Emerging kerala meet 2012 ram

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emerging kerala meet 2012 ram

'Emerging Kerala ' a biennial global investment meet being organized by the Government of Kerala, will be held from September, 12 to Kiran Ram. SUB EDITOR Emerging Kerala Meet on at Le Meridien It is my firm belief that “Emerging Kerala ” is going to be the beginning. Public Wrath; Maharashtra Won't Let UP's Lord Ram Statue be Taller Than Shivaji Memorial, Mulls Updated:September 18, , PM IST the ' Emerging Kerala' investors' meet, the Opposition has failed to cash in on the opportunity. “There was a general vagueness surrounding 'Emerging Kerala', leading from.

But the state continued to remain high on the quality of life index thanks to the high social development indicators and the rising and sustained flow of remit. As early as in BC Kerala had established itself as a major centre in the world spice trade. At the time of the formation of the state inTravancore was far more industrialized than most of the present-day industrialized regions of India. The collapse of communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and the bold change of track in China have substantially influenced the thinking of communists.

This pro-investment attitude encouraged other political parties also to strike a bold posture on industrialization and growth. Appropriate policies and projects in these sectors will be announced at the meet. Such policies and projects will be presented before investors.

Also, road shows are planned 7 abroad. Kerala already has some ongoing major projects like the supplementary gas infrastructure project, the Vizhinjam international seaport, the highspeed rail corridor, the Kochi-Palakkad NIMZ, Titanium sponge, the petrochemical project, Kochi metro, mono rail in Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode, Life Sciences Park in Thiruvananthapuram and the electronic hub and oceanarium in Kochi.

Some of these projects are only in the very early stage and some are yet to complete a viability study; yet these e-governance for comprehensive and sustainable development of the state. The Chief Minister expects to attract investments worth Rs 1 lakh crore from the meet. This is, indeed, ambitious but achievable, provided the state follows up the initiative by addressing some major challenges such as waste disposal, power availability, roads and other infrastructure issues.

Appropriate policies and programmes addressing these issues are expected to be announced at the meet. In some of these sectors Kerala has unique strategic and natural advantages and therefore investment in projects in these sectors will be highly rewarding to investors and beneficial to the State.

Ongoing ma- Another potential game changer for Kerala is the Sam Pitroda Initiative which has identified major projects such as coastal navigation, knowledge city, global centre for ayurveda, waste management and potential and prospects are huge, but we have miles to go.

This is not true today. We want to give a message to the rest of the world that Kerala has changed a lot and that our state is a good destination for investment. T he State Government recently completed one year in office. Can you take us through the ups and downs you witnessed during the period? What has been your learning experience? We set out on our journey one year ago with a clear vision and specific goals. Out of the projects listed out for our day programme, we completed before time.

That was a remarkable start. We issue rice to 21 lakh at one rupee and have issued ration card for more than five lakh families. We have also made arrangements to issue ration card on the same date of application, if the request is complete in all respects. This is a remarkable achievement. Our action plan is aimed at transparency to stamp out corruption, offering clean and green surroundings, netting higher economic growth, laying down strong infrastructure, ensuring better health and driving the digital revolution, besides social welfare.

Work with dedication, and the results will come naturally. There should be a human face to all our action plans and endeavours towards economic growth; we should keep people informed, take them into confidence and show that the Government exists for them. A number of mega-projects are being conceptualized and developed in the state. Can you take us through these projects?

'Emerging Kerala 2012' to be held from September, 12 to 14, 2012

We have given the highest priority to infrastructure development. Kerala has achieved a lot in education, health and other social sectors in which it is the first among Indian states. But we are lagging in infrastructure and investment. We know these weaknesses in the development sector. So we want to overcome these hurdles and leap forward in this sector.

The Government intends to develop road, rail, mass transportation, urban infrastructure, power and water supply projects. The allocation envisaged for the sector during the 12th Plan period is around Rs 15, crore. Sept 30 - Oct 31, Sept 30 - Oct 31, Some of the mega-projects that can change the landscape of Kerala in a few years are: What are the investment opportunities in these?

How beneficial are these projects when they get completed?

emerging kerala meet 2012 ram

This was a setback to our development plans. At the same time we have a successful model of PPP in developing the Kochi airport. That was the first PPP model of airport in the country.

CIAL is one of the best international airports of the world considering the investment-profit ratio. Once these projects are completed, Kerala will be far ahead of its peers in terms of infrastructural development. We will bring closer to the reality our dream of turning Kerala into an equitable, enterprising and welfare state.

What inspired you to come out with such a campaign? There was a feeling earlier that Kerala is not an investment-friendly state. Besides that the goal of this meet is not just to attract investment. It is also to present a new Kerala before the global audience as a destination worth exploring in various 9 fields.

We are rebuilding the strengths that have always put Kerala a step ahead of other states, whether it is in education, health, green environment, law and order or political stability. It is time for us to take this message to the world. As I said earlier, we are accelerating our pace of development. We have to pitch our strengths at the right time before the right people on the right platform.

We have made the right beginning by projecting our core strengths. It is going to generate a pool of ideas that will drive the future of the state. We have also put in place a mechanism to follow up on the results of the meet.

We will make sure that the leads generated from this global session, featuring academics, policymakers, experts and investors, are translated into actions and that those actions yield results. This event is only a starting point for continued engagement with businesses and other interests outside Kerala.

The purpose is to build long-term, abiding relations which could fructify after the event. How much of investment do you expect from this campaign? Do you think that the investment figures can outperform that of other states? Can you tell us how much of the agreed investments convert into actual investments?

We are not very much concerned about the quantum of in- vestment. We want to show our strength and show the preparedness to help people do business in Kerala and with Kerala.

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We are not setting any targets for investments; nor are we worried about figures. The idea is to showcase and create opportunities rather than generate MOUs. We are not competing with other states in terms of the quantum of investment. We have our unique attributes and our potential which will drive investment and further productive economic activities.

Investors’ meet held

What are the highlights of the programme and how many sectors will be showcased to investors? This will be a forum where the delegates can present proposals for collaborations in their areas of strength.

There will also be a technology exhibition that will display a range of available technologies which could be put into commercial use.

We have identified 26 thrust sectors which have high growth potential. Nearly projects are to be showcased and placed before the visitors. We are also creating a platform to bring some great minds together to generate ideas that can power our future growth.

We are quite sure about the outcome of this meet. This will be the beginning of a long march for our State to achieve further heights of development. Kerala has changed a lot recently and we want to show this change to the rest of the world.

emerging kerala meet 2012 ram

We want to get positive results from this change. How does the programme benefit the common man? It is a sustained campaign to showcase the strengths and potential of Kerala, both in terms of growth and investment. We want to show the world our proactive policies, our commitment to inclusive development and sustainability and our efforts to create an investor-friendly environment.

So it will also be a brainstorming exercise to generate ideas and strategies that will drive our future growth. On the sidelines, we will have an exhibition of a range of available technologies that can potentially be commercialized.

All the projects we have drafted, all the strategies we are going to discuss at the summit and all decisions we take as a follow-up to this initiative will be directed towards our goal of inclusive development. We want the benefits of economic growth to reach everyone in every part of the state. Our strategies target jobs creation, entrepreneurship opportunities, better healthcare and education, food security, world-class transport network, improved standards of living and a strong social fabric.

The core sectors are IT and ITeS; tourism and medical tourism; healthcare; food and agro-processing; knowledge and education; ports, shipbuilding and logistics; energy including green energy; biotechnology; nanotechnology and other sunrise sectors; financial services and infrastructure development.

What are the major projects to be showcased at the programme? How much investment do they require?

emerging kerala meet 2012 ram

We have planned a host of mega-projects, particularly in the infrastructure sector, which has been given the highest priority. Some of these projects are: While states such as Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have held similar events calling for investment, will Kerala be able to match their figures? We are not competing with any of the states for investments and we are not comparing our initiative with any such programmes undertaken elsewhere in India.

We have plenty of unique attributes and potential to attract investments and we have a development strategy tailored to our specific needs. The disappointments and criticism result from unreasonable expectations. We have Can a state like Kerala, which suffers from dearth of land, contain these mega-projects? We are aware of our limitations in terms of land. If you look carefully at the proposed projects, you can see they have been designed with minimal land requirement.

Take the highspeed rail, for instance. Most of the over km of track will be on stilts, underground tunnels and bridges so the land required is relatively very little. There are no quantified targets. And this is not going to be an isolated exercise. We are backing our call for investment with all-round support, including policy frameworks, incentives and fast-track clearance systems.

We are also open to any suggestions or recommendations that will help us improve these plans. Concerns have also been raised about the environmental impact of some of these projects. How is the Government going to address them? SJapanand Canada. Necessary amendments would be made to the single-window clearance Act, including making the application process online. The State government plans to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem by creating Technology Innovation Zone on about 10 acres in Kochi at an initial investment of Rs.

Mega Projects[ edit ] A number of Mega projects are being conceptualized and developed in the State, the most prominent of which are as follows: The total investment for the project is estimated at Rs. The project is proposed to follow Landlord Port Model, where dredging, reclamation and basic infrastructure like construction of break-water and quay will be done by Vizhinjam International Seaport Ltd.

Port Operation will be on public—private partnership PPP model. Terminal superstructure will be built by private operator who will also operate and maintain it for 30 years. The port development along with the external infrastructure work is envisaged to be carried out in phases with the cumulative cost estimated at around Rs. The port is envisaged to provide in total m of quay length in three phases and is designed to cater primarily for containers transshipment, besides providing for other type of cargo such as Multi-Purpose, Break Bulk.