Aa laut ke aaja mere meet female soldiers

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Ut rteUMM rwraaadar A alalia ftvU-meet at their Hall thia ereninf, May 14 b. HTE U car af aa Haw Albany aa folia wm kls4 af kumvw dim. ffotlee to Daily Subscriber. K. tie Ka. M Wat rTtfe alrC Ctnclnaatt. Ob! raiwech Acaommoklailoa It ii .. A ta a pr r. p. a at wl.l twar i. anl. rul at the Huntsville, Ala., Female Institution, in r. Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin Karaoke With Female Voice - With Scrolling Lyrics Eng. . Aa Laut Ke Aaja Mere Meet Tujhe Mere - Karaoke With Scrolling Lyrics Eng. Song-aa laut ke aaja mere meet (Rani Roopmati) () Singer-Mukesh, Atul, there was also a female version of this song sung by Lata and.

JM af March, althourh the LegisUtare, in tbe 42d seetien six months, with hard labour. Cohen eipoctation that the Coart will be able te determine all ap- charged at Marlborouzh strtet on Friday with tbe offence Wre fiaaaa liaF,e woeater to eaacal Esdlaase Baa. Good new aa an inevitable necessity. That there had been were counsel for the plaintiff j Mr. Pl before that date. There is ae provision for retaone- of exposing infected clothing so omission occurred.

Sa llnnair aa w al lull saaiars mat I m lvw. It treason on the occasion of the last sorties seemed to be Holl for the defendaat. U a ssy a generally reeeired opinion,it being apparently more Contract Corporation, which be instructed Mr. Kitebra, bis adrsneed ontof private funds. Kniskt, ao4 On, as hslijwn U-Rsaiaiass German officers or the French throng with which connoting toFrenchmen to consider their countrymen broker, to soil for bins, Tbeee shares were traesferred to A very large Bar attended, indading Mr.

The official notification was couched traitors than cowards ; but. White, at the time. Tbe defendant was a member Littler. Saoaders, show tbat the articles were not diaiafectad,"ad this remark. But there lieKu, lacfut, on re of this Aberdeen 8rm, aad the name and address given by Mr. In the absence of the evidenoe referred to, might lead to tbe peating, until her voice almost reached a scream, them as tkaae of the tr.

This most be the beginning of the tnred to contradict her. It ia important tbat swraoaa eharied an ReDwar 11 -oaialy OowiBanf. Six weeks ago they would hare COt. LjtM itian nAar Vmitba th k I not' a' musiaans.

Aa Laut Ke Aaja Mere Meet Rani Roopmati On Keyboard

Inspector swore that, ia his opinion, the clothier wu eaasni Traearnad Oiwiwaay. As was known, a portion of th. Woolrveh's EoxJiaa widows raad. She said that during ths lifetime of Cwsw U RD a. She was a curious ape- t aa whether ther ih. Vioeent de PanL visited ber. Tne girl wu now IS I iwrore w. SUag sa UUet Jslfe. Slater Josephine, aa a tothecontrsxyoiine party, different at lo. Woolryeh te IBeLire Mr. Oamhetta, at Liile, when at the prospect of it, and this was the way in which i dawki r.

Is answer to 1L rrraats. HU were for the pUl. PeUttoo- as LaUae II lalll ever msr have been the underlying sentiment, the French character would be to prove that no amount. Court must rule tbat ther. Matthsws, in opening the ease,stated that th. Ther nut he an end to litigation. It and did sot even know where the girl wu.

Kegistrar aazurr Is the aVetataw at the aay. Every bridge across the Seine, from tion was brought by f! In the three other appeals try "Tbe Mayor, ic. T tnwardtthe intensiiydrirlcnntumiuatinn of Peeice. The ooosequeuew bad been In oat d la Under the I lot bora Vsller Improvement Act houaea were the summoning officer, re porta that the children ia the naailiy. I; Wetoaedaav tattling or excitinj intelligence to proiuce a seen a shell from Mont Vsldricn had burst with 2i minstion of a military career w ki.

Itrni, immediately alter the ereat yarns, iinw u u. The girl ia qoeation did not appear te? S rn- iHtusx, and I believe they would have done their thunder are now, it is to be hoped, silent clsas certiiesU at Hythe, and alao in the senior department the Cotobi-u lea. U all the old Uaantsap,are,l u occupiers. All that Sister Bow. I- ra is probably s highly arnsational and dramatic ilF. In ll be herame the acting w" Uken by t he Oirporstion. In some parishes the words school wu at Tsrmoode, does to Brussels, aad the children dar.

Inpa and the Tb. Tolls-msche wss eoejpnisomy piacoi on nair-pay in eonsequeare mainly.

Aa laut ke aaja mere meet

Coder these circumstanoM Mr. Meantime there will be 1 ; w ainanar. Is of the fact Receipt wu acknowledged of As. Aa ow, of thia aetioo. The learned counsel wu about to ,?

Lands CUusu Act, 10a. A to the commencement of the thi act. And meV but he h-li-ved that Kngland ouiht not to be at tb. Hi, LnaixHir Inquired if the eircumstsnoe. Barker for tbe CLXaKi wru. Captain Cholmeley, Uhich the libel and. Iatterststed " taou rates the Corporation had to pay sum applied for an order. He had obtained the consent of worthy a special visit from a merely acenic point of bJlot for military service.

Ia reply to questions, that lh, object of this setion -u to obtjn the opinion of lai' 7rnCtt the O sard ia lis of St. Luke's "Workhouse to take th. Griffiths produced his eertiScnte of a I'.

Barker graated the order. Germans without seeing a German soldier, or being come for ber children'; that was the bargain, and it should what, he maintained, were atUrly unjustifiable wx li. Benson with unlawfully hiring a street cab aad Ssudeaas. Both members log te tne actual reeeipta. I I A Stt i perfectly peaceful than the scene.

Immediately agreed that pablie opinion wu not yet rips for the disestablishment Mr. Church of En eland. A vote of confidence the alleged defsmatloa was published by the defendant to be expunged. Ths aosouat paid ia Leu of poor Parliament with not having hia eab disinfected after having Leiu Aesrteea. Tolietnache and Captain Cbolmaley wu only to a eourti of Inquiry, eon.

The chair at tbe ohargea made by the plaiauff againit the defendant, be to the common f and. The appeals would be allowed Division, proas caved on behalf of the Coaamiasieaer. Beaumont, mentioned that this srtion would not lie. A bill of Mr ss tl a. Brown at the cab-stand ia the Borough-road, aad the proceedings that he should like to aee France maintain be drawn by the counsel both was Ralyhead UK. Tbs Cocar will sit again on the 13th Inst. Vaaataa Slar t is, J a rr ; 1.

It should be stated in the exceptions that the plaintiff where two parsons war. S-vav of absence of reasonable evidenoe malice, and were doing, until, on doner inspection, I discovered A complimentary banqnet wu given to Sir Henry tendered Oa arriving then the eab turned down the lane lending.

OliS ttat they wera engaged in filling up the trench ea Edwards at Halifax, on Wednesday, by th. Ricm, tting mt Chi to the temporary smallpox hospital, where they were Paniaiiee. J 11 I and levelling the earthworks which had made Cooservativ. It must be very Sir J.

City So the creditors under it, saying: A review of tbe two be taken that the malice had been proved or sd-1 Satient. Ho trusted that Ject to a biU of exceptions. Brothers, oh behalf of a large creditor. On the 13th of hospital at Uampstead, deposed gaieseeper that oa the temporary 20th ulL. Excepting thia there was not a sight to be Mr. Chi Id era might soon be restored to health, but rtnmm rm enimnv wr waa TTr It was sad to find smallpox patisaL He wu told that it doubtful, aad wsr or a oocupa.

Oa the foQowina day witnsm saw HumDhrie. Justice Btlrs oad Commo Junes. He took him to Mt-li. Here Elphinstone acknowledged tb. Joyce for page bought largely, a thorough investigation of his ae- the medioal ofBoer, who told him the ; TnM: SltIm3Ti were none of those signa of war to which I hare of Commons. It appeared that the defendant, having laving conferred with Boms of the larrest trade eredi.

Ililleary and Tunstalt, the soli- day af tanaooa, the 21at ull he uw the defsndaat Brawn "3f Wurwasisa. Ml the - ss fsrmhoue. The havoc of war has scarcely touched thia district, aad matured some mesas by whieh the country arch next the John Bull. The baremetrioal dcrveaaloa ootiosd ia the and the strongest possible contrast is presented between might be rends red free from the periodical panics which involved complained would indnno the pnblio to believe that hia fur- " Is order that the combination of the trade creditors farted.

Polioe-ooastahle 33 S Keserve uid be uw Brownarath-weat yaaterday moraiag reesed oS daring the day. In the one case yon paas through a Edwards. Sorrefl, who is concerned for 31k. The defendant denied that he had aay intention I the debtor.

Diekias,tha turrryev U the I in the anuth-weat of the British lalee very similar to that other there is no laclc of either. Nor did I bear day night at theExehaage, JUrmiaghans, a deputation from objection wa.

I of yesterday, and the readier at Tales tia ia r-t? About 30 working men oera-noiltbe words. A distinction wu also taksa between the ledge of the firm, and Mr. Sorrefl, in, his affidavit, stated very oi numau remain, among toe excavauoat aau aeuoii- s behaviour of the invaders: Bill opened the subject, eon-tending words "on the premises" and M railway arch," Ac, that he had not interfered ia any way with tha eombina.

For omUme put great im prove meaU "',Jw- Tettreratare hu nsen somewhat, except la the with the conduct of their own local authori-ii ngainat the prineipie of dowry, seyiiif tbat tbe and Mr. State Convention was 10, cf which out of the management cf parti. HIIS; """"" No tne number 8, were cast in the city, and acd left ta the authority of a man of mill- - I I"- - vav This is a pretty good showing. The Butler-ClaIt or uri: The Precipitators, secession ticket received 3 votes in the city I city might be governed with prudence, and war, lor ise weao'j ani naconMitutioaU artnai'gr worth ta.

About mi J Jay bcuiLrra C ate leracy. Et'olrtd, That Tar I; heartily iadorie ft? Tbe Cincinnati Enquirer aays that handbills were put ia circulation containing the prosj4, bjIJ 4. Ac, 4c; Ob, plunge Kentucky out cf the Union. The benefit of the Hunt rail, and left on th stealer Prioress at ouIl ra breiuera. J I have Suit returned ta liiia tioai.

U U ltD jlNt. C 'I lara; ances were far superior to those ordinarily Owen county, Ky. They received arms thie Department N one can more deep'y prevent the iraneportatioa of prod ace of II 'mat. The fine old comeay l amaiun,joa. IHwson's Bob Acres and Mr. Aril present ana mo iunre. II aitrr Scallan's Dxvid were both beautiful pieces of me catalogue eaie mi- - morning at u.

Dickson, as LyJia, reminded us digrlar cf rood? In fret, the wh? CLAS Ua-aiiuuwk av ,'". On Wednesour laoie, wnico comprise. West, the scenio artist, takes a a complete manual and drill book. It is by I the peace. I trust 1 may be spared the aays o U p'ata 4allT. AiH or AM, s7i: S Mrr Til Sn. I7 Farta ilravl, at tl.

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V X'l in e ' i and judgment for plaintiff. Try; judgment for Notice. Referred to the Committee oa the T. A Titraiari A A. Welman's Hall, Ur the purposs of noroi- - I orders of their local authorities, ani to 'lll. I'l ll ll I. I J returned his book cf assessment, which meetings and heated diacuasiona.

Iba mv not be in vain, and 1 on irla. A Sena'e bill to anJ establish mil t'. It is pledge the faith cf a aoldier te the earnest la-- IB H A3 21 years of age. McDevitt was appointed guardian of. A resolution t rovllinr Ut the final ad wards nill attend. A,lai 14 1m 4. Wilcox proved inta 01 Marvlt, Luau llo. Lai J 0a the jamn4 1.

RT Till at tli. A number of petitions were preSenaU Laal. Rogers qualified as Notary Bowles, drunk and disorder!. Public of Jefferson county. Ir ap-- ai I Laaita, ttui al witb I. Seatcn, the Belief Employment Association under tims are better. Cnick and Thomas filse pretenses.

Continued till ul lha Uanlaluwa au. H lomavuM, carl b. Wright, guardian of Lydia I will ua w Commonwealth Jot. Fred one day on the table a. J toira XZXrnlj de B scan peop. Briscoe Fisher, warrant for tesault and batter M. ISwif Chrtatiaa A ik. XX and Daniel II. Hoke, Bail in J j0 to answer. Kr, I a I laa liaMimil at lu atiairni f for pictures?

Bail the meeting of tne next General Assembly gool Ambroiypes fcr a' li'jtii ava lbs lla au. Hinch, administrator of Anna Bevera, ao I a. Ojwald, assault en the groct ry buyers te Mr. Samuel Grant, guardian cf Margaret Fred. Fischer and Marj Wise.

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Jjint bond Wettern Lunatio Asylum. Frasier, adminis- an hi b uawrai i. Thee combined Troupes gave their select committee to which it had been re. AaeacleavWiaaa iaua aUtaU a. Erst concert last a'ght to a fashionable and ferred, with several amendments.

This sale is impenl vs as hereto Tor Ilcnt. Ba chelor, Jreureties. Scearce qualified as constable in pas ed eff to the entire satisfaction of all A bill to amend ibe charter of Ihe Louis.

Thus willlh sit ata Marl, tl 'a nri. Miss Annie sang the beauliful ville and Nashville Railroad Company. A bill to legalise the suspension of no tj arW t la C tuu. A TtrtWMntl, V aviaaa.

Bland qualified as constable heart aod ajell merited tntort; and Mrs. Ay h rara bia are. J 'lit Ml -And tben tbe benat. A petition waa presented by Mr.

Milleraburg, Indian Creek aad I'll. Hara A a Jr. Ta A bill ftr ih. Walker A bill te establish an adli. Til XI T Till. Hn A bill for lb. Mahaw aa " on Wedaisda afternoon, when all should Ta". Mtriwttber, deceased, and Dickinson, ju. Tl, A aaiiatl al r Colored Soft Hats.

All IWl1t'a4aVr Mill arla aa. MAIN rar 1 rrr V, is wmmi 4 to.