Akihabara meet otaku

akihabara meet otaku

Akihabra is famous all throughout Japan for the swarms of Japanese anime lovers who flock to this 'Otaku' capital of Japan. Otaku used to mean someone who. May 8, Anime and Manga are big parts of modern Japanese culture today. From Pokemon to Studio Ghibli, here are best sightseeing spots in Tokyo. Your private Akihabara excursion includes a guide, meet and greet service at of Akihabara town on this 2 hour private tour, exploring Japan's Otaku culture.

akihabara meet otaku

Pokemon Center is an official Pokemon store offering games and merchandise which every Pokemon fans would wish for, and currently located at 12 locations in Japan including three in Tokyo. Akihabara One of most popular districts in Tokyo, Akihabara is known as the paradise for electronic products and geek culture.

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They say anything related to Otaku culture can be found in Akihabara such as Anime, Gaming, Manga, figures, underground idols,etc. Stores like Mandarake and Animate are hugely popular as a wide variety of product range and many rare items can be found.

Explore the deep world of game and anime culture of Akihabara, and visit one of the famous Maid Cafes! Explore Tokyo's Electric Town, Akihabara with a local guide!

Surviving Akihabara: What to wear in the Otaku capital of Japan

Akihabara is home to many of Japan's finest Anime, Games…bit. Nakano Broadway is a main hub of the area, which is a large shopping complex which houses numbers of shops including the famous Manga store, Mandarake, offering manga and anime related items.

If you have already been to Akihabara, and could not get enough, Nakano Broadway is definitely your next stop. Get into the deep Otaku culture of Nakano by visiting manga, anime and gaming shops, and stop for local snacks and drinks at Izakaya pub!

akihabara meet otaku

Check the link below for more details about the tour: Experience the otaku and anime culture with a…bit. Numbers of themed attractions, photo spots, cafes, restaurants and shop as well as special events are available.

The gigantic statue of Gundam has been standing in front of DiverCity Tokyo as a symbol of Odaiba area. The current statue is a second model which is replaced incalled Unicorn Gundam. Next to the statue, there is a Gundam themed cafe offering special food and beverage in Gundam theme. A Treasure Trove Of Anime And Voice Actor Goods Fans of anime and manga of course have plenty of options to choose from here as well - stores like Mandarake ComplexKotobukiyaGamersand more all carry extensive lines of anime and manga related items - from the books themselves to figurines, key chains, T-shirts, puzzles, and other goods featuring your favorite characters.

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Gamers even carries goods for specific voice actors. If you're looking for more classic goods, then Mandarake Complex is your best option - they have, or can get a hold of, almost anything there, and it is an incredibly popular shop for fans of older, potentially out of print manga and goods. People after limited edition dojinshi fan written comics should check out Toranoanaand ladies should visit Animate to find goods and limited edition events featuring their favorite animated men. When exiting Akihabara Station through the Electric Town Exit, on your left, you'll immediately see the east west passageway that connects to the Tsukuba Express Line.

This is where you'll find the Tamashii Nations Akiba Showroom, a free showroom with displays featuring new or upcoming otaku goods mainly produced by Bandai.

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This free museum opens from noon on weekdays and from What's A Maid Cafe? After shopping your heart out, you may be feeling quite hungry.

9 Best Places for Ultimate Anime Shopping in Akihabara Tokyo

Why not head to a cafe for lunch? You could of course visit any of the regular restaurants that line the streets of Akihabara, but since you're in otaku paradise, going to one of the area's specialty cafes just makes more sense. Inspired by Lunch - Trying Cosplay in Akihabara! If you enjoyed lunch at a themed cafe, you may find yourself wanting to cosplay a bit too.

Of course you can try that in Akihabara too! Studio Crown, a six minute walk from the Electric Town Exit, has cosplay photography courses where, for different fees, you can be dressed in a variety of different costumes and take photos as your favorite anime, manga or even video game character. It's time to take another break, but if you aren't feeling hungry, another option is to visit a game center.