Indian southern ocean meet

Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia - A Traveller's Guide

indian southern ocean meet

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse: Where the Indian meets the Southern Oceans - See traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Augusta. Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse: Where the Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean meet, enjoy the views - See traveler reviews, candid photos, and great. Where // Cape Leeuwin, which is too where the Southern and Indian Oceans meet, is around km south along the coast from Perth. Did you.

Cape Leeuwin is one such place that we, among the many, can say we've been there Guess what we found there that mark this southern westerly tip of Australia, another lighthouse; The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built between from local limestone. It was one of the last manually operated lighthouse in the world using a clockwork mechanism and kero burner until when it was converted to electricity.

It was fully automated in September It was a sunny warm day as you can see from the photos below, but being at the cape it was also very windy as you will see from the video clip below.

082 Stand where the Southern and Indian Oceans collide

There are still a few historical buildings on display at the site but as the lighthouse is automated, none of the buildings are actively used or occupied. From the car park to the lighthouse is a good kilometer at least, of leisure walking but one I found to be a breeze to do and quite enjoy after the 'long' driving. Cape Leeuwin is also considered the point where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean, the only place where you can see the Indian Ocean to your right and the Southern Ocean to your left.

Now you will have to visualize an imaginary line that separates these two great oceans The cape is also a great place to see sea lions, dolphins and in the right season, whales. The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse affords spectacular views and is open for touring by the public. To climb to the top of the lighthouse well worth doing! The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse was built from local sandstone between and As one of the great Capes of the Southern Ocean along with the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Horn and Tasmaniathe Cape Leeuwin coastline has a treacherous history as an important maritime landmark, and a final resting place for 23 ships all but one of which were wrecked before the lighthouse was built!

In a proposal was made to build a lighthouse on the Cape to make shipping safer.

Western Australia, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, where Southern Ocean Stock Photo: - Alamy

Building began in and was completed in The lighthouse stands tall in its lonely position at the end of the dramatic granite peninsula, stark-white against clear blue summer skies, and through bleak cold fronts and wild storms off the ocean. The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse was one of the last in the world to remain manually operated with a clockwork mechanism, only switching over to automatic electrical operation in Shadow of the lighthouse on the rocks below.

indian southern ocean meet

Is It Worth Doing? The Cape Leeuwin lighthouse is one of the major tourist attractions in the area, and it has the fees, opening hours and occasional mobs of people that go with this. Does this photo show two oceans of the world mixing, or is it just waves breaking on the rocks?

Stand where the Southern and Indian Oceans collide - Australian Traveller

From Marragem on Flickr. In very rough conditions you can supposedly actually see the two oceans clashing where the waves and currents meet from different directions, creating bigger waves and treacherous conditions for boats!

While writing this article, I realised that with so much to see and do in Lighthouse Precinct, it deserves an article of its own! The fossilised water wheel is a curiosity worth visiting on a trip out to Cape Leeuwin.

Where the Indian meets the Southern... - Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

It was built to help pump water from a spring up to the lighthouse cottages, and over the years the wood that it was originally made from has been coated in, and partially replaced by minerals. Sarge Bay, the 1.

indian southern ocean meet

This beautiful beach is easily accessible from Leeuwin Road or the lighthouse precinct car park.