Far cry 3 meet citra walkthrough zelda

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far cry 3 meet citra walkthrough zelda

Far Cry 3 Meet Citra. Visual walkthrough for Far Cry 3 Meet Citra main story quest , with screenshots, maps and guides. December 26, Far Cry 3 - Hideout. Hideout is a map that is split into two big areas. The first area is a giant ship that has a piece of it broken off; you can go. See more ideas about Crying, Far cry 5 and Videogames. Zombie Video Games, Zombie News, Far Cry 5, Xbox One, Ps4, Zombies, No era Zelda: Netflix anuncia serie de Devil May Cry Far Cry 3 Gameplay Deutsch p Walkthrough - Vorfreude auf Far Cry 5 Meet Longinus - Far Cry preaching arms dealer.

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It would be wise of you to activate this radio tower before entering the temple. Beware though, there are enemies patrolling the areas surround this radio tower. Ascending this tower is pretty basic. If there's no stairs, look for a ladder.

Far Cry 3 -- The Tribe : Meet Citra and Dennis

If there's no ladder, look for ropes dangling off a ledge and climb up them. Once you reach the top, activate the radio tower, and take the zipline down to the bottom. The objective is located just south of the zipline.

far cry 3 meet citra walkthrough zelda

Be careful of Dingos located in this area. They'll bite you, and shooting them may alert nearby enemies. Once you're in range of the temple, you'll be given the objective to speak with Dennis. The waypoint for this objective will be located directly at the entrance of the temple.

far cry 3 meet citra walkthrough zelda

Travelling to this waypoint will activate a cutscene in which Dennis grants the both of you access into the temple. After awhile, the cutscene will end, and your objective will be to follow Dennis as he walks you through the temple.

Far Cry 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 11 - Meet Citra - Mission 9

Once you reach the large tree at the center of the temple, Citra will approach you, give you something to drink, and tell you that she'll help you save your friends if you find what is lost. After drinking from the bottle Citra gave you, you will begin to hallucinate, and after a loading screen you will begin falling toward the earth.

After hitting the ground, you'll be at a table with three of your friends. They'll vanish, and you'll be given the objective to search for the object Citra desires. Travel forward, following the man in white. If you want her help you need to prove yourself. Upon leaving the cave your cell phone rings and Dennis asks you to meet him at a hidden temple. There you will talk with Citra, leader of Rakyat, the only person that can help you with improving your strength. Dennis can be found at Temple Gateway.

When you reach him, he will ask you to behave yourself when you enter the hidden temple, no sudden moves or anything. After the door opens, follow Dennis up to a big tree where you will meet the beautiful and dangerous Citra. She is not convinced in your strength to do anything, but your strong desire to help your friends, make her change her mind.

far cry 3 meet citra walkthrough zelda

She will give you a task to bring her what she want, but in order to figure out what you need to get you need to drink a potion she gives you. Search for the object Citra desires. At the start of hallucinations you will be falling down onto the island from a great distance.

After a rough landing, you will see yourself at the card table with your missing friends. They will turn their looks at the man in a white suit at the beach.