Akb48 sports meet photos

Grab your bentō, mat and a prime spot: It's undōkai | The Japan Times

akb48 sports meet photos

Product Description. AKB48 Team Photos with Photo Binder with rare Photos The Photo Set has been opened and in excellent condition. The outer box may. Undōkai is sometimes described as a “field day” or even “athletic meet” in all day, but too near the back makes it difficult to get up to take photos when . At my son's school, hulking teenage boys dancing to AKB48 songs. View and license Akb48 pictures & news photos from Getty Images. Japanese pop girl group AKB48 meet fans on Tuesday March in Hong KongChina.

Or do they want to sell CDs? The outline of their strategy is unclear.

akb48 sports meet photos

AKB48 is not only popular among youth, but among adults as well. Hongo says that the source of the group's popularity is in its bringing "geeks" to its side.

AKB48 Show Undokai SP

Those so-called "otaku" are passionate about very particular topics and once they are hooked they become devoted fans. The members of AKB48 are approachable, and to geeks who felt the more mainstream pop groups were unapproachable, the bar to entry was lowered. As for why Hongo became a fan, he says, "I have geek-like tendencies, and when my job wasn't going well, I stopped by the stage and saw AKB for the first time.

akb48 sports meet photos

The pop stars of the Showa Era were created by the media, and it was like they came down before us and we were told to worship them. But the AKB members were regular kids trying to make it, and it made me want to cheer for them, and I became a fan. He compares them to high school baseball.

akb48 sports meet photos

What did Akimoto intend to sell through AKB48? Looking back on her 10 years in AKB48, after she joined at age 14, Takahashi says, "Right from the beginning of our public performances, we were so busy we didn't even have the opportunity to be worried.

akb48 sports meet photos

Our audiences grew to eight, then nine people, and two months later, all seats were full, and I felt it was all worthwhile. I think I have benefitted from being able to acquire that kind of experience, because a person can't suddenly climb the stair five steps ahead, they have to go one step up at a time, and that's what AKB's activities were like.

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It's not beautiful, it's down and dirty, like high school baseball. I want to leave it to everybody to do as they will," she says.

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What path will AKB48 take from here? There are ones who will stray from the path, or who will become stuck and be unable to move forward, so I myself wonder where things will go. I want AKB to be a step towards that. Reports said the attack came after a mini-concert early Sunday afternoon as fans were lining up to shake hands with performers inside booths.

Kawaei and Iriyama were inside the same booth when a man in the queue suddenly produced a saw, the Yomiuri daily said. A member of staff was also hurt in the melee. One fan described how Kawaei was covered in blood when she was taken away by medics to a waiting ambulance. A year-old man, identified as unemployed Satoru Umeta, has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, police said.

It is part talent show, part pop act, a venture in which a pool of girls and young women compete for a spot in the limelight with each new catchy, but formulaic, hit.

Team K supporting Akicha

Fans vote each year to determine 64 of the most popular girls from a member pool, who then rotate in and out of four main troupes and several affiliated groups, based on their popularity. Some hard-core fans buy hundreds to give their favourite a boost.

akb48 sports meet photos

They are also popular overseas, with a sister group based in Jakarta. The group - one of the most successful acts of all time in monetary terms - is built on their accessibility to their legion of fans. They appear at regular events all over the country to shake hands and pose for pictures, as well as on social networking sites.