Global investors meet andhra pradesh government

AP Investment Meet

global investors meet andhra pradesh government

Andhra Pradesh is the eighth largest state in India covering an area of 1,60, Government adopted mission based approach for targeting double digit. Andhra Pradesh. A.P. has caught the fancy of global investors: CM said his participation in the World Economic Forum (WEF) - meeting in Mr. Naidu said he was confident that the Central government would give the. Jul 21, The Andhra Pradesh Government has decided not to host the proposed Global Investors' Meet scheduled to be held in September in.

It announced that this time around, special care was taken to screen the proposed MoUs, and that non-serious parties had been weeded out.

global investors meet andhra pradesh government

In other words, it has finally been admitted that a substantial number of the MoUs were only on paper. The question is why this is happening. For one thing, industrialists are perhaps signing the MoUs for the sake of publicity without any genuine intention of operationalising them. Another reason could be a lack of response from the state government even when the signatories were keen to keep their word.

In the first case, it is necessary to find out what the real intentions of the industries were, and what they hoped to gain by signing MoUs. Was it with the intention of increasing the value of their shares in the stock market?

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If that is so, much more care has to be taken in the future to make the procedure foolproof. Perhaps, a penal clause for those backing out from MoU could be a good idea.

A.P. has caught the fancy of global investors: CM

Another method would perhaps be to blacklist the defaulters and drop them from the list of invitees for subsequent events. In regard to the second case, it is necessary to enquire into the defects in the system that is in place within the government.

Red tape would be the obvious whipping boy. But then, there is the claim that single window systems have been set up to improve the strike rate.

If that is so, this method is apparently not working out. It does not matter what the government or the corporates hope to gain by this publicity exercise. The worrying part is that the jobless youth, whose expectations are raised by the fancy announcements who would be crestfallen and depressed when they do not translate into action. That, precisely, is what has to be averted at any cost.

global investors meet andhra pradesh government

Once the intention is converted to an actual industry, an Part 2 from is filed. All intentions clearly do not get converted into actual investments and there is a time gap for intentions to translate into actual investments - years for large and medium industries and years for small and micro enterprises.

Manufacturing sector projects create long term well-paying jobs whose payrolls provide a fivefold multiplier effect over the life of the Project. Large investments in non-manufacturing sectors have the least employment generation per million rupees invested. Thus, they have the least multiplier effect of the investment. But the time taken to convert intentions is about years, so the frequency of the summit is important - once in two years is too small a gap.

Why intentions do not become investments

The real danger is that once Summit is over, the State may not get any investments in the natural course for the next few years as all potential investments are exhausted during the Summit MoU.

So, unless the strike rate is good, the State may actually be a long-term loser. The State is in the process of transformation and emerging as Sunrise state with growth strategies and targets are being set to achieve them in defined timeframe under Vision Government adopted mission based approach for targeting double digit growth on a sustainable basis.

Sunrise Andhra Pradesh Investment Meet 2018

Sustaining double digit growth for the next 14 years is imperative to ensure that Andhra Pradesh will be one among the top three performing states bythe best in the country by and the best global destination by Amaravati, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, is envisioned to be a city of world-class standards with a vision of increasing Andhra Pradesh's prominence in the world.

The prime focus of the state is to promote infrastructure in the State and develop cities like Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada and Tirupathi with the best infrastructure facilities like metro rail, outer ring roads and international airports, IT hubs and simultaneously promote the identified smart cities.

global investors meet andhra pradesh government

Andhra Pradesh is endowed with rich natural resources. It is endowed with large number of mineral resources and it is called as a mineral store house. The major minerals include bauxite, lime stone, barytes, sea sand, quartz, oil and natural gas, dolomite, steatite, calcite, low grade iron ore, etc.

The State has 6 varieties of agro-climate conditions with 5 different types of soils.

global investors meet andhra pradesh government

It is a pioneer in the production of spices, oil palm, tomato, chilies, turmeric, citrus, tobacco, egg production. The State leads in the cultivation of mango, banana, cashew, and flowers.