Punggol east meet the mp session ang

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punggol east meet the mp session ang

FIND MY MP. There are 29 constituencies in Singapore, comprising 13 single- member constituencies (SMCs) and 16 group representation. Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC MPs will support Punggol East's meet-the-people sessions, said Deputy Prime Minister and Coordinating Minister for. Meet-The-People Sessions (MPS) are open to all residents of Pasir Ris – Punggol GRC who are Singaporeans above 21 years old. Residents are advised to.

It's basically going out, meeting people and convincing them that you have a better programme. He said it was a pity that former WP incumbent Lee Li Lian did not have much time to walk the ground because she was only elected in a by-election in If she had been in Punggol East longer, "she would have benefitted more from the incumbent seat", added Mr Chong.

He did this after discovering pressing needs on the ground while helping to distribute rations to lower-income families earlier this year. If we wait until after elections, we will probably be living in darkness for a few days.

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Mr Chong said that in such close contests, one should always expect the unexpected. He had never intended to be in politics for so long and continued only because every "successive prime minister always had some good reason" for him to stay. But when you get some policy changed or some exceptions made to existing policies, which benefits your residents, it makes it worthwhile. It resulted in a police investigation and one of his grassroots leaders got a stern warning over eight cut-outs of white elephants placed outside the station in Recalling the incident, Mr Chong grinned and said that it helped him bond with the grassroots leaders and residents and many old residents still remember it fondly.

We had to go to the police station and make a statement.

Punggol East Ministerial Community Visit

But it united everybody. The heady flush of victory didn't last long. For there was little time to rest.

Punggol East MP Charles Chong on eight weeks medical leave after medical procedure

Three hours later, they regrouped to get ready the party flags and vehicle that would take their MP-elects on a victory parade through their group representation constituency. In the afternoon, they rolled up their sleeves and got to work, readying their temporary branch office for the Meet-the-People Session MPS that would take place two days later.

Limbang branch secretary Johnny Lim recalls how he and a team of volunteers painted walls, scrubbed floors and moved furniture that day.

punggol east meet the mp session ang

This is what you call really being on the ground to serve residents," he tells Insight. Parliament reopens in January, and the new Cabinet will set out the Government's path for the future then.

But the ruling party doesn't wait that long to get back to work. Its well-oiled machinery of grassroots activists and MPs, so crucial to its success at the ballot box, have spent the last month tackling immediate issues they have encountered.

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It's hard work visiting one house at a time, rolling up your sleeves and getting the work done. But we do this because we believe this is an important way of reaching out to our residents and seeing how we can help improve their lives.

punggol east meet the mp session ang

If this subsequently translates into votes, that's a bonus, but I think as MPs, we have a responsibility to serve them well. This is how an election is won - by beginning the work of serving residents and preparing for the next polls the day after the previous one, say party members.

Independent auditor for Punggol East ‘may be appointed if needed’

Insight catches up with three new MPs - lawyer-turned-parliamentary secretary Amrin Amin, civil servant-turned-junior minister Chee Hong Tat and deputy chief executive Cheng Li Hui - to find out how they are settling into their roles. Its strategy of spending more time meeting residents to hear their feedback and needs was a vote-winner. Since this strategy paid off handsomely, the party seems set to continue with it.

Between recruiting volunteers and distributing masks to needy residents when the haze hit its peak, they have also been drawing up plans for the neighbourhoods they are in charge of.

Ms Cheng is planning a programme for volunteers to accompany elderly folk to clinic visits, while Mr Amrin is promoting social mobility at the local level by encouraging needy schoolchildren in his constituency to work hard for their exams.