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the vet hengrove meet team image

Meet our team of Vets, Nurses & Surgeons who will be looking after your pet at The Veterinary Hospital in Hungerford. Click to find out more about the team!. Meet Sophie and the Team Welcome to the The Vet Bristol. Did you know, we are up to 40% Pop in and see us in - we're just off Hengrove Way - right behind Topps Tiles! Image may contain: 1 person, cat. 68 Likes4 Comments1 Share. Highcroft Veterinary Hospital and surgery in Whitchurch, Bristol provides cat, rabbits, small mammals and exotic pets in Whitchurch, Hengrove, Knowle, This is one of the few RCVS accredited veterinary hospitals to have a veterinary team on Visit our gallery - a treat for all pet lovers - and upload a favourite photo of.

We have been investigating which material is best for an umbrella and why. We all agreed that the teddies were the driest with a plastic umbrella. Today they tested different substances to find out if they were acidic, alkali or neutral. We learnt how to use a large tree saw safely to cut large branches into pieces we could add to our Forest Den.

We then used vegetable peelers to whittle wood and create our own woodland wands. Last week we made miniature homes for some little cone creatures we found living in the woods and this week we made a child size den. We have also been hunting for creatures under stones and collecting bugs by shaking tree branches over a bowl.

We discovered some trees that we felt needed a repaint job, created mud mixtures, and made some woodland creatures out of plastercine and some materials we found. Finally we learnt how to climb trees safely? The children have been learning some body positions, experiencing sensory mindfulness and are returning to their classes for a relaxed afternoon of learning. They loved making nature pictures, concocting weird mixtures and climbing trees.

Feel free to ring or text for an appointment? We did some pond dipping, watched the otters and being fed and enjoyed looking at all the birds. In the three weeks we have been looking after them we have loved watching them grow from very cute little chicks to rather larger less cute mini? We had a picnic lunch together and a short playtime before the show began. The children also enjoyed chatting to the 2 deaf performers before we came back to school. Taking Flight Theatre is a professional inclusive theatre company based in Cardiff.

Their work challenges perceptions of disability and the show has integrated audio description and BSL interpretion. Today all the primary children gathered to watch them be released. Some children weren't keen on the taste of tzatziki - can you guess which ones?!

Thank you to our coaches - Rich and Andrea - for teaching us how to long jump, triple jump and throw! JoJo and Billie's Tour de France was brilliant! They made some figures in the style of Antonio Giacometti using pipe cleaners, silver foil and clay.

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We read the story of Jack and The Beanstalk and found a hen that laid golden eggs at the top of it. We are still looking for the bag of gold.

the vet hengrove meet team image

They shared their stories of their journey to the Deaflympics and brought with them some memorabilia to show the children. Everyone then had a lesson in sprint starts and swimming styles. Many thanks to Mrs Craig and Ms Gray for organising the event. The children were excited today to see how much the caterpillars had grown over the weekend.

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We have linked this with our PSHE learning about how it's important to be a good friend and how we can help others. They were very generous with the plasters and very caring to our new friend.

the vet hengrove meet team image

We visited the kennels, meet the puppies and learnt how they train the dogs, we looked around the stables and saw a farrier at work. We walked around the woods and their walled gardens, we learnt about how they manage their woodlands.

Meet the dedicated Hungerford team

She has now discovered a new love of cycling and spends free weekends mountain biking in Wales and further afield. Sophie grew up with an assortment of four legged friends and currently has 3 cats including a sprightly 16 year old who she re-homed when his previous owner moved abroad, and 2 mischievous two year old Burmese Crosses called Simba and Nala.

From living on a farm as a child in the Falkland Islands to being surrounded by dogs and cats later on in life in Yorkshire and London, Adam has always been lucky enough to be surrounded by animals. Adam lives with his wife and daughter who share their home with a German Pointer dog and two cats. She then took a number of years off to raise her family of 2 boys and 2 girls with her partner Gary.

Since leaving Hartpury she has worked in small animal practices. She has developed her skills and gained a passion as a clinical coach, playing a role in the future of new veterinary nurses. In her spare time Su enjoys spending time with her family, animals and enjoys the outdoor life, camping and in a camper van.

She then started to work at a small animal practice in Worcester, before moving back to Bristol to join The Vet. In her spare time, she likes to fit in as much climbing as possible, either at one of the indoor walls in Bristol or getting outside into the Aron Gorge, Wye Valley and further afield.