand as Aarona former NGO worker and now recruiter for the Alexandria Safe-Zone, who takes in Rick's group and forms a friendship with Daryl based on their both feeling like outsiders in their respective ways; Aaron's is attributable to his homosexuality.

Though she is confident Rick's group can help them survive, she is somewhat leery about their increasingly prominent roles in the community. Alexandra Breckenridge as Jessie Andersona former hairstylist, who lives in Alexandria with her sons, Ron and Sam, and husband, Pete. She helps Rick adjust to the community, and Rick quickly becomes attracted to Jessie, which seems mutual, and they share moments of flirtation.

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It's later revealed that Pete is abusing her, leading to a brutal conflict between him and Rick. Corey Brill as Pete Anderson, Alexandria's resident surgeon and Jessie's abusive husband; his actions culminate in a conflict between himself and Rick. Because Pete has saved lives, Deanna turns a blind eye to his abusive tendencies towards Jessie, just as Jessie remains unwilling to report or leave Pete; both women hope he'll get better. Jason Douglas as Tobin, the foreman of Alexandria's construction crew, who is willing to let some members of his crew die to preserve the lives of the others.

Steve Coulter as Reg Monroe, Deanna's husband and an architect; he built Alexandria's walls and, unlike Deanna, understands Rick's brutality and desires to keep everyone together believing it's the only way to rebuild civilization. Michael Traynor as Nicholas, a supply runner for Alexandria, whose cowardly nature has led to other people's getting killed; he forms a bitter grudge against Glenn.

Jordan Woods-Robinson as Eric Raleigh, a survivor, who lives in Alexandria, Aaron's boyfriend and former recruiting partner. He, like Aaron, is viewed as an outsider for his homosexuality. After Eric's leg injury Daryl replaces him as Aaron's recruiting partner. He is fully aware of his father's abusive tendencies towards his mother and desires a gun to protect her, much to Jessie's heartbreak.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Cast

Despite having an ego, he is more level headed than Aiden. He is in a relationship with Enid.

how to meet the cast of walking dead 2015

Daniel Bonjour as Aiden Monroe, Alexandria's chief supply runner, and Deanna and Reg's egotistical elder son; he quickly comes to odds with Glenn over the nature of how to handle supply runs. Katelyn Nacon as Enidan introverted teenager recruited to Alexandria eight months prior to the arrival of Rick's group; Carl has a crush on her, but she is dating Ron.

how to meet the cast of walking dead 2015

Ann Mahoney as Oliviaan Alexandria resident, who is in charge of the community's food and armory. Ted Huckabee as Bruce, a member of the construction crew, who looks up to Abraham. Dahlia Legault as Francine, a tough member of the construction crew, whom Tobin is willing to sacrifice, and thus she has a grudge against him.

Mandi Christine Kerr as Barbara, resident of Alexandria. Tiffany Morgan as Erin, resident of Alexandria, who befriends Carol. Susie Spear Purcell as Shelly Neudermeyer, resident of Alexandria, that has an obsessive eagerness for the machines to make pastas.

Miscellaneous[ edit ] Lennie James as Morgan Jonesthe first survivor Rick encountered, who had previously suffered mental problems following the loss of his son.

David Morrissey as The Governorthe unstable and maniacal deceased former leader of Woodbury, whose actions destroyed the prison in season 4, appears as a hallucination.

how to meet the cast of walking dead 2015

Benedict Samuel as Wolves Leader, the cold, greedy, uncaring leader of the Wolves, who kill people and take their supplies. They carve "W"s on people's foreheads and let them turn into walkers. Gimple revealed that "Owen" is one of possible names for the character. They appear in hallucinations. Robin Lord Taylor as Sam, an inexperienced yet positive minded survivor, whom Rick had previously encountered on a supply run but disappeared after his girlfriend Ana was killed by walkers.

Production[ edit ] The series was renewed for a fifth season on October 29, Gimple continued the role of showrunnera position he held since the fourth season. It was believed Marquand would be playing Aarona prominent character from the comic book series. The season finale aired in an expanded minute time slot.

Gimple remarked that the television series would be following its source material more than ever in the fifth season, with exceptions including original characters such as Daryl Dixonand deceased characters from the comics alive in the television series and vice versa.

how to meet the cast of walking dead 2015

What We Become", "Volume Fear the Hunters", "Volume Life Among Them", and "Volume Despite this, the scenario in which Rick Grimes chases down a man who betrayed the group's trust was a moment from the source material, albeit with a different character.