Jdm meet dubai 2015 bag

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jdm meet dubai 2015 bag

s; · · · · · · · · s; · · · · · · · · · s; Nov 23, Explore Sonja Mosley's board "Stuff (CARS AND BAGS)" on Best Dubai Luxury And Sports Cars In Dubai: Illustration Description Yin and yang. A fashion look from November featuring tie-dye crop tops, high rise skinny .. Meet the future. JDM Quads - The land of the free - Engineered to Slide. The yearly JDM UAE meet has become one of the most supported events in the modified car calendar. Last year the meet was held at the.

As with any race where you have a goal in mind, training brought with it incredible highs and soul destroying lows. Some days, marathon pace felt incredibly difficult, and I questioned how I could possibly run an entire race at such a speed, when even fifteen minutes felt like hard work.

On the other hand, training with a group for the first time took the boredom out of long runs and helped to motivate us all. Everybody understood the ups and downs of running, and supported one another as we took it in turns to have bad days.

At other races, we celebrated with each other as the results of such a varied training programme began to pay off. The Big Day With the alarm set for 3: Upon waking, I quickly changed into my running gear and forced down my tried and tested pre-race meal; porridge and a banana with a cup of coffee. Taking a little coffee with me for the car journey to the start line, I left the house at around 4: Once parked, I made the first of many pre-race bathroom stops before checking my bag and meeting up with other members of my club.

The weather was already humid, and there was the usual buzz of anticipation that there is before any event. Before too much longer, we were lining up at the start, ready to begin. Running with my team mate Liz, we immediately turned left out of Umm Suqeim Road, heading towards the Marina.

It was still dark and pretty foggy, and at this early stage of the race support was good, with people running close to each other, having not had enough time yet to gradually space out. Over the first three kilometres, we sped up from a pace of about 5: It was very early days, but we were both feeling strong and were happy to be on pace.

The 5km point saw the first water station, and I made sure I drank a small amount of water, not wanting to become dehydrated later on, when it would be too late to do anything about it. I also consumed my first GU gel as per my plan to take them every 10km from 5km onwards. The U-turn outside the One and Only gave us the chance to see who was both ahead of us and behind us, and we eventually caught up with some of our fellow 3: I was amazed to find myself comfortably chatting with them, although I knew that as the race went on the conversation would eventually diminish!

jdm meet dubai 2015 bag

Passing the end of Umm Suqeim Road again, about 12km into the run, I accidentally sped up for a while, with my pace quickening to under five minutes a kilometre. Thankfully, my group was able to rein me in, and I realised that I had allowed myself to become over excited by the cheering crowd.

jdm meet dubai 2015 bag

I slowed down again, and we began the long trek down Jumeirah Beach Road, towards the flag pole. This part of the run passed by quickly, and we reached the halfway point in about one hour 52 minutes. I remember thinking to myself that a half marathon had never seemed so easy. We were still on pace when, shortly after half way, my right hip began to hurt. This concerned me a great deal, as I occasionally have problems with my hip. I decided not to mention anything to my team mates, and quietly took an Ibuprofen that I had in my pocket, just in case something like this happened.

I told myself that at 28km I would take the other tablet I had, to prevent the pain from returning.

Honda Accord

Before too much longer, hip pain temporarily masked, we passed by the Desert Road Runners support station. This was without a doubt one of my favourite moments of the race, as I had enough energy to clap and cheer in return as we sped by. Having such support gave us the motivation we needed to get to the turn around point at about 26km.

Reaching this point was a boost psychologically, as it now meant that all we had to do was go back down Beach Road before finishing on Umm Suqeim. However, we were also well aware that this was the part of the race when things would start to hurt, and that it would take mental as well as physical endurance to finish in our desired time frame.

At 28km, I reached into my pocket to take my Ibuprofen as planned, only to discover that my body heat had caused it to disintegrate. Passing through the water station at 30km, I poured some of the water over my head in an attempt to keep cool. Our training group had got smaller, as two of the guys had sped up and gone on ahead.

Meanwhile, Liz and I were beginning to struggle… Around 32km, we passed the Desert Road Runners support station again. Craving something sweet, I gulped down some Coke, which was strange for me as I never usually drink it.

Ordinarily, 10km would be a perfectly achievable distance, but now the pain was beginning to kick in, and the toughest part of the race began. I tried to break down the remainder of the run into smaller segments, telling myself that once I got to 35km, it was just 5km to the next water station at 40km, and then I would be as good as finished. At this point, a 3: For the next two kilometres, I averaged about 5: Liz was somewhere behind me, and I was now running alone. I was aware that my form had slipped entirely, and that I was not running economically.

My quads in particular were on fire, and mentally I just wanted it all to be over, not caring what time I finished in, as long as I finished. This somehow gave me the determination I needed for the final 2. More hobbling than running now, I gathered what was left of my mental strength, and told myself that it would all be over in a matter of minutes.

The thought of being able to stop and hydrate was all I could think of as I passed a sign that told me I had only metres to go. I checked my watch and tried desperately to increase my pace, not wanting to miss out on a sub 3: All I needed to do was put one foot in front of the other for another minute. Approaching the finish, I somehow found the energy to hold my arms up in the air for the all important finishers photo, before crossing the timing mats and checking my watch.

Marathon number three had been completed in 3 hours, 48 minutes and 35 seconds! I was overjoyed despite being exhausted. Not only had I finally achieved my sub four-hour goal, but I had taken 20 minutes off my personal best, and 25 minutes off my last marathon time. Suddenly, the pain and suffering was all worth it, the months of training had paid off, and I had a time that I felt was worthy of all my effort.

For me, this was true for a couple of hours. If I had run the earlier part of the race at a slower pace, 5: Supplied and Nela Macovei Over local and international participants competed at the notorious 11th edition of the iconic Wadi Adventure Race Series W. Arriving at the crack of dawn, participants started registering and receiving their goodie bags, electronic timing chips from Premier Online and WAR 11 t-shirts supported by Al Ain Pharmacy from the Wadi Adventure reception desk before making their way to an energetic warm—up session conducted by Fitness which prepped them before heading over to the Red Bull arch starting point.

Rashid Butti Al Qubaisi who bagged the second position in the 10km category. The nail biting build-up; W. The 10km extended Full Loop course especially incorporated with a bunch of new obstacles proved to be the highlight of the day, adding more zest to the popular racing event.

The racing event was followed by a complimentary buffet, raffle draw, and an entertainment zone for the kids hosted by Tamra Events. David Grapengeter 2nd Place: Mohammed Al Hassani 3rd Place: Paul Drury 10km Podium 1st place: Rob Jones 2nd Place: Rashid Butti Al Qubaisi 3rd Place: Dustin Radney 15km Podium 1st place: Hallvard Borsheim 2nd Place: Niamh Walsh 2nd Place: Liz Kelleher 3rd Place: Susan Hulland 10km Podium 1st place: Ashley Samples 2nd Place: Carolina Gutierrez Juri 3rd Place: Kelly Fray 15km Podium 1st place: Joanne Park 2nd Place: Michelle Jones 3rd Place: Just situated at the back of the main show, one could hear the distant sound of engines.

Taking place from November at the Dubai World Trade Centre DWTCthe show will welcome in excess ofvisitors from more than 37 countries to witness more than 10 global launches, hundreds of regional reveals and 10 concept cars being presented by leading automotive companies and brands. Visitors will include royalty, VIPs, top ranking government officials, car enthusiasts, families as well as international celebrities from the motoring world.

Also, for the first time, a collection of iconic cars from through the ages will join the leading lights of the Dubai International Motor Show as part of the new Motoring Nostalgia Museum for rare classic and historically significant cars. Furthermore, a collection of the finest and most significant cars in the history of the automobile from Europe, the United States and Asia have been generously loaned.

jdm meet dubai 2015 bag

Visitors will also be able to take guided tours from resident experts, enjoy street food cuisine from food trucks and enjoy retro music down memory lane. How many cars are expected to be on display at the show? A total of 15 halls will house more than cars featuring the latest in car designs, driving technology tuning tips and custom gear.

The show has continued to grow in size and stature with each edition, developing into the largest and most prestigious automotive show for the Middle East region. The organisers keep innovating and extending the reach of the show beyond its traditional framework, into new events to reach new audiences. Furthermore, classic car aficionados will be spoilt for choice with 80 of the rarest and most desirable cars from the s through to the s gathered for the first time under one roof at the Motoring Nostalgia Museum Lastly, the motoring living section will take visitors into the world of luxury lifestyle where they can experience automotive themed merchandise, including furniture and jewellery.

Why was this so? All these new sections and variety allow the Dubai International Motor Show to connect with a whole range of audiences and add another element of interest and excitement to the show. The Dubai International Motor Show will continue to find ways to engage with and entice visitors through new and innovative experiences providing something for everyone.

What are some of the activities that visitors can take part in? Ignition Live Talks is a dedicated engagement space where visitors can interact with key personalities from the motoring world. Visitors will be able to participate in open debates on the hottest topics from where best to get your ride customised, to off-road routes, tips and tricks. The talks will be free to attend and hosted by influential speakers and personalities focused on sharing experiences and a passion for motoring.

There will also be activations driving skills, 4x4 challenges and precision driving. Check back to the website as the programme is constantly updated. Can visitors also expect an exhibit on off-road capable vehicles?

For our readers, how does being in DIMS contribute to the outdoor lifestyle? Motoring in this region is very much about outdoor lifestyle. We have speakers at our Ignition Live Talks such as Manuel Schmidt, the co-founder of the Land Rover Owners UAE Group who will be giving advice on how to prepare your SUV for a desert trek as well as a few secrets on what to do if you break down in the dunes and we also have experienced motocross rider and Desert Challenge competitor, Mohammed Al Balooshi giving his thoughts on competing in desert raids on two wheels.

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Eulogy van Dyk Photos By: Davy Muller from Qatar in action The race is known as an event where the racing snakes and weekend warriors meet to compete for proper mountain biking fun! The racing snakes use the event as training for upcoming events in the cycling season, whereas the weekend warriors just want to have fun and ensure they still have time to enjoy an ice-cold refreshment after the ride.

The event has established a relaxed and festive atmosphere and invites riders to bring their friends and family along to enjoy the weekend with them. You might wonder why the race has such a strange name, but rest assured the route is clearly marked all the way! There is a long route of 60km per day and a short route of 40km per day to choose from. The organisers also launched a trail run of 6km or 12km in distance on the second day of the event, which friends and families joining for the weekend can compete in.

The September month signals the start of spring in the Western Cape of South Africa so riders were spoiled with colourful scenery all around from an abundance of early spring flowers. The terrain is mostly hard rock formation and a few loose gravel sections no crazy stuff, just Mother Nature providing us with some fun tracks and trails! Last year there was one rider from the UAE who joined the event, and this year there were four riders,currently living in Qatar, who took the trip down to South Africa to experience these amazing mountain bike trails.

We asked them a few questions about their training, their experience at the event and if they would recommend it to fellow riders. This is what they had to say: How did you experience the race from a Middle East Expat perspective? Kevin and Ela Hickey: The people were very friendly and it was good to be able to experience a different culture from the saddle of a bike! Getting to South Africa is easy with frequent flights from the Middle East, and thanks to the current exchange rate, when you are there everything is very good value for money!

There was awesome homemade cooking, great trails and afantastic group of people participating. I spent a lot of time on the indoor trainer doing climbing training. The terrain for the Ride2Nowhere was a broad mix of every- Would you recommend the race and why? The race is fully catered, with wholesome, tasty, locally produced meals. You can also extend your stay in South Africa with a tour of the famous Garden Route. We managed nine days out of 14 of more amazing mountain biking, alongside horseback safaris, swimming with seals, kayaking with whales and lots of amazing food.