Forza horizon 2 we meet again

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forza horizon 2 we meet again

For Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox One, GameFAQs has 50 achievements. Horizon Enthusiast, Complete Championships. Horizon We Meet Again!. Forza Horizon 2/Achievements (Xbox One). Achievements in Forza Horizon 2 are a series of goals that can be earned through career and. We Meet Again! Achievement in Forza Horizon 2: Win a Showdown at every Car Meet - worth 20 GamerScore. Find guides to this achievement.

forza horizon 2 we meet again

Driver's License 34 Posted: Wednesday, December 10, C-Class Racing License 35 Posted: Thursday, December 11, Driver's Permit 36 Posted: Wish I could help you bro! B-Class Racing License 1 user liked this post.

forza horizon 2 we meet again

B-Class Racing License 38 Posted: Thursday, December 11, 2: Driver's Permit 39 Posted: Friday, December 12, 7: I tried going in Nice from every direction.

I have bought a car at every location. Shrug, I guess it doesn't matter in the long run, but frustrating C-Class Racing License 40 Posted: Monday, December 15, 5: Shaggy SoCal I had a similar issue a while back where I could see all six car meets on my map but my progress showed I had only visited 3 of them. That did it for me, thanks!

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Driver's Permit 41 Posted: Thursday, February 5, 7: I have done everything but deleted my game. My "ah we meet again" achievement says done I am in the range and I am not starting over. Any other options than the two obvious ones delete and reinstall and start over; give up on achievement??

forza horizon 2 we meet again

Racing Permit 42 Posted: Thursday, April 23, 2: Driver's License 43 Posted: Sunday, May 24, 6: I have done a showdown in all of them as well. X-Class Racing License 1 user liked this post.

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Also if you go to a Car Meet while in a private match it throws you in with the general public so as far as I can tell you cannot just do a Showdown against your friends to boost unless you get lucky on the matchmaking. This is an online achievement.

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There's no option to start a showdown in single player. You can go for this achievement once you have access to all six car meets which means having progressed far enough in the single player I guess. I'm not sure what triggers it, but after some time waiting at the car meet you can issue a challenge for a showdown via X button, or press X to join if someone else initiated it.

If at least two players joined, a point to point race will start after the countdown. Cars of any class can join, but lower classes get a head start of the higher classes. Having a head start of the S1 or higher cars and a car that handles well so no bigger crashes the only competition I had was the other A and B class cars.

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The faster cars mainly could not use their high speed because of the track layouts. For one race Nice it took some tries, for the others it was quite easy. I would consider myself averagely skilled, so it's possible to win one race if you keep at it. For the Saint-Martin race a drag race you need a fast If possible X or high S2 car with fast acceleration and top speed, and with my Henessy Venom GT it was possible after a few tries when I got a slower opponent.