Ihsa cross country state meet false start

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ihsa cross country state meet false start

Boys Cross Country. Boys Cross Country · State IHSA Tournament Photography by VIP: View and Order Photos. State Final Meet. Class 1A, 2A & 3A : Sat., Nov. Regional, 3 mi. 10/27, IHSA 1A Elmwood XC Sectional, 3 mi. 11/3, IHSA 1A State XC Championships, 3 mi. Claim this athlete to start tracking your workouts!. Girls Cross Country · State Series · Records & Past Results. Sites: 1A 2A 3A Assignments: 1A 2A 3A. Regional & Sectional Results: 1A 2A 3A.

No one should swear or throw a baton. Everyone should be on the same page. Include and involve the other schools in your Sectional. Track may be the only sport where we are forced, as coaches, to referee. I tell stories to illustrate my point. DuQuoin, the top seed, had a late exchange.

In my mind I can still picture it. The outgoing runner had both feet out of the zone reaching back to grab the baton. In my mind, he was out. I raised the red flag. I have never forgiven myself. That was 23 years ago and it still haunts me. I tell our coaches not to disqualify anyone unless it must be done. Measurement is never perfect. Measure twice, cut once.

Both statements are important to a Sectional seed meeting. We are not competing against each other, we are striving for excellence. We are all in this together. Kids love personalized shirts at Sectional. Last week, it was good news bad news. Boomer made only transfers because we sold three years ago. We could have sold shirts. I highly recommend Boomer-Ts. I designed the logo and kids liked it.

Your other option is to order t-shirts and sell them yourself. I always go through Angelo at The Graphic Edge. By the way, t-shirts must come from a licensed IHSA distributor. Yes, the IHSA gets a piece of t-shirt action.

Concessions at Sectional is a huge money-maker. Over people spectators, athletes, and coaches attended our Sectional. The meet started at 4: Almost everything was gone at Central by 6: No burgers, no pizza, no plan-B. Plainfield North could have made a boatload of money because we would not have run out of food. We would have had more than one window open to the concession stand. Lines would have been short. Plainfield North would have had food cooking throughout the meet. Cook meat at Sectionals.

Anything that makes people hungry is a good thing. John would have sold thousands of dollars of BBQ. Think out of the box. Find people you trust.

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Do not simply ask every school to fax you the names of three workers. The three workers may look like they crawled out from under a rock.

ihsa cross country state meet false start

I made personal contact with field event experts. I made sure my head field event people were trustworthy. We had three head football coaches working field events: I make fun of football coaches, but they are strong, trustworthy people. None of my coaches worked an event.

Instead, I made my own coaches managers. Sean Carlson managed the two throws. Brian Damhoff managed the four jumps. Both were given total responsibility for all things concerned with their events.

Tape measure, rakes, brooms, clip boards, extra cross-bars, scales, etc. I delegated and they managed. John Singleton was the hurdle manager. Here is our list of workers … Sectional Work Assignments. I feel strongly about this issue. I told the coaches at the seed meeting that our kids would run best if we had a time schedule with built-in rest, like the state meet. We can either have rested kids running fast times or we can get home 45 minutes earlier. Is anyone in favor of a rolling schedule?

The room went silent. At some Sectionals, Athletic Directors high-five other administrators for finishing the finals in world-record time 2 hours. Our finals took three hours, 6: My Athletic Director left Plainfield Central at If you want to see our time schedule, here it is … Time Schedule.

Music needs to be a part of your festival. Good times deserve a soundtrack.

ihsa cross country state meet false start

The Sectional needs a playlist. My playlist started at 3: Give your Sectional some personality. Eligibility lists must be turned in to the regional host prior to the beginning of the regional.

ihsa cross country state meet false start

They are official once they are turned into the regional host and can't be altered. The list may be altered after regional play, but once it is turned in for state tournament play it is official and can't be altered. Both member shools must approve the use. During regular season games two 2 IHSA licensed officials must be hired for baseball, softball, and boys and girls basketball - one 1 IHSA licensed official for volleyball will be used on all 7th JV and 8th Varsity games or matches, with the exception in case of late notice of an officials cancelation.

In the event of a late notice cancelation, a non licensed official may be substituted. A record of the physical examination shall be on file in in the student's member school. By rule, judgment decisions cannot be protested.

Any school making a protest shall have a school official contact the the Executive Director within twenty-four 24 hours of completion of the contest. Any coach or school official who withdraws a team from the field of play under any circumstances prior to the official completion of the game shall forfeit all rights to protest. Forfeits may be allowed only under the following conditions.

When a team's roster is decimated by illness or multiple deaths, a forfeit may be declared without penalty to the school. When further play becomes impossible because of travel conditions caused by flood, severe winds, snow, or ice a forfeit may be declared without penalty to the school s. When a team's roster is decimated by academic ineligibility, a forfeit may be declared without penalty to the school. When situations are beyond the control of the school. During that period of time the school shall enter no contests sponsored by this association.

This penalty shall be administered by the Board of Control and there shall be no appeal for the violation of this section of the By-Laws.

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During season play, any coach or school official who withdraws a team from the field of play prior to the completion of the contest shall forfeit all rights to protest. In addition, the coach shall be suspended for a minimum of two 2 games and the member school placed on probation one 1 year.

During a suspension coaches may not attend contests or travel with the team to and from contests from which sport they are suspended. The player may sit on the bench in street clothes not in uniform while in attendance. Any player, coach, or fan that is ejected by an official for unsportsmanlike conduct druing a 6th grade game that is held in conjunction with a 7th or 8th grade game - will not be permitted to participate the remainder of the night player and a fan or coach who is ejected will need to leave the facility the remainder of the event.

In the event of an ejection of a player, coach, or fan due to unsportsmanlike conduct, the host school Athletic Director or Principal shall be requried to send a written report of the incident to the SIJHSAA Director. The findings of the investigation shall be made known to the administration of the school alleged to be responsible for such violations.

The use of any ineligible player in any contest shall make the forfeiture of the contest automatic. The team s may practice during the strike as normal……meaning with the same regularity and length of practices as prior to the strike.

While a school is on strike, it may host tournaments and other contests. The opponent of the striking school may elect to reschedule the contest after the strike has been settled with no forfeit. Approval shall be by majority vote of those in attendance when a quorum of the BOC is present, or by mail vote. The dues and fees are for the calendar year and entitle the member school to participate in each sport it registers for that begins within that calendar year.

Each member school in a co-op must pay its own full annual membership dues and sports fees. If medical care or treatment can be administrated in a reasonable amount of time, the individual would not have to leave the contest. What is considered "reasonable" shall be determined by the official s.

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Policies for the management of concussions and head injury in youth sports Illinois House Billwhich recognizes the dangers associated with head injury and concussions, becaue effective on July 1, The legislation also requires IHSA Member schools to adopt a policy regarding student-athlete concussions and head injuries that is in compliance with the protocols, policies, and by-laws of the IHSA.

Information on the school's concussion and head injury policy must be a part of any agreement contract, code, or other written instrument that a school requires a student athlete and his or her parents or guardian to sign before participaitng in practice or interscholastic competition. A student athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in a practice or game shall be removed from participation or competition at that time. A student athlete who has been removed from an interscholastic contest for a possible concussion or head injury can not return to the contest unless cleared to do so by a physician licensed to practice medicine in all its branches in Illinois or a certified athlietc trainer.

If not cleared to return to that contest, a student athlete can not return to play or practice until the student athlete has provided his or her school with written clearance from a physician licensed to practice medicine in all its branches in Illinois or a certified athletic trainer working in conjunction with a physcian licensed to practice medicine in all its branches in Illinois.

Saturday of week 13 Cross Country: Adjusted annually according to the Easter date, and can be as late as April 1 or 2. Most common date is the Saturday in week Schools shouldn't schedule regular season games or matches during the regional window. Rules and regulations for each sport are given in the section devoted to the individual sport. Official rules for all sports may be obtained from the IHSA office.

The window is basically a week in length and the participating coaches are asked to schedule the complete tourney within that window of time.

Do not leave the final date of the window open and skip to the day following. The day following the regional window is to be used in cases where the finals were canceled due to circumstances beyond the control of the tourney manager. Some of the duties of organizers are: Schedule a meeting of the coaches involved in the regional tourney.

ihsa cross country state meet false start

The semi-finals and finals of regionals are to be played at the same location. The main purpose of the meeting is to completely set up the regional tourney.

ihsa cross country state meet false start

The actual seeds given by a school for the regional will be seen by all the schools assigned to the regional.

If it becomes apparent that some representatives have purposefully rated teams in a position that cannot be justified, appropriate actions may be taken by the SIJHSAA to correct the problem.

The placement of teams shall be done by random drawing. Expenses are shared by the participating schools. The only allowable expenses are officials, postage, paper, phone. Again that is providing the host does not charge admission for he meet, which remains an option.

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Unapproved expenses shall all be paid for by the host. One team trophy will be awarded at every Regional and four team trophies will be awarded at every State tournament or meet. No school shall be permitted to sign up late after the August 1 deadline.