How to not be needy in a new relationship but still love

How to Save Yourself From Turning Needy with Someone New

how to not be needy in a new relationship but still love

4 Ways to Stop Being Needy and Start Being Confident. By YourTango When we really like someone, we want them to like us back. The most important part of dating is his ability to follow-up in between dates. Your job is. Do you get so excited about a new friendship or relationship that you bombard See Step 1 to learn how to find the source of your neediness and gain the Even if the person loves you, he or she is not going to want to be with you at every. There are some guys who would love to have a girl permanently by If you are naturally needy then you might need to work with a new The golden rule in the beginning of every relationship is to not drop everything for him. interfering with his nights out with the boys and even moves in to his house.

Guys want a girl who is successful, fun and enjoys doing her own thing. Making them feel as if you don't need them, but rather you want them, will keep it a sweeter deal for longer. He may not be there cuddling with you, holding your hand and watching Titanic, while you are sick, but he will make sure your medication is filled, you have a hearty meal and be there until you get well again.

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If he stands up for you and protects you, he is showing he cares and is in for the long haul. Take a step back, breathe and think - it's not how often we see each other but the quality of the time spent together when we do. Our days out look more fun, our selfies look pore perfect and friends mostly post about the good times and leave out the bad. Keep your hands off the keyboard and remind yourself Facebook is not reality.

How To Attract A Girl AFTER You Messed Up By Being "Needy"

They will already know exactly what year they will start a family, when they will buy their first home and how many holidays they will have with their partner over the next five years.

For the average laid-back guy, it can all be a bit too much. Over excessive goal setting can often lead to disappointment. Often we plan because the feeling of uncertainty makes us feel uncomfortable or anxious. We then fiercely protect our own vision of the future so these feelings fade away.

how to not be needy in a new relationship but still love

However, studies have shown those who plan with intensity tend to get it wrong. We fall into relationships that are more convenient than compatible, because instead of wanting to be with someone you feel like you need to be with someone.

Maria Popova, blogger and founder of Brain Pickings online, explained: If he enjoys watching basketball then you tell him you love it. If he listens to a certain musician then all of a sudden you are downloading every one of their songs.

Maryjane Kapteyn, who writes online under the pseudonym The Love Coach, explained: Instead, you become the filler gal: People tend to be clingy when they expect their partner to meet all of their emotional needs. Fill your need for conversation and companionship from more than one source, instead of waiting for your partner to come and rescue you from feeling lonely and bored.

how to not be needy in a new relationship but still love

Have a well-rounded life. When you have a life, you are more content.

how to not be needy in a new relationship but still love

This will also prevent you from feeling pressured to stay in a relationship to avoid being alone. Be confident of your value to your partner.

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If you are being possessive, jealous or insecure in your relationship, take a step back. Being insecure, clingy, protective and mistrusting is a big turn off. People are usually attracted to emotionally strong and healthy people. Do not feel the need to be in constant touch all the time. If you are in constant contact with your partner through chatting, emails, texting or Skyping, you will have nothing to talk about when you see each other at the end of the day.

Give each other some space and live your own lives. Relax and stop over-analyzing. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself and on your partner.

how to not be needy in a new relationship but still love

Keeping tabs on how often you get to spend time together will create trouble in your relationship. First, figure out whether you are trying to make a little more time with the person you care about or if you are begging, bargaining or emotionally blackmailing your partner into giving it to you.

Focus more on the quality of time you spend together, not the quantity. Analyze the time the two of you spend with each other. What is stopping you from making the most of that time?

Maybe the problem is not getting more out of that time and enjoying it. Have a purpose in life. Your life starts revolving around your partner and this can be a big turn off for some people.

They feel burdened to fulfill all your needs. Think about what your purpose is in life — and there can be more than one purpose.

4 Ways to Stop Being Needy and Start Being Confident

Enjoy some alone time. Being in a relationship should not stop you from enjoying your private time. Relish the time and freedom of your own space.

Enjoy your own company.

Go out for a movie, go to a spa, take a nap, read, or go for a jog or an evening walk. Enjoying your alone time is important and also healthy in a relationship.

Hang out with your friends sans your partner. Do you cancel your plans with your friends at the last minute to spend time with your partner? Do not make the mistake of shrinking your life to only include your significant other. This will make you needy and clingy. No matter how close you are to each other, spend some time apart.

how to not be needy in a new relationship but still love

Hangout with your friends without including your significant other. This will help you maintain balance in your life.