Mwave meet and greet aoa kpop

mwave meet and greet aoa kpop

​K-Pop Makes One​. Mwave · SHOPPING CART(0) LIVE TOUR · MONSTA X · WANNA AOA. Released. 28; KOR. Type. 미니앨범(EP). Production. @OfficialMwave. The official twitter of Mwave, Get K-Pop News & Vote! Worldwide . @OfficialMwave hope i see GOT7's meet & greet too..^___^. 0 replies 1. AOA's MEET&GREET WINNERS (7/21); by admin; Hit 1,| We hope you enjoyed meeting AOA through Mwave - and we want to thank you.

It will be easier to find your tile s. When you click on a tile, you can see the messages other fans left.

There are multiple pages of 49 tiles.

mwave meet and greet aoa kpop

To scroll through click the arrows. At some point during the live stream 15 tiles on each mosaic board page will be selected to receive an exclusive Mwave photo card. If your tile has a pink boarder around it that means you were chosen to get the exclusive photo card. For every one of your tiles selected, you will get that amount of photo cards. So, the more tiles you purchase, the higher the probability of being selected.

The artist will then scroll through the mosaic pages and read a few of the messages fans have left. The mosaic tile boards were what confused me the most.

mwave meet and greet aoa kpop

But, once you participate it's quite simple. Sometimes when you buy an album the live stream doesn't have a set date or time yet. Mwave will announce it as soon as it is set, so keep checking back.

Mwave will not notify you when streaming begins, you will need to put it in your calendar to remind yourself.

AOA Like A Cat Second Mini Album Mwave Meet & Greet Kpop Signed Choose Photocard | #

If you miss it live, no worries. You can watch it anytime you want, and you can check which tiles won.

AOA 1st Mini Album 'Short Hair’ (2014.07.11) Part 1 [MEET&GREET]

Here There are translations in English, Japanese, and Chinese. Picture 6 shows some wear on the lower right hand corner of the album. Interior photobook and edge of plastic of CD case looks like they've been rubbed across each other several times.

Mwave Meet & Greet Tutorial | K-Pop Amino

There are 2 areas where lot of tiny scratches that appear. The opposite photobook shows this fading wear. I just don't think this album was designed well; it really is just made from cardboard.

As you can see, all the albums have various flaws, but if you take a look at the first picture, it still looks amazing; and they were signed by the girls who are doing great with their current single, Heart Attack!!! Payment Method Paypal is the only method accepted under the new eBay rules. Payment is due within 3 days of the auction ending.

You can send a message to me via eBay if you have any questions regarding the timing and method of payment. Shipping Method The C.

Please allow up to 2 days after the receipt of the payment for your C. The time of arrival depends on whether you live in the United States or abroad.

If you live in the United States, it will take about a week or less which is the usual time for media mail to be sent. That last two pictures are proof of it's authenticity from Mwave.

mwave meet and greet aoa kpop

I got lucky and got my message read! The albums didn't arrive in the Like-New condition I had hoped to have received them in. None of the albums I received are remotely of this condition based on my standards. And based off what I've seen, most albums from this Meet and Greet came this way. Nonetheless, they're still in great condition. I will try my best to address any signs of wear with each album.

AOA Like A Cat Second Mini Album Mwave Meet & Greet Kpop Signed Choose Photocard

I think in all the albums I received, there were some signs of smudging. I think the girls had to sign hundreds of albums quickly and they didn't wait for the ink to dry off. Here's how it will work. You tell me, before or after you buy the album, which album you would like as identified with the yellow number in the first picture. THEN, you tell me which photocard you would like.

mwave meet and greet aoa kpop