Shanmugam meet the people session amk

Inderjit Singh To Step Down, Not Compete In Singapore General Elections

shanmugam meet the people session amk

MPs began meeting their residents in smaller, more intimate settings. Earlier this year, MP Inderjit Singh (Ang Mo Kio GRC) started holding Pang – Law Minister K. Shanmugam's ward–report a surge of 10 per cent to for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Law K Shanmugam (left) meets Mr Suat Önal (right), During the meeting, they reaffirmed the warm relations between and attended a Meet-the-People's Session at Ang Mo Kio Group. Inderjit Singh to Ang Mo Kio Residents: Support the Kwek! At yesterday's meet- the-people session, Mr Singh highlighted Mr Kwek's has been working under Law and Foreign Affairs Minister K Shanmugam for some years.

Asked about his fondest memories from being an MP, he smiled and said: In the end, it's people reaching out to you, forming the networks, forming the community support groups and helping people," he said.

The minister cited a case of an elderly woman selling vegetables at a bus stop in the area. She didn't want to take any kind of assistance and wanted to earn her own living," he said. But residents had complained about her causing a mess and as a result, the National Environmental Agency NEA told her to stop selling vegetables there. Other residents found out about it and alerted Mr Shanmugam, who wrote to NEA to appeal on her behalf.

shanmugam meet the people session amk

There is also a case from 15 years ago that still stands out for him. A young, pregnant woman was about to go to jail for hiring illegal workers in her father's laundry business.

Not wanting her child to be born in jail, she was going to terminate the pregnancy and Mr Shanmugam found out about it. He advised her not to abort the baby and sent appeals to the Attorney-General's Chambers and the Ministry of Home Affairs on her behalf.

At that time, he was still a practising lawyer and would ask his colleagues to attend the woman's court hearings to keep him updated. The woman was eventually let off with a fine and her daughter is now 14 years old. When it was mentioned that it was cases like these that endeared him to residents, he let out a rare smile and said: In the end, it's people reaching out to you, forming the networks, forming the community support groups and helping people.

There are countless stories of people helping each other, people helping me, and me helping people. And you don't wait until the last minute to prepare," he said. On the issue of possible new candidates, Mr Shanmugam said with a laugh that many had already been identified by the media. I wouldn't know if they're going to stand for certain," he said.

shanmugam meet the people session amk

I had a bit of time to learn and settle in. It's been good so far. People have been very kind and encouraging. Being part of an awesome Sembawang GRC "boyband" team.

shanmugam meet the people session amk

The five MPs are all men, aged 37 to It is full of surprises, pleasant and not so pleasant, and you have to greet both with grace.

I remember these lines from Rudyard Kipling's poem If: If you can fill the unforgiving minute, With 60 seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth I identify with their values of hard work, patience and dedication. I try my best at each stage and move on from there. I still believe that I have managed to hold on my political innocence. But I started my Facebook presence with both profile and page, so now I have to maintain both accounts. I hope residents remember me as a friendly and hardworking MP.

In my maiden speech, I spoke about the difficult market conditions local small and medium enterprises are facing. Some residents who run small businesses thanked me for speaking up for them. Residents are very welcoming. Not only during house visits, but when we appear unexpectedly, like handing out oranges during Chinese New Year at a bus stop. A resident driving past stopped to say "hi". I can't really tell which House is which.

Think our campaign went smoothly. I witnessed egos clashing between opposition party figures and the way too many of us treated the voters like ground to be fought over rather than people we should be engaging. Not waving back to someone who recognised me and waved, and waving back to someone who was actually waving to someone else, thinking she recognised me.

What do you think people remember you for after the last six months? The professor who would be the willing duckweed in Parliament. Workers' Party chief Low Thia Khiang said in January that NCMPs have difficulty sinking political roots in a constituency and were like "duckweed on the water of a pond".

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The most surprising thing about politics I found out was We have so many political pundits concerned with the winning and losing of elections rather than thinker-doers who would listen more, reflect on ways to advance our democracy and act to do so. Ravenclaw, according to my friends. I am no Potterite, but am a Trekkie, and I admire Spock, for his wisdom is derived from the tension of logical reasoning and being in touch with one's emotions, all in the service of humanity.

If you could turn back the clock on the campaign, what would you do differently? Smile a lot more - I tend to retreat into deep thought with a resting wizard face.

I haven't lost my political innocence. I believe in our political process, I believe that people can come together despite differences and make a decision in the best interests of Singapore and I believe I can make a difference. I came late for one event once as I was engaged at an earlier event.

I sat down beside an elderly lady and had a conversation with her.

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She was not from my constituency and came because my residents had invited her. After we spoke for quite a bit, she said: I hope people remember the warm conversations we have had, and that I care.

I think my residents will remember me for my broken Mandarin. Still working on it. Wo chai shuer Wo zai xue - I'm learning. It makes you push yourself and stretch your physical and mental limits. You think about the interests of the country and your residents all the time. It is exhausting but also exhilarating and meaningful. Hermione is from that house and I want to be like her when I grow up. I went for two block visits right after work and had not brought walking shoes. So I visited about housing units in high-heels.

I am not sure about losing my political innocence, but I sure lost all feeling in my feet that night. There was an important meeting at the Istana, but I had mixed up the dates. I was having chicken wings with my volunteers after doing a walkabout in Punggol when I received a phone call: Are you coming to the Istana?

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There is a meeting in the Cabinet room. We are all waiting for you. Gan Kim Yong Health Minister. Not in the last six months, but in the GE. I was helping Law Minister K. Shanmugam then and got to see how intense elections are. They're emotional affairs and you can't win by logic alone. So far so good. Different people will remember different things. I have programmes relating to welfare, more infrastructure for the elderly, boosting employability, etc. How much kopi I had to drink!

When it comes to taking care of Kebun Baru's residents, there's no substitute for hard work and persistence.

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I prefer to look forward. When we look back, we can always see what we could have done better, but the important thing is whether we have learnt anything for the future. I danced the cha-cha on stage in the town centre and realised it made people happy. Subconsciously referring to a "resident" as a "patient" in a speech.

shanmugam meet the people session amk

Dr Koh was a colorectal surgeon before he became Minister of State. Being responsive to their needs, but also willing to take time to explain why what they are asking for may not always be in their best interest. The most surprising thing about politics I have found out Is that sometimes, it is the little things we do for people that makes the most impact in their lives.

Gryffindor, whose values are bravery, daring, nerve and chivalry. I danced on stage and sang karaoke need I say more? Ask my helpers to wear better running shoes to reduce blisters, when they had to run with me from house to house to cover per cent of the blocks and private houses in my estate.

An elderly resident came to my Meet-the-People session and told me to persuade her son to find a girlfriend and get married.

I was her last hope for the family line to carry on. Singing a Hokkien song off-key. But my residents were most forgiving and continued to cheer me on. My love and concern for the elderly.