Got ascent adventure rewards meet

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got ascent adventure rewards meet

- Welcome to the Act-Belong-Commit Augusta Adventure Fest going well we were forced to move the race away from Dunsborough. memories from the race as it gave us a chance to meet the competitors and go for a 'run / swim to experience the wilderness, the challenge, the thrill and the reward that competing . The highest peak in Italy and the seventh highest in the Graian Alps, Gran Paradiso is an achievable and rewarding first European ascent. Learn introductory. He has worked in the travel industry, as both an adventure tour guide and as a If you ever need a bit of help on a steep ascent, Chris is the guy you want by your . Mitch spends almost as much time examining whats going on at beaches as.

Everest Base Camp Solo With the streams of websites on top of the dozens of locally offered tour offerings when you arrive, its hard to know where to start with a booking a trip to hike to Mount Everest.

Adventure Rewards

I toyed with the idea of hiring a guide when I was there but figured being on my own might be lonely when you need the camaraderie of others to spur you on. I was also close to using localised websites such as Trek Booking to meet others to form a group and hire guides and porters but worried that I would be thrown into the midst of diehard trekkers, where I would be a burden or unable to keep up.

There have also been multiple reports of people taking on the trek solo, even without a porter or a guide and going missing. Do not underestimate the power of nature and not knowing your surroundings. The porters and guide are born and bred here and understand the terrain and the changes in altitude. If you want a solo experience, at least hire a local guide to ensure you do so in the safest environment possible.

got ascent adventure rewards meet

And so I began my EBC trip with a group of 14 people, alongside two guides and four porters. Looking back, I needed a lot of those people. A simple hug and daily words of encouragement made everything better.

When you cried they understood or cried too because we were all going through the same pain. The laugher and the nights huddled round the fire talking and getting to know one another better overshadowed any negative thoughts that were always lurking.

I doubt I would have completed this trek without the collective morale that existed between us. The wind lightly wobbles you in the air, until you touch down on the famous short, steep and precarious mountain-side runway that Lukla is known for. Little did we know how much harder it would be and how much colder it would get. Savour that first night.

Yet reaching this haven at 3, metres requires extreme effort. I found this day one of the hardest, alongside the day of getting to Everest Base Camp itself.

Battle for the North

It involved six hours of high climbing and steep steps through stunning forest, crossing rivers via long, swaying suspension bridges and relentless physical exertion in dusty, dry heat which sent my adrenalin levels pumping so high that all I could do when I reached the lodge was sit and cry.

However, an opportunity for a lie-in or to put your feet up. Just when you thought you had got your breath back you are off again to reach a higher altitude, a dry-run, ready to make the ascent properly the next day. You climb high and sleep lower, so while you are not trekking for three to six hours, you will spend approximately two hours hauling yourself up a steep hill in order for your body to get used to the next stage of high altitude — a painful but necessary evil which makes the forthcoming trekking days a little easier.

got ascent adventure rewards meet

Our group climbs to a higher altitude on Everest Base Camp trek for incredible mountain views Teahouse food stop, typically half way on the trekking route of that day Reaching Mount Everest Base Camp — Exhaustion and Euphoria You will never forget the day before and the day of the last long slog to get to Mt. This becomes some of the hardest few hours of the entire expedition. Higher altitude, colder temperatures and tougher climbs all come together in a force that you think will defeat you.

Knowing you are so close, coupled with unbeatable views are certainly two things that help you pull through it. Reaching Base Camp and standing at an altitude of 5, meters is euphoric, even with depleted energy levels.

got ascent adventure rewards meet

It was therefore not a land filled with people ready to go further, or where a huge sign signals your end goal. Instead you are greeted by a huge rock covered in prayer flags to pose with. Day Nine to 12 The thought of four days trekking back down is not the greatest, and is something you almost have to train your mind not to think about since you have no option but to get back down, and on the same path from which you have already traversed.

Slow pace and rest stop are essential throughout the trek Just remember one thing: Lukla is the release and you deserve it. Coming back to the starting gate at Lukla Celebrations at Lukla. You absolutely deserve it. The incredible Sherpas on our EBC trek.

Without them it would be even harder. Try and accept the uncomfortable nights in the tea houses, where your room will be a made from walls of ply wood, and the water will be ice-cold. Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel better and try not to project too much negativity as this can also be detrimental to the moral of the group. I found it easier to walk away from people who felt a constant need to moan.

Your own mental stability is an extremely important factor in getting you to the end goal! Avoid Altitude Sickness Altitude kills, but in the majority of cases it just makes you feel extremely shitty. I chose not to take Diamox tablets as I am a migraine sufferer and I wanted to know if my body was on shut down during the Everest Base Camp trek. I listened to all the advice our guide gave each day regarding how much water to drink — and I drank more to ensure I stayed on top of the altitude symptoms.

But just two days before reaching base camp I succumbed to altitude sickness. I woke up in the morning with throbbing headaches, which I carried with me while trekking. I felt nauseous and weak, and mentally I struggled and so took the tablets for a couple of days. Go Slow Taking slow, measured steps during the trek to Everest Base Camp is as important as staying hydrated to prevent altitude sickness.

got ascent adventure rewards meet

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got ascent adventure rewards meet

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