Harry styles meet and greet

Harry Styles Lookalike - Lookalike and Meet & Greet

harry styles meet and greet

Fan boys and girls of Harry Styles went crazy when they found out that One Directioner Harry Styles was coming to Singapore. One thing that. Kate Mccabe needs your help today! Meet and greet for Harry styles - Just a gal that wants to meet Harry Styles. The Harry Styles Tour Sold Out in Less Than 2 Minutes and Fans Are phenomenon Harry Styles would sell out in less than two minutes.

This one requires the most planning out of all the ways so far.

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You first need to work out when they are likely to fly to get to the next venue in time for sound check which is usually mid-afternoon. Then you need to work out which airport they are likely to fly from and then which flight.

Of course all that is for when they are checking in, but it might be easier to meet them when they land. One of the boys is likely to have posted a tweet about leaving and or getting on a plane, so from that, if you know how long the flight is, which can easily be Googled, you can work out when the flight left and when it is likely to land. You have their flight and possibly their luggage.

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Cameras at the ready Picture: It takes a lot of effort, time and patience to finally get to meet them but it will be worth it. It made you internally swoon.

harry styles meet and greet

You were in awe still, having him sit here beside you, having been so concerned for you, concerned enough to actually leave a meet and greet to take care of you. I appreciate it just as much as they do. I get pretty excited to meet my fans, probably more so than they are to meet me. You melt against his side, loving every second of this. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. You both grin widely before you snap the picture.

When he stands as well, he pulls you into a tight hug, both arms wrapping tightly around you.

Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Hold Hands At A Meet And Greet - Twitter Loses ALL Chill

You hug him back, reveling in the feel of his arms around you. It's finally my turn to walk in and I'm obviously a lil shook but I walk in and Demi's there sidenote: I walk over Demi says nothing, just stands there smiling towards the camera and the lady takes the one Then I real quick turn to Demi and I'm like "hi im bipolar and anorexic and you've saved my life twice tysm you're my idol and inspiration" she's still just smiling towards the camera, btw, intently focused on keeping the same face so all the pictures come out good and identical.

Then she turns her head for a second, looks me in the eyes still with the same smileand gives me the shittiest " I walk away like "ummm wtf just happened". The lady outside is like "how was meeting demi?

harry styles meet and greet

D" and I just did a "haha I'm glad I paid for it 4 months ago so I don't feel as ripped off". Kehlani and Khaled were great.

Demi was good, but also she barely moves around the stage anymore probably because she doesn't want her extensions to fall out, so she was kind of underwhelming.

harry styles meet and greet

Her technique is a lot better than it was before, but her vocals in the Future Now tour were honestly a bit stronger. Her setlist was also kind of meh. In the middle, she preached about how "for anyone out there with an eating disorder, or bipolar, or insecurities, or self-harm: Also, she had an unhealthy obsession with the thing on the stage that goes up and down into the floor. If I could go back in time or met her againI would love to say some of the following: Are you kidding me?