Another word to meet up

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another word to meet up

b: to come together with especially at a particular time or place I'll meet you at the station Other Words from meet Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about meet . Look-up Popularity. Meeting people - Synonyms, antonyms, and related words and phrases. Thesaurus shows synonyms, related words and phrases that make up this topic. It is two words, according to the OED, and it means this (not slang): "to meet up intr. To meet just now. vuong. Another Word For Meet Up.

Starting a New Meetup. If you have a group already but are not using meetup. Adding an Existing Meetup.

another word to meet up

When an existing meetup. The original owner is listed as co-organizer, as are any existing co-organizers. Organizers retain access to the group tools on meetup.

another word to meet up

The group name and URL remain the same. Organizers will be included in a monthly communication that connects them to the WordPress project and to other meetup organizers how much or little you choose to get involved is up to you.

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A survey will be sent to all members of the group to gather feedback about the meetup. Videos of presentations or tutorials, or etc from your meetup group will have streamlined access to publication on wordpress.

If you currently require people to submit an application to join your group, we ask that you remove that requirement. WordPress meetup groups are open to all who are interested. We ask that any member of the group be allowed to organize events this is a setting in group tools rather than the organizers acting as gatekeepers. If someone wants to organize a Saturday morning WordPress coffee shop get-together that only 5 people attend and you want to organize a more formal presentation for 80 people, both of those are valued by us.

The more people getting together and connecting to talk about WordPress, the better, and having only a few people organize events automatically limits their number and scope. Oh, and follow the 5 good-faith rules mentioned at the beginning. If you have a problem with one of them, we should talk about it. To request that your existing group join the central account, use the same meetup interest form. For the continued success of a meetup it is important to create a welcoming, inclusive and friendly atmosphere.

How do we get there? One of the most important factors here is you, the organizer. Your actions and behavior will influence the expected behavior of the group. Be friendly, welcoming, stay humble and approachable. It is important that people can come to you, raise concerns, alert you to problems, give feedback or just for a friendly chat. Speaking of which, to signal to the outside that you want to create a friendly community that welcomes everyone, who abides by a basic set of rules you should have a code of conduct.

You should also be willing to enforce these rules. Attendees, especially speakers, need to be made aware of it and you need to enforce actions against violators.

There are plenty of CoCs for events out there that you can take or adjust.

another word to meet up

For instance, in Berlin we created the Berlin Code of Conductwhich is based on the pdx. You will note the contact information on the web page. It is there so attendees can reach out, request help or report violations. Activity — what do we do What do you want to do during your meetup?

another word to meet up

There are multiple possibilities that vary for the size of the meetup and the organizational effort. Also be aware that you can mix and match these, which often makes sense. Talks This is what the meetups I organize mostly do. We have speakers that present about a topic somehow related to the overall topic of the meetup.

another word to meet up

We usually have 3 talks that are around 20 minutes each. We split that up into 2 talks, a break, then another talk and then lightning talks or a quiz! Not everyone is interested in a given topic, so sitting there for 60 mins hearing about something you are not interested in can be pretty frustrating.

Moreover, it encourages the presenters to focus on the essentials.

meet - Dictionary Definition :

To get talks going it is great to have a way for people to submit talks with abstracts that you can then schedule for the meetup. This is why I love onruby first class support! It is a great setup to have, but especially with a high number of desired talks it is hard to keep going month after month. You need to have a rather big community to keep this going with good talks. Of course, it is fine to scale down and sometimes just have fewer talks. Lighting Talks Lightning talks are very short talks usually 5 minutes — sharp, no running over!

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I just ask during the meetup if anyone has a lightning talk they want to present and then they can come to me and get started right away. Sometimes people just show off cool hacks or announce new events. B no PhDs and plenty of juniors often but I can see how newcomers benefit more from a coding meetup and how it might be better for very new technologies, that a lot of people just want to play with.

When I was there I found it very fun, because of the hands on nature and the pure joy of learning from my peers we played with ClojureScript and Om.

Discussions When you have neither talks nor coding together, you can also just sit together and discuss. Depending on the venue either all topics are discussed together in the big group as participants chime in or there are multiple topics which are then discussed in different rooms in parallel. This can be a lot of fun depending on what you are after. We used to have both Ruby Picknick and Ruby Burgers Berlin style — vegetarian organized in Berlin, just a friendly get together.

So the ruby in the park picknick has officially started! Usually everyone is pretty engaged trying to figure out the answers plus you learn something.