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dragon ball z until we meet again

Until We Meet Again by Koku78 Dragon ball super is over. I would be happy if you try ☺ Dragon Ball Z GT AF Heroes:iconvjump. Superhero · Dragon Ball Super「AMV」- Until We Meet Again - YouTube Dragon Z ,. Visit Maki Nishikino, Samus Aran, Sailor Venus, Dragon Ball Z, Goku, Dbz. This is just a quick one shot that I wrote at 2 am. It's my personal spin on the series finale. I know a lot of people don't really care much for GT.

He had heard of this school.

A Bittersweet Victory! Until We Meet Again!

It was one of the best boarding schools on this planet. They even had their own college there. Gohan knew he shouldn't do it, but he was wondering why his daughter was receiving letters from this school, so he opened it nonetheless.

The content was a formal letter, which said, Dear Miss Son, We are pleased to inform you that you have passed all the tests with extraordinary results and that you have been accepted at California Boarding School. Terms begin on September 1. Your room and everything will be prepared.

We will expect you to arrive at August Yours sincerely, Richard Jenkins Gohan swallowed hard, when he read this. Random thoughts were running through his head. What did they mean with this letter? Well, he knew what the letter was saying, but how could that be?

As far as he knew did Pan never do any tests to be accepted by this school. That must be a big mistake. His daughter would never do something like that without telling them.

She was his little girl and she always told him everything. And besides, why would she want to go to this school? Well, he would have to wait until she comes back that night to ask her what's up with this strange letter. He hoped that there was an easy explanation for all of this — even though he knew somewhere back in his mind that he wouldn't like that explanation at all. What are you still doing out there? The coffee is getting cold. Maybe this day wasn't that perfect after all. First of all she and Bra had slept almost till late afternoon, because they somehow first found their way to bed as the sun already began to rise, and after that she had agreed on sparring with Vegeta.

She would have rather sparred with Trunks, with him she knew that she had a small chance of winning, since he was lacking off due to his work, but Vegeta gave her a real workout.

dragon ball z until we meet again

So all she wanted to do right now was taking a shower, eating a small snack and then climbing into her warm and very comfortable bed. She thought she could almost hear it calling out for her. She chuckled, as she came through the front door.

She didn't know when she last had been that tired.

dragon ball z until we meet again

And happy at the same time. Well, people always said that she was always cheerful. But most of the time it was just show. Since her grandfather died, it hadn't been the same. A part of her was missing. But with that, she could deal. What bothered her most was that everyone still treated her like a small child. She was sixteen years old, for Dende's sake and especially after the grand tour they should have noticed that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

And still, when someone was talking and she asked them what about, she always got as answer that she wouldn't understand that.

That she was still too young. How could she grow up, when everyone was still thinking that she was still six years old? Everyone around her was acting like that when it came to her, even Bra, who was just a year older than her, but was always said to be much more mature — and Trunks. He still saw her like 'little Panny', the girl who acted like a boy, who was a good sparring partner and listener. Just a real good friend. Those were her reason why she couldn't stand living there anymore.

Until We Meet Again

She knew that she would miss her friends a lot, but she just had to get away. She couldn't just stay and wait for them to change, to see that she wasn't a little girl anymore. She had to get away as far as possible, so that she could start a new a life. A life where she could get over her … crush on Trunks.

And at the same time, Trunks was the only one who knew that Pan wanted to go to this school in California. He was the one who lied for her, when she had been in the States doing this test, telling her parents that she had been with him the whole day and that made her love him even more.

Who wouldn't love him for that? Shaking her head to get rid of those thoughts she walked into the living room, hoping to find her parents there.

She just wanted to tell them that she was back. But they weren't in the living room. She could feel that he was trying to keep his power level low. You're scaring me…" "Pan, sit down," he told her sternly. Pan obeyed and sat down at the table, not taking her eyes of her father. When he wakes up, he sees Dende's smiling face. Dende apologizes for Goku's death, but Gohan is unconcerned, having felt his spirit and heard his voice when he defeated Cell.

He was sure his father helped somehow. Piccolo remarks on how much Gohan has changed. Android 18 awakens, having been healed by Dende at Krillin's behest. Krillin tells her that Cell has been defeated. Yamcha is still afraid of her, but the others do not worry about it as much. Piccolo tells her that Krillin protected her after Cell threw her up. Gohan blurts out in realization that Krillin is in love with her.

Android 18 shows no gratitude and flies off the platform, leaving Krillin fighting back tears. Piccolo says they should hurry and gather the Dragon Balls so they can resurrect Trunks and the other humans killed in the Cell Games. With the Dragon Balls assembled, Dende summons Shenron.

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Android 18 notices the sky getting dark, and returns to the platform and hides when she sees Shenron appear. Yamcha wishes for the humans killed by Cell to be brought back to life, and Shenron grants it. Before their eyes, a restored Trunks breathes again, and rises; this shocks Android Piccolo notices that Goku has not returned, but Shenron says he can now grant a second wish.

However, the limit on the number of times he can resurrect someone is still in effect. He cannot revive Goku again. Krillin suggests trying to revert time, but Tien says that would bring Cell back as well. Dende then says that the Dragon Balls on New Namek can revive him, since Porunga does not have the same limits on resurrection.

Yamcha suggests they wish to go to New Namek.

Until We Meet Again, a dragon ball z fanfic | FanFiction

At this point, everyone at Kami's Lookout hears the voice of Goku. He tells them that he died the way he wanted to: He says that what Bulma said about him being a magnet for trouble was true, and the world might get some peace without his power attracting new threats. So he tells his friends and son that he wishes to remain dead, and help King Kai get resituated in the Other Worldsince he, Bubbles and Gregory were also revived by their wish to revive those killed by Cell.

Goku is certain Gohan will someday take his place as Earth's defender. With that, he bids his friends farewell, saying he will see them when they die. They notice that he is the same carefree person that he always was, even dead. Shenron reminds them they still have a wish, but nobody else can think of one. Yamcha jokes about getting a necklace for a girlfriend. Krillin speaks up, wishing for Android 17 and Android 18 to be turned human.

Android 18, still hiding, thinks that is a stupid idea. Shenron says that turning a machine into living flesh is beyond his power. Yamcha wonders why Krillin included Android 17 in the wish because he thinks he's dead, but Piccolo reminds Yamcha that Android 17 was probably revived by the first wish as well, since he exploded on King Kai's planet along with Cell.

Thinking quick, Krillin then wishes for the bombs to be removed from their bodies instead. Shenron grants that wish, then takes his leave, and the Dragon Balls scatter around the world.