Akc meet the breeds great dane

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akc meet the breeds great dane

breed has many unique features. Check out the great dane dog breed on Animal Planet's Breed Selector. AKC RANKING FAMILY livestock dog, mastiff. Great Dane. By Alla Gringaus. Apr 12, | 1 Minute. Great Dane lying down facing left, head turned forward. Get The AKC Nibble newsletter! Essential info. The Great Dane is a large, gentle dog, often called the "gentle giant." . American Kennel Club: AKC Meet the Breeds: Great Dane · victoryawards.us: Great Dane.

Step 2 Train your Great Dane using positive reinforcement techniques from a young age. Great Danes are usually gentle and sweet tempered, making them easier to work with in dog obedience classes than other breeds. Because these dogs are so spirited and large, they can be difficult to control without proper training. Step 3 Brush your Great Dane daily using a natural-bristle body brush to keep his coat shiny and bathe him only as needed. The grooming should take only a few minutes because the coat is so short and doesn't shed excessively.

Because some Great Danes drool, wipe your dog's face and mouth with a damp washcloth before brushing. Step 4 Exercise your Great Dane daily with a long walk around your neighborhood or game of fetch in the yard. These large dogs need exercise, but not overtly strenuous exercise, because they are prone to arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Use a harness to walk your Great Dane to give you greater control over him than a simple leash; a harness is also more comfortable for large-chested dogs such as the Great Dane.

Because their coats are so short, you may need to put a blanket or sweater on your Great Dane during the cold winter months when taking him outdoors for walks and exercise. Step 5 Provide your Great Dane with a large dog bed or soft blanket to curl up and snuggle in.

Because Great Danes can suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia and bone diseases such as osteochondrosis and elbow dysplasia, a comfortable, orthopedic bed is important for their comfort. Step 6 Feed your Great Dane four meals each day as a puppy and two or three as an adult.

akc meet the breeds great dane

Follow the manufacturer's recommendations based on your dog's weight for his daily caloric intake, dividing it into the smaller meals. Great Danes are prone to bloat, a condition caused by a build-up of air in the dog's stomach that can be fatal.

A portion-controlled premium adult dog food or a raw diet directed by a veterinarian will help your dog achieve slow, steady growth and development.

akc meet the breeds great dane

Make your Great Dane rest around meals. Relaxed downtime, before and after eating, is especially necessary for the sensitive digestive system typical in a Great Dane.

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This could be a good time to groom and bond with your dog. Consider serving your pup's food and water in raised dishes. Many Dane owners use elevated water and food feeders for more comfortable access and to help reduce the risk of digestive complications. These dishes are available online and in stores. Ask your veterinarian about the latest studies pertaining to this practice.

Consult your trusted veterinarian for Dane-safe toys or bones.

How to Raise a Great Dane

Be sure to Dane-proof or stash away any cherished furniture, children's toys and other favorite objects. Furnish your dog with a large, firm bed of his own. Such padded support is necessary to maintain his giant frame and protect his sensitive joints.

Great Danes thrive on close companionship, so locate his bed near your own to give him comfort and peace of mind. Protect your Dane from slips and falls by placing carpeting or non-skid throw rugs throughout the house. A Great Dane's massive frame is prone to joint and bone injuries. Heavy mats at all the doors will help prevent slips and falls during his fast and furious dashes in and out of your home. Because of his great size and strength, a Dane can be a handful if he's not properly trained.

akc meet the breeds great dane

But remember that he can also be very sensitive. He'll respond best to happy, consistent, positive-reinforcement training methods that utilize treats and plenty of verbal praise.

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Socialize your young Dane. Teach him to walk on a leash and take him for walks on a regular basis. A nice walk around the block to greet the neighborhood kids, meet new dog friends, hear the street sounds and smell the scents of the area will help him get comfortable with people, other animals and his outdoor environment.