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taylor hanson natalie ezra how meet

nataliehansonTaylor and I are so thrilled to share the news that baby number six is coming this December! Ezra, Penny, River, Viggo and. Taylor Hanson and wife Natalie are already parents to daughters Willa, 5½, and Penny, 13, plus sons Viggo, 9½, River, 12 next month, and Ezra, this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility. Taylor Hanson is to become a father for a fifth time. The baby is due in late and the couple's other kids, Ezra, nine, Penelope, Taylor told People magazine: "Natalie and I are so anxious to meet our fifth mini-Hanson.

The only time you find people who refuse to accept even the possibility of there being truth in any of my statements or the statements of a few others here, is when it's the mother of a fan girl or a fan girl herself posting. The really creepy thing about Hanson fans is the moment anyone says or posts anything online that could remotely be considered negative about Hanson they flock to that site and flood it with defensive Hanson made propaganda.

They pretend to be a regular here and complain about the Hanson post and tell everyone to fuck off.

Taylor Hanson Welcomes Fourth Child

When that doesn't work they just sit here and read and fume about it. Now that the tour is over I'm sure we'll see more crazies here demanding that myself and Lebbano and 'Yep' are all wrong. And they're going to be wrapped up with following the band around.

taylor hanson natalie ezra how meet

The internet posters are another breed, maybe older woman with more responsibilites God help us who cannot travel as freely as the younger ones who can just take off. I actually think the person calling people "pedophiles" here was not a young girl but probably an older woman or more likely a Hanson shill.

Usually it is the mothers who get all weird about someone suggesting the man their little figuratively speaking girl has a crush on is gay. No doubt Hanson knows about this forum, after the infamous Taylor Hanson photo troll low so long ago with their photoshopped images of Taylor with a gapeing maw of an asshole. Gotta admit, it made me laugh, after cringing at least. But hey, they say art mimicks life, so you gotta wonder, you know?

In my experience as far as Hanson fandom on the net is concerned, there are two distinct types of gathering grounds, aka messageboards: Of course no one on a board that practically worships Hanson or has the possibility of being banned is going to reference Taylor's blatant gayness.

They're like ages 14 thru 16 anyway and are most likely "new fans" from The Walk album on that would have been in preschool when Middle of Nowhere was released.

The regulars will make comments about Taylor being gay--usually passing them off as sarcastic or ironic--and they'll attack anyone who really believes it.

I guess I'm speaking of hitz in particular. Over there they are all about proof. Oh yeah, prove it! No one is going to reveal their identity, let alone to a bunch of nasty bitches who are jumping all over them with accusations while simultaneously demanding their info like they are entitled.

As long as there is alleged "proof", they are at bay. Their "proof" for Taylor not being gay? They tend to acknowledge but ignore the rest. I have no idea how these same people who claim not to be stupid can also sit around and gab about how much Taylor's kids look like him. Give me a break. Then they'll make jokes about how Natalie always disappears when she's pregnant, failing to realize that that doesn't make any sense.

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There are some that don't buy into all of it and have constructed conspiracy theories of sorts, but these people have never gotten it right and they are total crazies. These people's theories usually center around there being multiple Natalies, haha.

I have one more observation about the pregnancy announcement thing and then I'll go away.

taylor hanson natalie ezra how meet

Haha, I'm just so damn fascinated. This saga needs to be a movie. A couple of weeks ago, Hanson accidently posted a video on the public side of hanson.

Taylor, Natalie, Ezra, Penny & River Info

Usually, these videos are for the members that pay 40 bucks a year to get access to extras, which are mostly pretty lame, but that whole fanclub dealio is a different story entirely. The video showed the guys going to Africa to put the TOMS shoes on the kid's feet like they promised, and the wives were all in lots of obvious shots, surprisingly.

Someone over at hitz managed to get screencaps of what looked like a very pregnant belly on Kate.

taylor hanson natalie ezra how meet

For how far along she supposedly is according to People, it looked maybe a little too big. It actually looked more than four months along to me--already very round with her belly button protruding. Shortly after that, the video was removed from the public journal section and I believe that the screen caps this person had posted were also gone, but I can't be sure.

A couple days later, poof: People magazine receives the "exclusive" news.

taylor hanson natalie ezra how meet

I have no idea what all of that means, but it's interesting. However I had not heard about the video clip with the bump showing.

I'll have to get info about that before I comment. As for everything else, you're spot on. What you forgot to mention is that on the Hanson gossip board anyone who openly states or believes Taylor is gay is believed to be a male who wants Taylor to be gay. Even girls are accused of being gay men 'wanting it to be true. I used to be in love with Zac when I was 10, as he was a month older than me and, well, resembled the type of people I was really interested in; blonde lay-deez. I'll always credit Hanson with my lesbiana awakening.

As Hanson progressed forward in the mainstream media when askedabout relationships Taylor was quoted various times making genderneutral statements about his ideal 'person. WhileHanson fans themselves continued to ignore or deny these rumors,fans of Phantom Planet helped to further the idea of Alex andTaylor being a secret couple. As time progressed rumors had spreadfar and wide among fans and non fans a like. From that point on Hanson's management andpublicity team began to continually release statements and newslines about Taylor and his wife and child.

Even with the continuingpromotion of Taylor as a heterosexual, the rumors continued withoutfail. Making matters more complicated for Hanson's publicity team Taylorwas quoted in an interview with NME magazine's Peter Robinson whocompared eating rabbit droppings for protein to drinking sperm forthe same purpose.

Taylor replied "There is definitely a market forthat. Education provided by home-schooling. The album sold over 37K in its first week making it one of the most successful self-released albums of all time. Unlike his band mate brothers, he is the only one out of the trio who wasn't born in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Has two nieces and three nephews, from his brother, Taylor Hansonand sister-in-law, Natalie.

taylor hanson natalie ezra how meet

Zac's wife, Kate, attended high school with his sister-in-law, Natalie Bryant. Is good friends with Frankie Muniz.