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SUMMARY: This rule snowmobiles operating in the park to meet certain National Park Service air and sound emissions. .. Dated: March 1, Madonna L. For most widespread DCAA Accounting Services you should rely on DCAA Accounting Compliance. They have the expertise and experience to meet with the. be approved, the repair must meet the certification Chevy Corvette, Ford Mustang GT, Nissan G Coupe. DCAA career executives appointed to .. Fuel would be supplied to the plant site by rail or truck. The.

The commemoration program, an annual event organized by CFPA sinceincluded a moment of silence at 7: The workshops are designed to explore methods of observing, recording, extracting, and applying color from the natural world. Par- to consider extracting pigments and dyes from nature, using watercolor to record the color palette of place, observing the impact of light on color in photography, and using color as inspiration for design. After each walk, the instructor will lead a simple exercise that puts those color concepts into practice.

Visit captur ing color. The Princeton Human Services Commission is collecting backpacks and school supplies for Princeton schoolchildren entering kindergarten through sixth grade. Jersey Cares School Supply Campaign: Drop off supplies Monday-Friday, 11 a.

For a list of requested supplies, visit www.


Wednesday, August 22 from p. Lots of food and drink from local eateries will be for sale. The municipality of Princeton wants ideas and feedback from the community on trail facilities — where they are most needed, which improvements would be best, and what amenities would be most helpful. For more information and to participate, visit www. Morven daylily bulbs are bagged and available for pickup in the Museum Shop during regular museum hours. These triplets found each other by accident when they were A special discussion led by Hopewell psychotherapist Joni Mantell will follow a screening at the Hopewell venue on Sunday, August Incredibly, a third year-old who saw a story about the twins in the New York Post realized immediately that he was their third brother — they were triplets.

But none were aware, nor were their adoptive parents, that they were triplets. Their story is the subject of Three Identical Strangers, a film that chronicles their initial joy upon discovering each other, and eventual tragedy when Galland, a manic depressive, commits suicide. They discovered many things they had in common, from wrestling to the brand of cigarettes they smoked. But after a journalist from The New Yorker contacted them about a study he had found by eminent psychiatr ist Peter Neubauer on identical twins separated at birth, the mood changed.

It turned out that the boys had been separated not because no one wanted triplets, but because they were being used, like lab rats, for an experiment. Mantell will lead a discussion following a screening at the Hopewell Theater on Sunday, August 12 at 4: The kids and the parents just thought it was part of a study of adoption.

No one said it was a study of nature vs. The brothers spent a lot of time working t hrough anger t hey had about the deception surrounding their origins. Galland took his own life inafter being hospitalized for depression.

Weighing the role of heredity vs. Adoptive parents are always anxious about this. If you are interested in touring on a day not listed above, please email dlampertrudman morven. Shine only…rain cancels Walking Tour. All art materials included. Tour dig site, exhibition, and pot your own take-home plant with our horticulturists.

Interested in volunteering with us? Thursday, September 27 at 7: Students will create detailed botanical drawings. Advanced registration required, visit morven.

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Courtesy of Hunter Research, Inc. Question of the Week: Photo by Erica M. But the history of adoption includes a lot of secrecy, especially with adoptive parents from that era. In the past, kids would be shell-shocked to find out they were adopted but they had no language to discuss it. Now, parents are educated to tell their children from the day they were born, so there is never a moment of shock.

As they grow, they begin to ask questions and parents are advised to share the truth in bits and pieces. How do we manage this? The auction company recently announced it will merge its two floor plan components — Manheim Automotive Financial Services and Dealer Services Corp.

Geitner said the new name reflects the careful process used in bringing the two firms together and also the goal of using the latest technology to help dealers. Manheim purchased DSC last year.

NextGear will be headquartered in Indianapolis. Continued on page 3 The confidence to close more deals To learn more, turn to the back cover or visit myautovisor.

This Tax Season drive more profits to your dealership! With our GPS tracking solutions, dealers can track their assets, manage risk and improve collections. Our solutions help you increase sales while reducing risk. Drive towards success with GPS tracking solutions! A standard reconditioning includes new brakes, tires, rotors and windshield wipers. If the vehicle needs a tune up, all the spark plugs get changed, Wolkowitz said.

The firm partnered with Firestone for a 25,square-foot reconditioning center in Bridgeton, Mo. The facility opened last year. This allows a uniform process for repairs, Wolkowitz said. Providing the same service anywhere is another important aspect of the strategy.

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All six stores are decorated the same, using a color scheme of red, white and black. Like the Wolkowitzes, most of the staff comes from outside of auto sales. The most important quality Wolkowitz looks for in a potential employee is the ability to adapt to change.