Jamie brown may we meet again

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jamie brown may we meet again

May We Meet Again. Jamie Brown. I haven't slept at night. I should have stayed to fight. Stayed with you. I know you're not the enemy. You seen the good that's. Jamie Brown - May We Meet Again Lyrics. I haven't slept at night, I should have stayed to fight, Stayed with you. I know you're not the enemy You seen the good. In addition to providing core business advice, here at Endeavour we advise on a or look of products and various other things you may write, make or produce. Meet Jamie, our Agriculture specialist. From a commercial property background, Jamie Brown has focused on and later specialised in agricultural and rural law.

And even though Chris was probably 27 years old, he knew so much about visual effects, he would say to a studio, for example, I remember one time we were at a meeting. And the person, the executive there, was talking about how they were going to do the visual effects. That is totally the wrong way to do it. That is how we should do it.

This will look okay but this could look amazing. And you could have something fantastic here. Once those relationships were established, what was…I mean, you mentioned setting up an office in Los Angeles.

I assume you had sort of some account people that were just responsible for bettering those relationships or what…how did that work? Well, what we realized early on was that, you know, nobody could represent us as well as the partners could.

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And we had the passion and we understood the business and we knew all of the elements. So that just meant that for the first while, among the three of us, we were down there a lot. Where are you from? And so what we did is we got a phone…all of our business cards had a phone number on them.

So we had a number that automatically forwarded to Winnipeg. So when the agent wanted to phone us, he dialed a local number. It would ring here in Winnipeg. Could we do it then? We decided to open the L. So he ran the L. We had one of our key people who really knew and was totally vested in the company.

And that was Rick Simms. We ended up with about 30 employees in L. And…but we had a local operation and a lot of the work could still be done here. But if a director or visual effects producer wanted to come down and see it, sit over the shoulder of the artist, they could.

And they could see what we were doing. What was the timeline for that? When did you guys open the L. But it was maybe four or five years after I joined I think.

So around I know that in some big stuff happened. You guys sold off a chunk of the company. What was that all about? We were not nimble and small anymore. So we could take on a small part of the movie and the visual effects and price really aggressively. So we were kind of at the and some. And it was causing a lot of problems for us.

Well, we were living that at the time. So close the offices, lay off people. And neither of those were very attractive options for us. And the way life goes sometimes, while we were doing our deliberations and trying to model how we could make this work better, we got a phone call from a company called Prime Focus. They were the biggest post-house in India. I think they still are. They had just bought three visual effects companies in London, England, in Soho.

They wanted presence in North America, they wanted somebody who had worked on big movies and done great visual effects. They wanted someone, a company that could work remotely. They wanted a company with an L. So they solved a number of problems for us simultaneously. All our staff kept their jobs, all of them got new opportunities. Their acquisition allowed the whole visual effects operation to be more competitive because they had artists in India and L.

They also bought our software that we had developed. Our private equity guys got some money. Ken, Chris, and I got some money at the time, which was great. Everybody kept their job. And the company was much more stable. So it was a nice solution for everybody and it left Frantic with a TV commercial and a television business. And not that film and television is the greatest business in the world. But it was the TV business was a better business than the visual effects business.

So we then were able to focus our energies on building our TV business, which we did. We went out and acquired a library of shows, we went and acquired another production company in Toronto and grew the business. And just recently, Frantic was sold to a company called Q Media just in the last few weeks. And Frantic will continue as a subsidiary of Q Media as is. And, you know, again, no jobs being lost, which is always important to me when these things happen.

And the benefits of being part of a larger international entertainment company makes Frantic a stronger competitor in the marketplace. I want to get back to that acquisition. Two offices, Toronto and Winnipeg. We have about or so people working for us right now. But it really varies because a lot of the people who work are directors, editors, camera people… David: And so then your larger team of editors are always busy.

Those people will move onto the next project that they might want to work on. Are Ken and Chris still involved day to day? When we sold the visual effects business, they went with Prime Focus. And Ken ran visual effects in L.

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Sorry, Chris ran in L. So we actually bought their shares in Frantic and they kind of went forward. And actually, another interesting story is that Chris ended up buying the software part of our business back from Prime Focus when he left.

jamie brown may we meet again

And just in the last month, he sold that software business to Amazon. Yeah, it is cool. Yeah, it is good for him. So back to the Q Media acquisition.

jamie brown may we meet again

How did that come about? Did they reach out to you or… Jamie: They reached out to us. Q is a new company.

So they bought a British company that in turn owns five other production companies in the U. One of the co-founders of Q has been on the Frantic board for nine years. So he knew our company extremely well.

jamie brown may we meet again

He knew what we were capable of and wanted us to be part of it. It was also time for our private equity guys to exit. So somebody had to give them the money to go. And we thought about a management buyout. I thought about a management buyout. But a management buyout did not solve the problem of being more competitive as part of a larger group. So it made more sense for everybody to sell to Q. And the SPAC closed. It closed with excess funds and brought everything together. All the companies closed.

So now we will, you know, focus on—as it is with a lot of companies—focus on delivering what we have on-the-go. So that, you know, requires a lot of our energy. But find ways to collaborate with our new sister companies, look for synergies.

We are talking to the L. How are we doing for time, by the way? You mentioned a board a few minutes ago. How is your board structured?

I think a lot of sort of growing companies have questions about that, how to put together a board, what the purpose of a board is, etc. And experienced business people have a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge. They can see some of the potholes coming down the road that you may not see.

Now, once they get to know you sometimes they want to invest, which can be great too. And, you know, business owners have to make their own decisions about that balance of when do I give up some of the ownership in business versus retaining the ownership and control.

But, you know, my personal view is, you know, businesses are…the business environment is so competitive that you may think you have it all figured out. And you need to be resilient and anticipate some things turning against you. I have a different risk tolerance than they have. And so how do you protect yourself?

And having some cash is, you know…some ability to weather a storm is a smart thing, in my opinion. Did you set up a formal board when you came on right away or is that something you figured out a bit later or… Jamie: I always wanted to have a board of advisors.

And I never got around to setting them up. We already have three decision-makers. So I did have the three of us plus our finance person. But, you know, you have…the quality of your controller, accountant, finance person, CFO, is critical in the success of your business. But I digress for a second on that. But when Privek came in, our private equity guys came in, it was a requirement that have a board.

So that was really when we established our board. It was two representatives from Privek, the three of us at the time. That was the five, and two independents. So we had an odd number. We have seven, which we liked. And it was a good mix around the table of…the two independents, of course, had lots of industry experience.

One was a senior finance guy. Again, the importance of someone who really understands the finances and, in particular, of our business. And the other was Peter Sussman, who is now one of the co-founders of Q, who was one of the founders of Alliance Atlantis and had grown that business and spent 20 years or whatever in L.

Coming from the sort of loss and things, how did you learn all the business side of things?

Jamie Brown lyrics

Well, I was lucky. Again, the years as an entertainment lawyer were very valuable to me. I practiced in a big firm in Toronto for a little bit and then I was in-house at two different production companies, one… David: Oh, so you saw a lot of this stuff when you were in-house.

And I think again, you know…I have three sons. My eldest is now in first year at McGill. And he foolishly expresses interest in this industry. And I do love the industry. Well, what I had the advantage of is I had 7 years of looking at how other companies did things and the great practices they developed over 20 years and how they went about their operations, how they staffed things, who was important, who was not, everything you could learn.

And I think I can do it. And I think that in some circles, the concept of entrepreneurship and doing start-ups and stuff like that is almost becoming trendy. And, you know, people are coming out of school and trying to do that. And good for them. And obviously, you mentioned Mark Zuckerberg. App or software developer.

So that…to me, the app idea is like the script idea. See, there you go, bang on. It probably would be.

jamie brown may we meet again

Is there another app that already does it? How would it work? What platforms would it be on? I mean, when you develop it, how do you get it out there on the Google store or wherever, the Google Play, any of these platforms?

You know, neither did he. So this fumbled along for about two years and never went anywhere. I mean, people throw that off like a number but there were hour weeks. I have had three key mentors in my professional life who are top-quality people and extremely good at what they did. And for whatever reason, they saw something in me and were kind to me and mentored me and have given me incredible opportunities. The first one was a guy named Michael Whitcomb, who was at McMillian, the base tree firm I started with who, out of a crop of annual, young lawyers, decided he saw something in me and would give the kid from Winnipeg a break here and there and continues to be a great friend of mine.

And so, again, a friend today and someone I still admire greatly. He rode with us through ups and downs and all kinds of…our business is so challenging at times. And during both good and bad times showed me how to manage situations and manage me. I was responding to him as the chairman of my board. And, you know, he kept me fully engaged and motivated all the way through those times. But he found a way to share what, when he was disappointed or what he hoped we could do while always making me want to do more.

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May We Meet Again

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