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For senior night, posters with cute swimming quotes "The best things in life are free. DIY Darlin: lots of Swim Meet Treat ideas, sports treats, swimming treats. Event Sponsor Posters, Brian Gill, Baylor Swim Club Registration for the season is Thursday, August 23rd from . The scratch deadline for the BSL Summer Splash (June July 1st) in Birmingham. Thank you for these wonderful swimming certificates! Thank you for the lovely Swimming certificates, Have just finish my first after school swim club course and .

The cry it out method is usually implemented when baby is ready to sleep all night long. This normally happens between month 5 and 7. The steps of the cry it out method is usually as follows: Step 1 Take the baby to his or her crib while he is sleepy but not quite sleep. Make sure baby is comfortable through the use of blankets for warmth when needed Step 2 Give your baby words of comfort and familiarity such as good night in the evening or a lullaby when getting your baby ready for a nap Step 3 If your baby cries come into the room while the lights are still off and comfort him or her through touch.

Do not pick up baby. Step 6 If your baby wakes up during the night follow the steps above allowing for longer intervals Step 7 Increase the time between intervals each night. According to doctor Ferber a child will learn to sleep within four to five days How long should I leave my child alone?

In his book, Ferber suggests these intervals: Leave for three minutes the first time, five minutes the second time, and 10 minutes for the third and all subsequent waiting periods.

Leave for five minutes, then 10 minutes, then 12 minutes.

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Make the intervals longer on each subsequent night. Yes, we all want the baby to go to sleep but before we rush him we need to know what exactly is keeping our baby awake.

While babies are by no means verbal, their understanding of the world around them is far more developed than we can ever imagine. Babies cry for many reasons and this is particularly true when it comes to bedtime. Here are a few of the reasons why a baby might cry during their nighttime sleep or nap along with the signs that can help your little one convey their needs: When your baby cries in bed he or she could be crying as a result of separation anxiety.

You are important and meaningful and your presence matters.

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Signs like afraidmom or dad can be extremely helpful in allowing your little one to convey their need for companionship Your baby might be crying because he went to bed hungry.

Signs like milk or water can help your baby quickly communicate the trigger to discomfort when he is heading to bed. Your baby might have a wet diaper. Signs like diaper can help alert you of the need for a diaper change.

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Your baby might be cold or warm. The trip to the DfE made me think I might like to do something related to politics in the future. She was really not confident and quite isolated at school at that time. It really stimulated her interest in trying to make things different for other people.

Initially she admits she felt nervous about living with hearing peers and worried about how she would explain her deafness to them. Actually things like that are quite a good ice breaker. On the first few days people would ring our flat doorbell to say hi and everyone would find the loud doorbell quite funny so then I could explain it. It was a good talking point.

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Seminars are more challenging because the hardest thing for me is if people are having discussions. To find out more about tiredness and deafness, visit www. She decided to get a bone-anchored hearing aid BAHA and her mum asked for extra support for her at school and things improved almost immediately.

Watch Katie and her mum share their tips in a video on our YouTube channel. But my mother never thought being deaf was a valid excuse not to do something, so I did not one but three dinghy courses — proudly gaining my level three certificate. I was born hearing but had progressive hearing loss, thought to be a consequence of antibiotics for bronchitis, as my family has no history of deafness.

I have severe hearing loss in my right ear and profound hearing loss in my left. When I was 13 I was very self-conscious and acutely aware that my hearing aid set me apart I attended a mainstream school where I was one of two deaf students.

I found most social situations difficult, struggling to understand what was going on and know what new things were happening in the school day. Then I got a cochlear implant in my left ear I still wear a hearing aid in my right ear and I felt as if I could do anything! I could hear so much better; I could understand what was going on. I had a dream to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef at the time and I was concerned that my shiny new cochlear implant would prevent me. The Southampton Cochlear Freephone Helpline voice and text www.

Implant Centre put me in touch with Deaf F, a charity running activities for deaf children and young adults, which has since closed due to lack of funding.

Discovery has fitted a loop-system into their boats and is currently looking for qualified BSL interpreters with sailing experience. The regatta is made up of nine legs — totalling over 7, nautical miles. To make it a real challenge I enrolled myself in the transatlantic leg. The voyage would take just under four weeks, with 20 days to cross the North Atlantic.

Yes, you read that right, the North Atlantic. What was I thinking?! I think the only deafnessrelated challenge was remembering when to change my batteries! I hope my transatlantic adventure will inspire other deaf children and adults and help them see that deafness should not be seen as a hindrance but as an asset, propelling you on to amazing things and fabulous adventures.

I started studying Anthropology at university last autumn and have settled in well. My classmates have accepted my deafness and I have a strong relationship with my support worker and the disability office. I have more support than I ever did at school! Our Me2 resources support organisations to make their activities deaf-friendly. You can find them at www. Watch Ruth give her tips and advice on deaf young people travelling in her video. Our Roadshow will be visiting many schools and community groups in the north of the UK soon.

If your child is interested in volunteering, they might like to help out as a volunteer presenter. There are lots of other ways to volunteer for us as well, including picking up cheques from community groups in your area that have fundraised for us.

For more information about all of our volunteering opportunities, visit www. This might include telephones compatible with hearing aids, textphones, paging systems or deaf alerters. Colour in the picture and see which animals you can spot hidden in the trees.