Doctor who fanfiction all doctors meet

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doctor who fanfiction all doctors meet

All the Doctors have to team up to save the planet Earth from the Daleks. the eleventh Doctor and Clara, and then they meet all the others in. Rory meets the Doctors All the others were drinking beer and laughing at something someone This is Rose Tyler and that is the Doctor. To her shock, her messages are diverted to the Tenth Doctor instead of the regenerated Eleventh Doctor. Will the two Doctors meet? If so, will they be able to .

How you seen the old fart you've been travelin' with? I am not Hitler," Ian said to Twelve. I'm sure Coal Hill School is in utter chaos right now without your benevolent guidance," Twelve shot back. Bye bye now, Chesterton! We are staying right here, hm? I am perfectly sane, hm? This is getting ridiculous," Ian said to One. She's my granddaughter, hm? Trust me, you will live to regret it in a few weeks. Come on, Susan, come with us! The door opened and the Ninth Doctor stepped outside and froze.

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You mean I end up old again? How long's that gonna be? I also didn't want to look nine hundred years old but I guess that bubble's gonna burst," Nine said, eyeing Twelve. I can't open the doors, I can't do anything really" The Doctor said rubbing his neck confused. Well there you go, that is my reputation completely ruined in UNIT. The Brigadier said raising his voice. Let's think about this logically" The Doctor said moving around the console.

The Doctor shook his head.

doctor who fanfiction all doctors meet

Look at my arm. A bruise is already coming up". I told you that, and you fly this thing like a nutter". So when you fly this thing upside down, did you think to tell me? In fact did you think about me at all while you were holding onto that weird bike pump thing shouting Allon-zey?

I was like a Barbie Doll in a washing machine up there". Donna said slumping onto the seats at the side of the Console. The Doctor said hitting more and more buttons on the console. Donna stood up and dragged her feet around to the other side of the round console. That can't be right can it? Long corridors that went on into the darkness.

Neither have I" The Sixth Doctor said. I have lost my bearing's now. And on top of that I don't know where we are going anyway". The Doctor said as he started walking slowly down the dimly lit corridor. The Doctor and Peri continued to walk in silence until they got to a T junction. And also it looks kind of familiar". The Doctor said striding off. In the darkness the colours of his jacket all merging into a mishmash of greys.

It's our best hope of getting out". He pulled his lantern up to his face and looked at his two companions. So we just need to wake her up. Near the doors yea? He could see his companions were worried about this. And this will be no exception. The Doctor said smiling and putting his arm around Amy. I knew it began with 'F'. Now come on, let's go and find something exciting".

The Doctor and his companions walked off into the Darkness. Ace shielded her eyes from the bright ray of light. The Doctor pointed the light forward and stopped. The corridor went on for as far as the eye could see, or at least until the light met the darkness.

doctor who fanfiction all doctors meet

He shone the torch into the doorway. The doctor used the handle on his umbrella to pull the door close. The Doctor said before strolling off into the darkness. Looking annoyed as he turns a corner. Finally he comes do a door and smiles. I knew it was you" he says to the figure in the room before him.

Nyssa is looking after her" The Doctor said breathlessly. Turlough grabbed the doctor and stopped him. Why are you walking like a man possessed when you don't know where we are going? Turlough shook his head and followed the Doctor again as he walked off at breakneck speed. That is breaking the first rule of time.

Clara lent back on the wall behind the Doctor and pondered. At the national Museum and the old guy who stopped the time war". The Doctor turned to Clara somewhat annoyed. Clara nodded and decided now was a good time to be quiet.

The Doctor pulled out his sonic screwdriver and tapped it, before pulling at more wires. It was hundreds of years ago" The Doctor said using the sonic to weld two wires together. Clara rolled her eyes. The doctor sighed as he ripped some more leads from the panel. Clara asked "And the third" The Doctor said. For a moment he looked at Clara "I was so young then Clara, so young".

Clara smiled at the Doctor, and the Doctor appreciated that. Clara was the only one of his many friends over the years who had seen the other Doctors, knew who he was talking about. Sure a few companions had bridged regenerations, but Clara, Clara had seen them all.

That must have been…. Clara said "Interesting is one word" The Doctor said plugging the final wires in the wall. Stuck, like a wax work not able to move". I mean do you remember it" "Obviously as I am telling you. The current incarnation will always remember, normally. When the time lines return to their normal place you should forget so you can not alter history. However this doesn't always work, and yes, I normally remember".

He pushed some of the wires back in to the hatch and bent down picking up the cover and pushing it back over the wires.

doctor who fanfiction all doctors meet

He said "My checks" "What Checks? No it's dead as a Dodo" The Doctor said. As he and Clara turned the corner they came face to face with two figures, one of which they both recognised. The fear driving him forward knowing that if he could not find what he was looking for, he would be trapped in the TARDIS forever. He knew what he was looking for was like finding a needle in a haystack, however he hoped his Time Lord intuition would lead him to where he needed to be.

I mean he had never been let down by it before. However this time was different, this time he knew one of two things. He was either alone. This would be very bad. Or he would not be alone, which could potentially be catastrophic if he didn't find what he was looking for. And what he was looking for was something he had not seen in a very very long while.

The Console room of his very first incarnation. Susan Foreman looked up from the console quickly. The First Doctor looked suspiciously across the console at his immediate successor. He looked around at the room and noted how very little it had changed to the room he used now. It looks tired" he said walking up to the console. He pressed a button and a box popped up on the next panel. The Second doctor pulled the box that popped up out of the console and holds it up to the light.

He looks across at the First Doctor suspiciously. Being projected from somewhere in the distant future I presume".

The first Doctor said. Obviously this didn't reassure Susan. No man or woman should know their own fate" The First Doctor said. The Second Doctor nodded in agreement as Susan still looked at her Grandfather worried. The Second Doctor lifted up the box he had pulled from the Console. Now if, and I say If just to humour you, you strange little man, my actions affected your future, surely they would affect every incarnation that follows. Potentially 13 other versions of myself yes? Where are the other Doctors eh?

The Second Doctor did not have an answer and watched as his smug predecessor sat back down in his chair. The First Doctor craned to see as the Second span round.

doctor who fanfiction all doctors meet

In the door way was a young man and a smiling redhead. The Tenth Doctor walked into the console room followed by Donna. The grin on his face wider than she had ever seen before. The Doctor took his glasses out of his pocket to look around the room he had spent so much time in hundreds of years previous. The Tenth Doctor beamed as he walked around the Console picking a shocked Susan up and kissing her on the head! Donna looked on somewhat bemused as the Doctor patted the second Doctor on the head before crouching down next to the first Doctor who was sitting down looking on with a grimace on his face.

Donna looked on confused. The First Doctor slapped the Tenth's hands away and stood up. The First said holding up a nearby walking stick. Donna did not know what to think, and looked towards Susan to help her make sense of what was going on. But how are you here? Are you in the parallel universe too? He gently puts his left hand on her shoulder. Rose jolts and turns around quickly. Rose's jaw drops and she backs away. Yes," the Doctor says softly. Does that body still.

I still have feelings for you. You've got your own Doctor. We tell her tales of the man in the trench coat, and his wonderful blue box.

Of how he can kill a Dalek with just a screwdriver. Of how he wears 3D glasses and sees the void. Of how he travels through time and space and sees worlds all the way across the stars. I've got all of you. Are these three your new companions, then? The Doctor sighs and looks away from Rose. This here is Amy and Rory and, ah. The Doctor sighs and bows his head.

I'm so, so sorry. Suddenly, her face lights up and she grins. Rose squeezes his hands. I have MY Doctor, and that's what matters. She sidles up to the Doctor and Rose and looks at the blond.

The Doctor makes a sound that seems like a cross between a laugh an a snort. Rose laughs, tipping her head back. River watches the two with amusement. Rose opens her mouth, ready to speak again, when another white flash of light appears from the corner. And what's with the bow tie? He looks at all of his companions closely. In that moment, in that small sliver of a second, he realizes truly how much he misses them.

doctor who fanfiction all doctors meet

Rose Tyler Bad Wolf. Martha Jones The U. Donna Noble The DoctorDonna. Rory Williams The Lone Centurion. The greatest people in the galaxy. I wish all you could still travel with me.